Type General Rules

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
Published by the Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School.
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Published by the Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School.
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Published by the Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School.
Federal Rules of Evidence
Published by the Legal Information Institute , Cornell Law School.
Federal Bankruptcy Court - Federal Bankruptcy Rules
Official. Rules and Forms
Federal Judiciary - Federal Rulemaking
Includes proposed and recently approved federal rules.
Federal Judiciary - Proposed Rules Amendments
Supreme Court of the U.S. - Court Rules
Arkansas - U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern & Western District of Arkansas - General Orders
Official. PDF format.
American Samoa Court Rules - http://www.asbar.org/Rules/NewRulesIndex.htm
Includes High Court Rules, Appellate Court Rules, Trial Court Rules, District Court Rules and Village Court Rules.
Kansas Supreme Court - Kansas Child Support Guidelines, Child Support Worksheet
Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view.
Minnesota State Court System - Court Rules
Official. Varying formats: HTML, Word, PDF .Includes Appellate Court Rules, Civil Rules and Criminal Rules of Procedure,Rules of Evidence, Juvenile Delinquency, Guardian Ad Litem, Juvenile Protection, Adoption, and General Rules of Procedure.
Montana State and Federal Courts - Rules
State Court (Maine) - Maine Judicial Branch - Rules
Offers Rules of Appellate Procedure and Rules of Civil Procedure downloadable in PDF format.
Alaska - Alaska Court System - Alaska Rules of Court
Offered in html, self-executing and zipped format.
Arizona - Arizona State Court - Arizona Court Rules
Offers Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Arizona Rules of Evidence, Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure and Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona. Requires registration.
Arkansas - Arkansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals - Court Rules and Administrative Orders
Official. HTML text index.
California - California State Court - California Rules of Court
Available in PDF & html format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or to print documents in PDF format.
Georgia - Georgia State Courts - Uniform State Court Rules
Georgia - Superior Court of Georgia - Uniform Rules for the Superior Courts
Official. HTML text index.
Guam - Supreme Court of Guam - Rules
Includes rules of appellate procedure (PDF and HTM formats), attorney disciplinary rulesand rules of professional conduct (zip file). Official.
Hawaii - Hawaii Appellate Courts - Hawaii Rules of Appellate Procedure
Available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.
Illinois - Judicial Circuit - Illinois Judicial Circuit Court Rules
Indiana - Indiana Judicial System - Indiana Rules of Court
Official. Available in PDF, Word, html & PDA format.
Iowa - Iowa General Assembly - Iowa Court Rules
Iowa General Assembly. PDF format.
Kansas - Kansas Judicial Branch - Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court
Official. HTML text index. Includes Rules Relating to Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Appellate Practice, Rules Relating to District Courts (includes Child Support Guidelines, Rules Relating to Discipline of Attorneys, etc.
Maryland - State Court (Maryland ) - Court Rules
Lexis provides the Maryland State Court Rules free of charge in a searchable format.
Missouri - Supreme Court - Rules
Not Official.
Montana - Montana Supreme Court - Internal Operating Rules
Offered by the Montana State Bar.
Nevada - Nevada Courts - Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Courts - New Hampshire Court Rules
New Jersey - State Court (New Jersey) - Rules Governing the Courts of the State of NJ
Official. HTML text index, unless otherwise stated, the rules in Part I are applicable to the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, the Tax Court, the surrogate's courts, and the municipal courts.
New York - Appellate Courts - Rules
Official. PDF format
New York - Fifth Judicial District - Rules
Official. PDF and HTML formats.
New York - Sixth Judicial District - Uniform Civil Procedural Rules
New York - State Appellate Division--First Department - Rules
New York - State Court of Appeals - Rules
Official. HTML and PDF formats.
New York - State Trial Courts - Uniform Rules
New York - Third Judcial Department - Rules of Procedure
Official. PDF format. Covers Supreme court, appellate division rules.
North Carolina - Eighteenth Judicial District - Rules
North Carolina - North Carolina Superior Court and District Courts - Order Adopting Amendment to General Rules of Practice for the Superior and District Courts
Official. Plain text, adopted 06/25/1997.
North Carolina - State Court (North Carolina) - North Carolina Rules
Official. PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.
North Carolina - Superior and District Courts - Rules
Official. General Rules of Practice.
North Dakota - State Court (North Dakota) - Rules
Official. All rules are available by using a query search, select a particular rule from a selection of rules on the right panel of web site, or click on the "Contents" link.
Ohio - Maumee Municipal Court - General Rules
Ohio - Ohio Rules of Court - Ohio Rules of Practice and Procedure
Available in html or pdf format. Includes Rules of Appellate Procedure, Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Evidence, Rules of Juvenile Procedure and Traffic Rules.
Ohio - Wayne County Common Pleas Court - Rules of Civil Procedure
Click on "Common Pleas".
Oregon - Oregon Judicial Department - Rules
Official. Links to Certification of Shorthand Reporters Policies, Code of Judicial Conduct, Revised Statutes, Appllate Procedure, Civil Procedure and Unform Trial Court Rules, Schedules and Statewide Forms.
Texas - State Court (Texas) - Rules of Evidence
Official. HTML text index.
Utah - State Court (Utah) - Utah Court Rules
Official. HTML text index.
Vermont - State Courts (Vermont) - Vermont Rules
Provided free of charge by LEXIS.
Virginia - Supreme Court of Virginia - Amendments to the Rules of Court
Official. HTML text index. PDF format.
Washington - State Court (Washington) - Washington State Court Rules
Links to local and general state rules.
West Virginia - Supreme Court of Appeals - Rules & Policies and Forms
Official. PDF format.
Wyoming - Wyoming State Court - Court Rules
Wyoming - Wyoming State Court - Rules of Civil Procedure

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