Law Practice Technology Information Sources and Tools

By Ken Strutin, Published on August 5, 2009


Librarians are often tasked with the responsibility of finding information about new technologies for use in the practice of law. There are distinct tech specific resources concerning legal research and office management designed to educate consumers about what's available, what's necessary and how it might be used.

The most difficult question to answer is "what's the best technology to buy"? The simplest response is "the one you'll use"? An oversimplification, but there is a kernel of truth to it. With built-in obsolescence in hardware, software and an evolving web-based environment, no one has bought their last piece of computer technology. The concern is overbuying and underutilizing expensive equipment and programs.

This article is a short list identifying some ways to learn about new technologies that apply to legal research and law practice. At the same time, some specific tools have been identified that will help manage research, communication and information-based tasks.


Here are a few of the best sources for finding information about new equipment and services for managing a law practice. These sites offer a range of updates and publications as well as links to software and applications.

This section lists articles and sites describing the various tools and services for networking and information sharing that underlie the transformative power of 2.0 technologies.

These are sites and software tools that can automatically track changes on chosen web pages and send alerts when a website has been updated with new information. This is especially helpful for monitoring blog sites and other irregularly updated sources.



Here are a few examples of tools that can improve efficiency in managing a variety of communication media and file transfer options.