LLRXBuzz - July 17, 2000

The Latest on Legal Research

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Want To Find Out How Much Money Other People Make                
Joint Information, Inc. has launched the eComp Executive Compensation Database at www.ecomponline.com. Users have free access to current executive compensation data on more than 32,000 executives at more than 9,000 U.S. public companies. The database can be searched by company name, ticker symbol, state, and sector or industry classifications. The home page has a search form on the left side that allows you to immediately search by company, ticker, state, sector, or industry. A ticker search brings up a small table of information. For instance, searching for TR brings up a table of information about the head executives of Tootsie Roll industries. The information includes name, title, salary and bonuses, and the year that the information represents.

Clicking on a name breaks down the salary even further (Salary, Bonus, Value Realized for Options Exercised, etc.). Searching for other types of information means you'll have to do some clicking to get to salary information. Searching for "Montana," for example, gives you a list of companies in Montana. Clicking on one of them gives you the same type of information had you searched directly by ticker symbol. You can also stack the different search types -- searching for trucking companies in New York gives you three results, while just searching for companies in New York -- well, you get a huge page of information.

Track Congress On The Web                                         

PRNewswire: Netivation has released CongressPro, a searchable database on the Internet for tracking political money, legislation, and lobbyists by committees and subcommittees of Congress. The database can be searched by name or by issue topic. This site includes political action committee information collected monthly from the Federal Election Commission and lobbying information that is collected daily from record offices on Capitol Hill.

 Additional features include Democrat and Republican PAC dollars by committee/subcommittee, rank PACs' contributions to each committee/subcommittee, link to new lobby registrations by specific issue, link to each committee member's money profile page, as well as a list of bills they have sponsored, group a member's PAC money by standard industrial code classifications, identify bills referred to the committee by number or date, and link to the congressional committee's Web site. This is a subscription service. To get contact information for a temporary password, visit http://www.fecinfo.com/.

Latin American Environmental Law At Your Fingertips                         
Texas Attorney Melissa Owen has launched ambientelegal.com, a database on Latin American environmental law that targets Mexico and Brazil. Coverage for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru is scheduled to be online later this year. The site is user friendly to US lawyers in that all of the documents are written by a multilingual environmental attorney. Additionally, the site is checked for accuracy by lawyers from each of the individual countries. The service is available by subscription, but the site does provide samples. For example, http://ambientelegal.com/mexsampl.htm provides a report summary on Mexico. http://ambientelegal.com/bzlxcerpt.htm gives you a sample of the site's weekly updates on environmental law in Brazil.

A 'Yahoo' For The Chemical Industry                                                
Competitive Analysis Technologies has released the 2nd Quarter 2000 update of the database "Organic and PetroChemicals on the Internet." This database contains 2,177 Web sites for chemical industry personnel. It is updated every 30 days and each entry contains the site name, URL address, keywords, and a brief description of what will be found at the site.

The database provides users with access to the Web sites of 550 organic and petrochemical manufacturers, 171 distributors and brokers, 714 support companies, 115 industry associations, 141 industry journals, 163 databases for industry information, and 323 additional chemical sites of interest, including access to pricing information, MSDS, and patent searching. Get more information on purchasing the update at http://www.catsites.com/publications.html.

Thomas Global Register... Bridging Language and Geographic Barriers
Thomas Publishing has announced the creation of Thomas Global Register, an online resource for buyers and sellers of industrial products and services. TGR is a directory of more than 500,000 industrial manufacturers and distributors from 23 countries, organized into 10,500 product and service categories. The site is accessible at http://www.tgrnet.com/ . To access the site you will first have to register (registration is free.) Once registered, you'll be able to specify whether you're searching for a product/service or company name, and after that will be able to specify a keyword.

I specified I wanted to search for the product/service furniture. I got 22 category matches -- Furniture Glue, Furniture Locks, Furniture Legs, etc. I chose Furniture Hinges, and from there got a list of 162 companies. The first result is for a company with an "enhanced listing" which means a paid listing? When you register you specify your preferred countries (three of them) and those company listings appear next. If you like, there's a pull-down menu on the upper-right part of the screen that allows you to jump to a different country's company listings, making it easy to get to the one furniture hinge company in Ireland listed in this directory. Clicking on a company name gives you its address, phone, fax, and types of products it manufactures. Sometimes you'll also get additional information like number of employees, e-mail address, year established, and contact person.

New Weather Service Online                                              
The National Lightning Detection Network, the source for data for LightningStorm.com, has introduced StrikeNet, an online lightning verification service. LightningStorm products are designed to help individuals and businesses manage potential lightning damage. StrikeNet can be used to verify if lightning was or was not present at a specific location on a specific date, to search up to 14 consecutive days for lightning activity since January 1, 1998, to find out how many strikes occurred in a select 5 to 15 mile search radius, and to find out how powerful the strikes were that occurred in a search radius.

A basic StrikeNet report includes a summary of the number of lightning strikes detected in a search area, radius, and time period. It costs $75. You can get more information about StrikeNet at http://lightningstorm.com/lightningstorm/products/analysis/strikenet_reports .jsp , or you might just want to visit all of lightningstorm.com . Interesting things there include "Lightning Explorer" a real-time display of lightning data, and Lightning Notification Services, with pager or e-mail alerts of lightning in a particular area. There's also a listing of lightning resources and a brief introduction to lightning vocabulary.