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Justia Blawg Search

Justia Launches Free Federal District Court Filings Database Search

Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide, completely updated and revised by Sabrina I. Pacifici

Google Librarian Central

International Association of Law Libraries (IALL), International Calendar of Upcoming Events, 2007-2015.

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: George W. Bush, GPO Access.

Legal Research Engine, Cornell University Law Library.

WikiMatrix: "A tool to compare the features of various popular wiki engines in comfortable side-by-side tables."

Wikipedia Search with LuMriX - "Search the world's largest (web-) encyclopedia.."

Anglo-American Legal Tradition Project Launches Website

10 Best Intranets of 2007 (Jacob Nielsen's AlertBox, January 15, 2007)

WikiLex is an on-line public, community maintained legal resource specifically geared for the United States legal market

Selected Internet Librarian 2006: Presentation Links

Library Workflow Redesign: Six Case Studies, by Marilyn Mitchell, editor, January 2007. 81 pp.

Ask a Librarian (Library of Congress), online reference service

M.G. Gallagher Law Library, Legal Research Guides, Updated February 2, 2007

The Government Domain: Testing the THOMAS Beta

Secrecy Report Card 2006: Indicators of Secrecy in the Federal Government, 2006 by the

Librarians in the Movies - An Annotated Filmography, updated February 1, 2007

Where Can I Donate or Recycle My Old Computer and Other Electronic Products?

State and Federal E-Government in the United States, 2006

The Partnership - Education Institute Course Calendar


Blogs, RSS and Wikis:  Legal, Library & Technology Related News and Resources

Recycling and E-Waste

  • Federal Gov't Creates Program to Recycle Old Computers - "Ecycling" Government Computers Under Recycling Electronics and Asset Disposition Services: "For the first time, EPA is awarding contracts to help the entire federal government recycle or properly dispose of computers and other electronic equipment. The new program will prevent hazardous substances inside these items from entering landfills. For example, each computer monitor contains six pounds of lead. All of this equipment contains components that can be reused in the current marketplace or recycled.
  • Industry Launches Initiative to Address E-Waste: Learn how to safely dispose of, donate, sell or reuse PCs and tech gadgets, from this new website, the Rethink Initiative, co-sponsored by eBay, Intel and other industry leaders.
  • EPA Site On Recycling E-Waste and other beSpacific postings on e-waste and recyling efforts on the local, state federal and corporate level
  • GreenDisk
  • Jadcore

Recent Conferences, Conventions & Programs and Presentation Links

Copyright, Licensing and Intellectual Property

Virtual Reference

Internet Research

Company Research

Search Strategies

Evaluating Website Quality

Internet Resources For Researchers

  • ABA's Site-ation Archives - "...monthly e-newsletter highlighting new or useful Web sites of interest to attorneys and other legal professionals."
  • The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) - This advocacy group provides readers with a wealth of primary documents, obtained through FOIA requests, on privacy issues that range from government and commercials data mining activities to library filtering.
  • InSITE - "a current awareness service of Cornell Law Library, InSITE highlights selected law-related Web sites in two ways: as an annotated publication issued electronically and in print; and as a keyword-searchable database"
  • Law Librarian Resource Center, from Thomson West, What's New for Law Librarians, and Resources that include links to Librarian Relations Staff, CLE, free newsletters, conferences and events.
  • LexisNexis InfoPro
  • Librarian's Index to the Internet
  • OMB Watch - A bi-weekly online newsletter that focuses on regulatory matters, the federal government expenditures, and government accountability.
  • Research Buzz
  • The Scout Report - Since 1994, the Scout Project has focused on developing better tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata.

Internet Use Policies

Job Sites and Resources

Law Firm Libraries on the Web

Legal Research

Legal Technology Presentations

Library Automation Vendors

Library Catalogs

Library & Law Related Internet Discussion Lists

Subscription Information

Archives, FAQs & Web Pages

  • InSITE - a mailing list consisting of annotated lists of law-related Internet sites, brought to you by the librarians at the Cornell Law Library.
  • The TechnoLawyer: "TechnoLawyer Newsletters, a network of free, critically-acclaimed e-mail newsletters for legal professionals; and (2) TechnoLawyer Archive, a searchable Web-based repository of all TechnoLawyer content since January 1997."

Law-Lib (See also general archives above)


  • The Public-Access Computer Systems Forum (PACS-L) is a mailing list that deals with end-user computer systems in libraries.

Library-Related Websites & Resources

Marketing the Law Firm

Marketing the Library

MCLE Related Sites


Pathfinders and Research Guides

  • E.B. Williams Library Research Guides - From Georgetown University - The guides address: Foundations of Legal Research, Topical Research, Non-Legal Research, Tips and Advice, International and Foreign Research, Interdisciplinary Studies, and State Research.

Public Domain Citation


Public Records

Publishers & Books Online


Books Online

  • Abebooks - "The world's largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books."
  • Amazon - E-commerce site providing searchable database ( author, subject and keyword) of books on all topics/subjects.
  • - A source for out-of-print and hard to find books.
  • The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
  • Law Book Network - Buy and sell law books on the web.
  • Wiley - Books on computing, reference, business and more.


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