Features and Columns — March, 2015

Burney's Legal Tech Reviews - The Better Digital Mouse Trap, an All Purpose Travel Bag, and a Shiny Cell Phone

Brett Burney reviews an innovative travel mouse holder, a really fine all-purpose travel bag, and a reliable, full featured cell phone without all the extraneous bells and whistles. — Published January 22, 2008

Commentary: The Supplemental Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act

Beth Wellington comments on mine safety legislation one year after the Sago Mine disaster. — Published January 22, 2008

Criminal Law Resources: Criminal Defense Investigation

Ken Strutin's comprehensive, detailed guide highlights selected online resources describing defense investigation standards and practices, training and certification options, as well as useful guides and educational materials. — Published January 21, 2008

The Government Domain: Regulations.gov 2.0

Peggy Garvin reviews the new interface, new features and capabilities, and roster of participants on what has been dubbed "Regulations.gov 2.0," released in December 2007 by OMB. — Published January 21, 2008

FOIA Facts: The Impact of the OPEN Government Act of 2007

Now that Congress has passed and the President has signed the FOIA Amendments known as the OPEN Government Act of 2007, many wonder what the new law does and doesn’t do for FOIA requesters. Scott A. Hodes reviews the major provisions of the new law and how it will or won’t affect FOIA requesters. — Published January 19, 2008

Social Networks for Law Librarians and Law Libraries, or How We Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Friending

Debbie Ginsberg and Meg Kribble discuss how social networks create links between people, forming connections based on interests, expertise, past employment or education, and friendships. They specifically focus on how law librarians can use social networks such as LinkedIn, Ning, Facebook, and even MySpace to promote useful websites and legal resources as well their own expertise and interests. — Published January 19, 2008

Reviewing the XO “$100” Laptop

Conrad J. Jacoby provides a comprehensive review of this retro PCs composition, features and functionality as well as an user's perspective on its performance and value to its target audience, children between the ages of six and twelve. — Published January 19, 2008

Reference from Coast to Coast: Learning to Love Those 50 State Surveys

This month Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen focus on sources of multi-state legal research. They advise that before you begin your research, identify the area, such as statutes, case law or regulations, to facilitate a more efficient and effective result. — Published January 19, 2008

CongressLine: SPQR

Paul Jenks' discourse this month is on how the Senate has risen to its current prominence, hence his article title, descriptive of the Senate and people of the United States. — Published January 19, 2008

LLRX Book Review by Heather A. Phillips - John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court

Heather A. Phillips' evaluation of R. Kent Newmyer's book is that it paints a compelling and nuanced portrait of Justice John Marshall, not so much as a man, but as a thinker. — Published January 19, 2008

December, 2007

E-Discovery Update: A Contrarian Retrospective On E-Discovery In 2007

Conrad Jacoby's commentary focuses on the tangible and implied impact to the litigation landscape in 2007 in the wake of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. — Published December 29, 2007

Burney's Legal Tech Reviews: Legal Gadget Wish-List for the New Year

Instead of reviewing just one or two gadgets, this month Brett Burney talks about a wide selection that have been receiving alot of recent buzz, from Macbooks and the Eee PC, to the iPhone and Kindle, which he will explore further in 2008. — Published December 29, 2007

LLRX Book Review by Sabrina I. Pacifici - The Yale Book of Quotations

Sabrina I. Pacifici reviews a dictionary of quotations that merits inclusion in your personal as well as professional collection. — Published December 29, 2007

Mis-Information at the Heart of the University: Why Administrators Should Take Libraries More Seriously

Major university research library systems are complex organizations comprises of the central library, the department/school library, and the professional school library. The voices of all three types of libraries should be heard for their perspectives when determining the future of the university library system with respect to whether they are cost centers or value centers, according to Stuart Basefsky. — Published December 27, 2007

What's New in Cordless Mice?

Looking for a good new travel mouse that will meet your exacting specifications? Jeffrey J. Beard's reviews the pros and cons in terms of features offered by the top brands, in both overall design and function. — Published December 25, 2007

Carpe Diem: Establish an Institutional Repository for Your Organization

Carol A. Watson's article addresses how most communications and scholarship are born digital and often scattered across various servers and hard drives. She proposes that librarians have a unique opportunity to take a leadership role in organizing and preserving digital information, and details how colleagues can collect the intellectual output of their respective institutions. — Published December 24, 2007

Who Said, "Go West, Young Man" - Quote Detective Debunks Myths

Fred R. Shapiro, author of the The Yale Book of Quotations, discusses his professional background, his fascination with quotations, and the research that is an essential component of his expertise. — Published December 24, 2007

CongressLine: The Committee Markup

Paul Jenks describes how the committee markup is where the real work of Congress takes place. According to Paul, in the House, where floor amendments can be strictly regulated, they are the only place a member can propose a change. In some cases, the actual bill is written completely in a markup. This usually happens for appropriations bills, but is done increasingly for other really big bills. — Published December 23, 2007

LLRX Book Review by Heather A. Phillips - Books on Trial: Red Scare in the Heartland

Heather A. Phillips recommends this book focusing on parallels between the 1940s Red Scare and current fears about terrorism. In this detailed account, the Weigands tell a cautionary tale of innocent people caught up in the madness of their times. — Published December 23, 2007

Analysis of the Energy Bill, the EPA's Refusal to Grant Waivers and State Laws With Respect to Climate Change

Beth Wellington reviews the contentious debate underway on the state, national and international level, concerning efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. — Published December 23, 2007

FOIA Facts: FOIA - The Year in Review

According to Scott A. Hodes, there has been much talk of new laws and initiatives to make FOIA friendlier to the public. As 2008 begins, the OPEN Government Act of 2007 becomes law, but much work in this area remains ahead. — Published December 16, 2007

November, 2007

Australian Trade Marks Law: The Madrid System

Australian Trade Marks attorney Nicholas Weston provides an overview of the Madrid System, administered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). — Published November 24, 2007

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets

Barbara Fullerton, Sabrina I. Pacifici and Aaron Schmidt reprise their always popular gadgets presentation delivered each year at the Internet Librarian conference. — Published November 24, 2007

Criminal Law Resources: False Confessions

Ken Strutin's article surveys selected web-based resources and publications that shed light on the psychology and interrogation practices behind false confessions, as well as highlighting notable educational and bibliographic materials. — Published November 24, 2007

Locating Lawyers (including Corporate Counsel): A Brief Overview of Attorney Directories and a 50 State Survey of Online State Bar Directories

Scott Russell provides an annotated listing of sources from which to obtain background information on attorneys. — Published November 24, 2007

Deep Web Research 2008

According to Marcus P. Zillman, the "Deep Web" encompasses in the vicinity of 900 billion pages of information in various files and formats. Search engines currently locate approximately 20 billion pages, so this guide is a valuable tool for those who research a broad range of issues and seek wider access to a wide spectrum of reliable data, reports and information, regardless of format. — Published November 24, 2007

Israeli Law Guide

This comprehensive guide by Ruth Levush provides an overview of the country's legal system along with its chief characteristics, documents the court system and structure, the legal profession, official and unofficial statutory and regulatory sources, major compilations, case reports, legal commentaries, law journals and legal databases. — Published November 24, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com: The Veto

The use of the veto and how Congress deals with it is the focus of Paul Jenks' article this month. — Published November 24, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Deconstructing The "Not Reasonably Accessible" Standard For Production Of Electronically Stored Information

Conrad J. Jacoby clearly documents how the 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure impact litigants regarding the proper scope of electronic discovery. — Published November 24, 2007

Burney's Legal Tech Reviews - Gadgets for Legal Pros: zBoost Cell Phone Signal Extender and an Ultra Small Portable Memory Device

This month Brett Burney provides a solution for all those cell phone users who have no signal when at home, leaving them no option but to stand in the driveway or backyard. He also recommends a teeny-tiny micro Secure digital card. — Published November 24, 2007