SOPA’s Evil Twin Sister – CISPA

By Spencer Belkofer, Published on April 14, 2012
My graphic artist colleague Jake O'Neil and I created this Infographic out of a sense of urgency to share the information with as many communities possible. The legislation's possible passage has not gained the media coverage warranted by the potential impact to individuals, groups and corporations. In speaking about the bill with others, I came to focus on the 4th amendment - in the context of your personal data being analogous to illegal search and seizure. If CISPA becomes law, it may well wind up in the courts. It provides the government with new, and some maintain, broader powers to facilitate the exchange of information monitoring the web activities of citizens which are determined by both private and government entities, to be cyber threats.

CISPA Infographic by Lumin Consulting

Infographic designed by Lumin Consulting