Features and Columns — September, 2015

Reference From Coast to Coast: Service of Process Redux

This month Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen update their guide on service of process resources that includes free and fee-based online services from legal publishers, the federal government, associations and key professionals. — Published November 24, 2007

LLRX Book Review by Heather A. Phillips: Broken Government by John W. Dean

Heather A. Phillips reviews former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean's new book that includes personal insights and commentary on all three branches of government. — Published November 24, 2007

Commentary: The Tax Reduction and Reform Act of 2007

Beth Wellington discusses the challenges inherent in overhauling tax legislation. — Published November 24, 2007

October, 2007

Persuading Judges in Writing: Tips for Lawyers (And how technology can help)

Troy Simpson explains how good written advocacy can help lawyers in England, Australia and America to persuade judges, and providers readers with some practical tips to accomplish this challenging task. — Published October 30, 2007

Competitive Intelligence on a Shoestring

Susan Armstrong succinctly outlines key techniques and processes used by successful CI experts. Sabrina I. Pacifici's quick guide focuses on a selected range of strategic CI information and services available from key sources that faciliate an effective CI research process, both in the U.S. and Canada. — Published October 30, 2007

Cultural Challenges in Cross Border Mediation

Vikrant Singh Negi discusses how the role of cultural differences are crucial in cross border mediation. Although an individual's nationality does not necessarily determine the attitudes and behavior brought to the table, it can provide valuable guidelines as to which negotiation strategies are likely to work and which are likely to end in failure. — Published October 30, 2007

Discovery of Employee-Owned Computer Equipment

Conrad J. Jacoby addresses the issues of whether discovery requests served on the company also extend to home computers, cell phones, and other equipment personally owned by employees of the company. — Published October 30, 2007

The Government Domain: Journalists and Government Information: SLA-DGI/GODORT Joint Meeting

Peggy Garvin spotlights presentations on using government documents, by New York Times reporter Scott Shane and Washington Post research editor Alice Crites, at a recent joint meeting of the SLA Government Information Division and the ALA Government Documents Roundtable. — Published October 30, 2007

FOIA Facts - FOIA Litigation: When A Loss Isn't Always A Loss

According to Scott A. Hodes, bringing a FOIA case often results in a more timely release of information, more information being released then the agency would have released if it wasn't in litigation and more information going to the requester about agency decisions and withheld documents. — Published October 30, 2007

LLRX Book Review by Heather A. Phillips - Nation of Secrets and Presidential Secrecy and the Law

Heather A. Phillips reviews two new books which present various perspectives on the expanding ramifications on our lives, and to our democracy, of government secrecy. — Published October 30, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com: Lobbying and Ethics Rules

This month Paul Jenks provides readers with a copy of a recent CRS report, Lobbying Law and Ethics Rules Changes in the 110th Congress. — Published October 30, 2007

After Hours: Recommended Reading

Kathy Biehl discusses a free advocacy group sponsored healthletter that examines and often challenges acknowleged nutritional and health claims. She also highlights a new book of photographs of and interviews with women that demonstrates their respective diverse and unique slants on power outfits. — Published October 30, 2007

Rule the Web

Web marketing expert Julia Wotipka reviews a new book on creative, productive and engaging ways to leverage all aspects of web publishing, authored by the co-founder of one of the five most visited blogs on the Web, Boing Boing. — Published October 30, 2007

Commentary: Congress Looks Again at FISA

Beth Wellington’s commentary reviews legislative activity, advocacy group positions and news articles related to proposed changes to portions of the Protect America Act. — Published October 30, 2007

September, 2007

DoNotCall.gov: Do Not Call it up With Firefox

Roger V. Skalbeck examines and illustrates usability issues on the FTC's Do Not Call Registry, a very popular e-gov site that has design errors impeding complete content accessibility when users choose non-Microsoft browsers. — Published September 28, 2007

The Veil Doctrine in Company Law

Amin George Forji examines the history of this issue, theories for the lifting of the corporate veil, and significant case law. — Published September 28, 2007

Congressional Budget Office Launches Topical Health Website

George Butterfield provides an overview of the new CBO website that hosts a wealth of government documents on health related issues. — Published September 28, 2007

Criminal Justice Resources: Sex Offender Laws

Ken Strutin's guide, which highlights key publications and resources, focuses on recent developments in the administration and implementation of federal laws. In addition, selected research on sex offenses, risk assessment, treatment and punishment are noted, along with a section on the new Adam Walsh Act. — Published September 28, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com: The Earmark Reality

Paul Jenks offers insights into the procedures by which Congressional earmarks are used to inject opinions and priorities, great and small, into the governing process. — Published September 28, 2007

The Government Domain: Click-and-Print State Profiles

Various federal government agencies make canned "state profiles," tables of data for a specific state, available on their sites. These tables are quick and easy, and Peggy Garvin demonstrates how to find them. — Published September 28, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Direct Inspection Of Opposing Party Source Documents

Conrad J. Jacoby explains how the perceived importance of evidence that could be unearthed through extreme discovery will be an important guide to whether courts will permit inspection of ESI over the objection of the producing party. — Published September 28, 2007

Reference from Coast to Coast: The Hunt for Historical Annual Reports

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen's pathfinder encompasses a range reliable, content rich sources, including free sites, subscription databases, and several academic library sites that refer to both print and online data. — Published September 28, 2007

Burney's Legal Tech Reviews: Elegantly Designed USB and Firewire Hub; Software Offers Users Self-Paced Program for Learning 30 Languages

Brett Burney reviews the beautifully designed LaCie Hub and the "dynamic immersion" language learning programs available from the Rosetta Stone software. — Published September 28, 2007

FOIA Facts: Points to Remember

Scott A. Hodes suggests making your requests as broad as possible at the outset, and provide as much information about the topic as possible. This will assist in expediting the processing of your request. — Published September 28, 2007

After Hours: Best of the Fancy Food Show

During Kathy Biehl's foray to the Summer Fancy Food Show this summer in New York City she was introduced to a showcase of unusual new products and trends in specialty foods. The natural and organic foods pavilion yielded interesting finds about which she also shares details. — Published September 28, 2007

LLRX Book Review by Heather A. Phillips - Eye for an Eye

Heather A. Phillips reviews William Ian Miller's, Eye for an Eye, in which he closely examines the ties between the literal realism of "an eye for an eye", and notions of honor and redemption. — Published September 28, 2007

Commentary on the State Children's Health Insurance Program

Beth Wellington examines the contentious battle currently underway, on the state and federal level, over increasing health care coverage for non-insured children throughout our country. — Published September 28, 2007

August, 2007

Legal Information Management in a Global and Digital Age: Revolution and Tradition

Claire M. Germain presents an overview of the public policy issues surrounding digital libraries, and discusses the impact of globalization and the Internet on international and foreign law information, the free access to law movement and open access scholarship, mass digitization projects, and preservation of born digital legal information. — Published August 27, 2007

IM a Librarian: Establishing a Virtual Reference Service with Little Cost or Technical Skill

Bonnie Shucha explores the pros and cons of real-time communication, explains how real-time communication works in a library setting, and introduces two free, easy-to-use applications for virtual reference. — Published August 27, 2007

Search at the Foundation of the Enterprise

John Alber reviews and details the successful application of a Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing system to effectively and comprehensively search a law firm's continually expanding electronic document repository. — Published August 27, 2007