LLRXBuzz - May 22, 2000

The Latest on Legal Research

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New Business Research Tool To Be Launched

The Gale Group will launch The Business & Company Resource Center this summer. This site will create reports on virtually any research question or project. Some of its features will include content from Thomson Financial, researched company profiles, continuously updated news, technology reports, and press releases. The site will use a "file folder" and tab system that should make navigating the site easy. You can see the press release announcement at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/000517/mi_gale_gr.html.

CELCEE Hits 10,000 Mark

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse has released its 10,000th abstract. CELCEE has been posting information related to entrepreneurship education since 1996. Although this site specifically focuses on education, it also includes information on business planning, minority business opportunities, industry trends, small business tips, business research, and information that is related to entrepreneurship in general. They acquire their information from journal articles, web sites, syllabi, conferences, pamphlets, government publications, videos, books, software, and other sources. The staff of CELCEE then writes abstracts of these materials and files them in their online database.

The database, which you can access directly at http://www.celcee.com/#Search, allows you to search in a couple of ways. You can browse by using preset categories, like events, venture capital, and Internet. "Branding" found 51 results. +branding +Internet narrowed it down to seven results. Once you find a result in which you're interested, the abstract provides you with publication information and a summary. The summaries are fairly short, so don't get fancy with your keyword searching. One nice feature is a direct link to online archive when they're available. There are several different languages represented in this database but there didn't seem to be a feature to narrow down search results by language. However, since the search does appear to be a full-text search, you can just add the name of the language for which you're searching. For example, searching for +branding +English found 22 results instead of 51.

Aviation/Aerospace Industry Has New Online Directory Buyer's Guide 
AviationNow.com now has a free online version of Aviation Week's World Aviation Directory Buyer's Guide Online. This new resource features over 95,000 resources for conducting business, covering nearly 17,000 companies in over 6,000 industry categories. The Buyer's Guide can be searched by product and service categories, type of business, and location. This site features more than 23,000 listed companies in 188 countries including branch offices, subsidiaries, and related organizations, 71,000 personnel listings including title, rank, and function designation, and address information, phone and fax numbers, email and Web site URL's. The framed search page is: http://www.aviationnow.com/TwoShare/getPage/AWContent/Outsidewebs/OutsideWAD You can search by keyword or specify a category or sub-category. You can specify that your results be any or all of the categories manufacturer, distributor/supplier, repair/overhaul, or service. You can also specify the geographic location of the item for which you're searching. If you really just feel like browsing, there's an alphabetical index of companies available. Once you've found a listing in which you're interested, you're not going to get a lot of information -- browsing the listings I found just the company name, address, and phone number. Occasionally there was a Web site link. Best to treat this as a phone book, but a highly-targeted, resource-full phone book.

Law.com Launches Largest Online Legal Materials Store                    
Law.com has launched an e-commerce store specializing in Legal materials such as law school textbooks, professional reference materials, legal software, and downloadable legal forms. The store has four categories of materials: legal professionals, law students, business professionals, and the general public. Most purchases are available with overnight delivery and Law.com will special order hard-to-find legal materials. Check out their press release at: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/000516/ca_law_com.html

Learn About Interesting Humans at PublicFigure.com

PublicFigure.com has in-depth information on 5,000 of the most famous people in the world, with biographical information on 17,000 more. Their site is divided into several sections (entertainment, politics, sports, etc.) and they offer breaking news information as well as photos and a searchable database.

When you first hit http://www.publicfigure.com/, you get People Magazine-type headlines ("The Artist Reclaims His Royal Title," etc.) with categories up and down the left and right side of the screen. There are also regular columns and a spotlight bio. (It looks like the bio is supposed to change daily but this one is almost two weeks old.)

New at Pac-Info This Week

Pac-Info doesn't have a ton of new stuff this week, but they do have several court filing sites, including:

Oklahoma - Court Dockets - Civil
Texas - Navarro County Court Filings
Washington - Pierce County Court Filings
Wisconsin - Manitowoc County Property Records
Virginia - Eastern District U.S. Court
West Virginia - Northern District U.S. Court

Go check them out! http://www.pac-info.com/

BullsEye Releases New Version

BullsEye announced May 17 the release of version 2.5 of their BullsEye meta-search software. New features include an "international search agent" which queries over 70 search engines and provides results in 15 languages, natural language query support, and more search engine coverage. The light version is available for free download at http://www.intelliseek.com/prod/be_whatsnew.htm.