Extras - You Can Get Anything on the Web: An Adventure in Internet Dating

Angela A. Hodge, J.D., M.L.S.[1]

Ever tried e-dating?[2] Been into a chat room? [3] Checked out an email personal ad?  Have you thought to yourself, "I wonder what these people are like?  Are they all ax murderers?"  After being asked many times by many people about my experiences with e-dating, I decided it was time to delve into the topic - from a single woman's, information professional's point of view.

Mandatory Disclaimer

If your only access to the Internet is from work, find an alternative method.  Go to a public library or Internet café.  Don't do any of this at work.  This type of activity is probably against your employer's acceptable Internet use policy.  In fact, in can be impossible to do from work, since most of the sites with email personals are blocked by firewalls as "unacceptable."  

In addition, let me state that I'm not recommending anything here!  This is just a friendly article by someone that has had good experiences and thought it would be fun to share them.  

If you go out on an e-date (or any date, for that matter) watch out.  Be aware of where you are.  Don't go somewhere alone with someone you don't know.  Go to a restaurant or establishment with lots of other people present.  Make sure someone knows where you're going and the name and phone number of the person you're supposed to meet.  Take your own car and park it away from the meeting destination so that you will be able to make an anonymous getaway should one become necessary.  Carry a cell phone and have one of your friends or family members give you a "coyote call"[4] at a pre-determined time.  Double date if possible.  Never leave your food or beverages unattended.  "Just be aware" is the best advice.