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April 4, 2014

The Effectiveness of China’s Industrial Policies in Commercial Aviation Manufacturing by Keith Crane, Jill E. Luoto, Scott Warren Harold, David Yang, Samuel K. Berkowitz, Xiao Wang “Since economic reforms began in 1978, China has enjoyed rapid growth in exports, which have contributed to the country’s impressive economic growth. Improvements in the quality of China’s workforce, manufacturing technologies, and materials have enabled the […] The post The Effectiveness of China’s Industrial Policies in Commercial Aviation Manufacturing appeared first on beSpacific.
Lawrence R. Klein Award recipients announced for 2013 04/02/2014 Unemployment continued its downward trend in 2013 04/01/2014 Nonfarm employment continued its road to recovery in 2013 03/28/2014 Women not yet “on board” 03/28/2014 A better way to measure pay differentials among industries 03/19/2014 Investment in higher education by race and ethnicity 03/11/2014 Single mothers and welfare: a new perspective 03/11/2014 New college […] The post Monthly Labor Review – April 2014 appeared first on beSpacific.
By Emily Weinrebe, ACLU National Security Project: “The public debate over our government’s surveillance programs has reached remarkable heights since the first set of NSA disclosures in June 2013 based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Since then, additional disclosures by both the press and government have illuminated our government’s vast and invasive surveillance apparatus. These […] The post Introducing the ACLU’s NSA Documents Database appeared first on beSpacific.
Aaron Smith – April 3, 2014: “America’s seniors have historically been late adopters to the world of technology compared to their younger compatriots, but their movement into digital life continues to deepen, according to newly released data from the Pew Research Center. In this report, we take advantage of a particularly large survey to conduct […] The post Pew – Older Adults and Technology Use appeared first on beSpacific.
2020 CENSUS: Prioritized Information Technology Research and Testing Is Needed for Census Design Decisions, GAO-14-389: Published: Apr 3, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 3, 2014: “The Census Bureau (Bureau) has made progress in researching and testing information technology (IT) options for the 2020 Decennial Census, but several of the supporting projects lack schedules and plans, and it is uncertain […] The post New GAO Reports – 2020 Census, Defense Infrastructure, International Financial Reforms appeared first on beSpacific.
“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 192,000 in March, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment grew in professional and business services, in health care, and in mining and logging.  Household Survey Data - In March, the number of unemployed persons was essentially unchanged at 10.5 million, […] The post BLS – Payroll employment increases in March (+192,000) appeared first on beSpacific.
High-performing companies have women in senior management: “Cristian Dezsö at the University of Maryland, and David Ross at Columbia University Business School applied Standard & Poor’s ExecuComp data to the top 1,500 US firms from 1992 to 2006. They examined the relationship between firm quality as measured by Tobin’s Q (the market value of a […] The post Report – The Case for Investing in Women appeared first on beSpacific.

April 3, 2014

News release: “Action taken by many European countries to return their public finances to health are beginning to pay off, says the OECD. The Euro area economies which emerged from the crisis with serious current account deficits are now in surplus. Debt-to-GDP ratios are stabilising and market tensions have abated. Although Europe’s economies are slowly growing […] The post Europe’s reforms beginning to pay off but continued effort needed appeared first on beSpacific.
CRS - The Volcker Rule: A Legal Analysis, David H. Carpenter, Legislative Attorney; M. Maureen Murphy, Legislative Attorney. March 27, 2014. “On December 10, 2013, more than two years after the statutorily mandated deadline, five federal financial regulators published final regulations (hereinafter, the regulations) implementing  Section 619 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter, Section 619 or the statute). Together these […] The post The Volcker Rule: A Legal Analysis appeared first on beSpacific.
CRS - Reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts: A Brief Overview. Jared P. Cole, Legislative Attorney; Andrew Nolan, Legislative Attorney. March 31, 2014. “Recent disclosures of various National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance and data collection programs have prompted increased attention on the government’s collection of foreign intelligence. Pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978 the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) […] The post Reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts: A Brief Overview appeared first on beSpacific.
CRS – Overview of Constitutional Challenges  to NSA Collection Activities and Recent Developments. Edward C. Liu , Legislative Attorney; Andrew Nolan, Legislative Attorney; Richard M. Thompson II; Legislative Attorney, April 1, 2014 “Beginning in the summer of 2013, media reports of foreign intelligence activities conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) have been published and are apparently based on unauthorized disclosures of […] The post Overview of Constitutional Challenges to NSA Collection Activities and Recent Developments appeared first on beSpacific.
“For nearly two hundred years America was one of the healthiest and longest-lived countries, but today, over thirty countries have better health by many measures. What happened? In answering this question, the distinction between health and health care is a critical one, but something that seems not to be well understood by the lay public, health […] The post Boston Review – Inequality Kills appeared first on beSpacific.
Wander through Angkor’s thousand-year-old temples on Street View:  ”The sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is one of Southeast Asia’s most iconic and breathtaking vistas. Dawn brings to light the many temples that are thousands of years old, nestled in a web of ancient roads and jungles. Today you’ll be one step closer […] The post Google posts 360-degree “temple view” from atop Cambodia’s Angkor Wat appeared first on beSpacific.