Newstand - September 2000

By Sabrina I. Pacifici, Published on September 30, 2000

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MP3 E-Mail Drive Backs Revised Copyright Bill, September 29, 2000

Suspect in Emulex Hoax Case Indicted, September 29, 2000

Early Decision in Napster Case Looks Unlikely, September 29, 2000

E-Signatures: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, September 28, 2000

Amazon.com Apologizes For Random Price Test, September 28, 2000

Creative Web Taxes in Europe, September 28, 2000

Media Firm: Democrats, Republicans Use Web Differently, September 28, 2000

E-Mags: Along for the Wild Dot.Com Ride, September 28, 2000

Andersen Legal Goes High Tech to Better Compete With Law Firms, September 27, 2000

Carnivore Review Team Exposed, September 27, 2000

On the Web, Price Tags Blur, September 27, 2000

Experts Picked to 'Probe' Carnivore, September 27, 2000

A Wireless Search Applications Protocol Search Engine That Works, September 27, 2000

Supreme Court Declines Microsoft Review, September 26, 2000

A New MSN Feature Encourages Spamming Friends, September 26, 2000

Supreme Court Declines Microsoft Review, September 26, 2000

Net Gambling Ban Not Dead Yet, September 26, 2000

Internet Giants Confer on Denial of Service Attacks, September 26, 2000

California Governor Vetoes Internet Tax Bill, September 25, 2000

Bar Code Scanner for Web Addresses Under Scrutiny by Privacy Groups, September 25, 2000

Europeans Defining The Long Arm of The Cyberlaw, September 25, 2000

Univ. of California Refuses to Ban Napster, September 25, 2000

E-Mail Marketers Announce Anti-Spam Standards, September 25, 2000

Will House Bill Crush Local Carriers? September 25, 2000

Edgar Buys Site from Individual Investor, September 25, 2000

Y2K Law Barely Used - Gov't Report, September 25, 2000

New Blow to Internet Banking Security, September 22, 2000

One-Stop Government Web Site Debuts, September 22, 2000

New Email Could Confound Law Enforcement, September 22, 2000

Clinton Pledges Funds for Net Accessibility Research, September 22, 2000

Priceline.com Gets Booted by the Better Business Bureau, September 21, 2000

Security Software Vendor Develops Carnivore Alternative, September 21, 2000

MIT, Other Schools to Keep Napster Access, September 21, 2000

PLI Releases Eight New Online Programs, September 21, 2000

Supreme Court's Case Docket Now Online, September 21, 2000

Senate Guide Details Web Privacy Tools to Help Consumers, September 21, 2000

15-Year-Old Fined in Manipulation of Stocks Via Internet, September 21, 2000

FCC Offers AOL Terms, September 21, 2000

Survey: E-Books Won't Replace Paper, September 21, 2000

U.S. Privacy Protections Are World's Weakest, September 20, 2000

States Jump Into Privacy Battle, September 20, 2000

UPS Launches Online Returns Service, September 20, 2000

House OKs Music Copyright Bill, September 20, 2000

Baby Bells Victorious in House Subcommittee, September 19, 2000

NTT, Canadian Firm Team On Online Copyright Protection, September 19, 2000

Yahoo to Close Book on Amazon Partnership, September 18, 2000

Accounting Companies Tackle Online Privacy Concerns, September 18, 2000

Whitehouse.gov in Disrepair, September 18, 2000

Amazon's Friendly Deception, September 18, 2000

Cops Seize Oklahoma Student's PC Following Allegations by the RIAA, September 18, 2000

Where to Find Legal Music Online, September 15, 2000

Is the Wireless Net A Dud? September 15, 2000

Missouri Files Privacy Suit Against Net Merchant, September 15, 2000

National Law Library Site Climbs in Rankings, September 15, 2000

QuickLaw America Releases Minnesota Legal Collection, September 15, 2000

Playboy Ruling Recognizes Limits to Online Rights of Trademark Holders, September 15, 2000 (registration req'd)

Governments Urged to Be Online More, September 15, 2000

Intellectual Property Defensive Publication Service Available Online, September 15, 2000

Internet Sites for Children Say New Law Hurting Business, September 14, 2000

FCC to Study Internet Access, September 14, 2000

Customer Outrage Prompts Amazon to Change Price-Testing Policy, September 13, 2000

Privacy Woes Scaring Off E-Shoppers, September 13, 2000

Microsoft Quietly Shadows Web Surfers Across MSN Sites, September 13, 2000

Amazon Makes Price Amends, September 13, 2000

E-Books to Shake Up Publishing Industry, September 13, 2000

Inktomi Scoops Up FastForward Networks, September 13, 2000

Washington Debates Need for Technology Policy Chief, September 12, 2000

California's Debate Over Internet Taxes Heats Up, September 12, 2000

MP3 Chief: We Will Prevail Despite Legal Storm, September 12, 2000

Rediscovering Indie Bookstores, September 12, 2000

Black Hole in Writers' Universe?, September 12, 2000

Government Computer Security Gets Low Grade, September 12, 2000

MP3.com Still Hopes for Settlement, September 11, 2000

Internet Piracy Cases Exploded in 2000, September 11, 2000

Supreme Court Mum on Microsoft, September 8, 2000

American Express Credit Cards to Offer Disposable Numbers for the Web, September 8, 2000

MP3.com to Reactivate Service, September 8, 2000

FTC Wins $37.5M Judgment Against 2 CA Residents in a Web Credit Card Scam, September 7, 2000

Top California Official Warns Against Internet Tax, September 7, 2000

Carnivore Continues Munching, September 7, 2000

Judge Says MP3.com Willfully Infringed Copyrights, September 6, 2000

US Targets 'Pump & Dump' Scams in Internet Sweep, September 6, 2000

Net Gamblers Say Fix is In, September 6, 2000

Taxpayer Rights Area Created for IRS Web Page, September 6, 2000

Researchers Refuse Carnivore Review, September 6, 2000

Lexis-Nexis Acquires Press Access, Inc., September 5, 2000

Law.com Partners with CourtLink to Offer New Case Information, September 5, 2000

Broadcom Issues Statement on Intel Patent Suit, September 5, 2000

New Legal Media Brings New Media to Law Firm Marketing, September 5, 2000

UK Government 'Tags' Citizens, September 4, 2000

Bloomberg, Internet Wire Sued Over Emulex Hoax, September 2, 2000

New Technologies Could be Key for Napster Resolution , September 1, 2000

Microsoft Releases Privacy Patch, September 1, 2000

Is Eudora Snooping on You? September 1, 2000

Judge Calls MS 'Wanton, Reckless' in Bristol Case, September 1, 2000

Amazon.com Revises Privacy Policy, September 1, 2000

DOJ Uncertain When Court Will Act on Microsoft, September 1, 2000

FBI Arrests Man Emulex Hoax Case, September 1, 2000

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