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May 4, 2015

Pfau, Wade D., Making Sense Out of Variable Spending Strategies for Retirees (March 16, 2015). Available for download at SSRN: or “Variable spending strategies can be situated on a continuum between two extremes: spending a constant amount from the portfolio each year without regard for the remaining portfolio balance, and spending a fixed […]
“OCLC Research: 2014 Highlights describes the mission and goal of OCLC Research and explains the way in which our work is organized around four themes: Research Collections and Support, Data Science, Understanding the System-wide Library, and User Studies. Each theme is presented in its own section that includes highlights of key deliverables in 2014, including […]
EPIC – “Congressmen Luke Messer (R-IN) and Jared Polis (D-CO) have introduced the “Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act of 2015.” The student privacy bill would prohibit companies from selling student information, using student information for targeted advertising, or otherwise disclosing student information for non-educational purposes. The Student Digital Privacy Act would implement portions […]
Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal, Mark Holt, Specialist in Energy Policy. April 24, 2015. “Management of civilian radioactive waste has posed difficult issues for Congress since the beginning of the nuclear power industry in the 1950s. Federal policy is based on the premise that nuclear waste can be disposed of safely, but proposed storage and disposal […]
CRS Report – European Fighters in Syria and Iraq: Assessments, Responses, and Issues for the United States, April 27, 2015. “The rising number of U.S. and European citizens traveling to fight with rebel and terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq has emerged as a growing concern for U.S. and European leaders, including Members of Congress. […]
CRS Report – Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Legislation in the 114th Congress. Charles Doyle Senior Specialist in American Public Law, April 29, 2015. “A surprising number of federal crimes carry mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment; that is, they are punishably by imprisonment for a term of not less than some number of years. During the 114th […]
“Food availability is a primary driver of avian population regulation. However, few studies have considered the effects of what is essentially a massive supplementary feeding experiment: the practice of wild bird feeding. Bird feeding has been posited as an important factor influencing the structure of bird communities, especially in urban areas, although experimental evidence to […]
New York Fed: “High-frequency trading (“HFT”), or high-speed trading (“HST”), a type of algorithmic (or “algo”) trading, is now a well-known feature of the global market landscape. In many markets, a small number of firms may account for a large proportion of trading volume. Although it has been argued that HFT has lowered investors’ trading […]

May 3, 2015

Folkinshteyn, Daniel and Lennon, Mark M and Reilly, Timothy, A Tale of Twin Tech: Bitcoin and the WWW (February 1, 2015). Journal of Strategic and International Studies, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN: “Bitcoin is widely represented in the popular press, but far less so in serious academic inquiry. Researchers have analyzed Bitcoin from […]
“Call it a mobile majority. At the start of 2015, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers, according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of comScore data. At the same time, though, desktop visitors to these sites tend […]
“The State & Local Finance Initiative’s State Economic Monitor tracks and analyzes economic and fiscal trends at the state level. Its interactive graphics highlight particular differences across all 50 states and the District of Columbia in employment, wages, housing, and taxes. Each section is updated when new data are released. The US Bureau of Labor […]
“New research by the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) shows that a large percentage of individuals who died recently had little or no assets. Those who died relatively younger were even more likely to be in this situation. “Households which lost family members at relatively younger ages were also the households with lower asset […]
From the Aether to the Ethernet – Attacking the Internet using Broadcast Digital Television. Yossef Oren, Angelos D. Keromytis, Columbia University 19th May 2014. “In the attempt to bring modern broadband Internet fea-tures to traditional broadcast television, the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) consortium introduced a specification called Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband Television(HbbTV), which allows broadcast streams to […]
The Potential Macroeconomic Impact of the Unconventional Oil and Gas Boom in the United States, Ben Hunt; Dirk Muir; Martin Sommer. May 1. 2015. WP/15/92. “This paper uses two of the IMF’s structural macroeconomic models to estimate the potential global impact of the boom in unconventional oil and natural gas in the United States. The […]
Group of Twenty – Measures Which are Both Macroprudential and Capital Flow Management Measures: IMF Approach, April 30, 2015. “The global financial crisis underscored the costs of systemic instability at both the national and global levels and highlighted the importance of dedicated macroprudential and capital flow management policies. The IMF has been assisting its members […]
Folkinshteyn, Daniel and Meric, Gulser and Meric, Ilhan, Investor Reaction in Stock Market Crashes and Post-Crash Market Reversals (December 15, 2014). International Journal of Business and Finance Research, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN: ‘We study investor overreaction using data for five major stock market crashes during the 1987-2008 period. We find some evidence […]
“The Federal Reserve Board on Thursday released its Semiannual Report on Banking Applications Activity, which provides aggregate information on proposals filed by banking organizations and reviewed by the Federal Reserve. The report includes information on the number of proposals that have been approved, denied, and withdrawn, as well as the average length of time taken […]
Defense Contracting: DOD’s Use of Competitive Procedures, GAO-15-484R: Published: May 1, 2015. Publicly Released: May 1, 2015: “During the period from fiscal year 2010 through fiscal year 2014, DOD’s competition rate—the dollars obligated annually on competitive contracts and task orders as a percentage of dollars obligated on all contracts and orders—ranged from 60.8 percent to […]

April 30, 2015

“The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) today released OTC derivatives statistics at end-December 2014. OTC derivatives markets contracted in the second half of 2014. The notional amount of outstanding contracts fell by 9% between end-June 2014 and end-December 2014, from $692 trillion to $630 trillion. Exchange rate movements exaggerated the contraction of positions denominated in […]
By James R. Jacobs in post on April 23, 2015. “The American Association of Law Libraries’ Government Relations Committee (GRC) Access to Information Subcommittee has just put out an urgent call for action. We at FGI would echo this call and ask our readers to TAKE ACTION NOW to get Congress to adequately fund the […]