Extras - The "Virtual Library": Sources, Services and Trends

By Holly M. Riccio, Published on September 17, 2001


The Virtual Library: Sources, Services and Trends - Holly M. Riccio (Powerpoint)

The Virtual Library: Future Trends - Cindy L. Chick (Powerpoint)

The Virtual Library in the Law Firm: Expectations and Realities - Deborah Schwarz


Conferencing Solutions for Desktop Training

The Virtual Library: Past, Present and Future: A Selective Bibliography, Compiled by Holly M. Riccio,
August 2001

Links - Virtual Reference

General Web Sites

Live On-line reference systems

LiveRef (sm) A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services

Virtual Reference Desk

Discussion Group:  Yahoo! Groups livereference


LSSI's Virtual Reference Desk

Human Click


Cisco's WebLine


The Distributed Librarian: Live, Online, Real-Time Reference American Libraries, Nov. 2000

Information Today:  April 2001,  "Providing Virtual Reference Service"

Library Automation Bibliography:  Live Reference