Features and Columns — November, 2015

E-Discovery Update - Discovery of Ephemeral Digital Information

Conrad J. Jacoby evaluates the ramifications of the recent decision, Columbia Pictures Indus. v. Bunnell et al., and describes how digital information must henceforth be analyzed when creating an inventory of potentially relevant and discoverable information. — Published July 27, 2007

Commentary: The Showdown on Coal-to-Liquid Technology

Beth Wellington provides an overview of coal-to-liquid (CTL) technology and whether it is a viable new energy source. Beth documents the debate over this issue which includes voices from academia, trade associations, lobbyists and members of Congress, who have introduced a plethora of related legislation. — Published July 27, 2007

June, 2007

Shanghai Express: Donating and Shipping Law Books Overseas

Kara Phillips was recently a visiting scholar at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) Law School in China. This article describes the project she undertook to collect and ship 300 English-language law books to the SJTU Law Library, as well as her experience as a law librarian in China. — Published June 25, 2007

Better Connections with Clients

Wells H. Anderson provides practical examples of solutions to improve phone calls with clients using remote access and online meeting services, recommending what to look for and why these services are so effective. — Published June 25, 2007

60 Gadgets in 60 Minutes

Barbara Fullerton, Brian Neale and Holly Pinto's presentation includes gadgets to use on the job, while telecommuting, traveling, and for presentations and training. The gadget gurus also highlight the latest and greatest in digital video, cell phones, and a selection of practical and fun gizmos. — Published June 25, 2007

An Overview of Selected Legal Digital Libraries

George Butterfield and Kristyn Helge review ten major legal digital research portals, assessing, comparing and contrasting their major characteristics and providing guidance on using each one. — Published June 25, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com - Parties and Partisanship

Paul Jenks comments on the role of party organization, power and politics in Congress. — Published June 25, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Finding the Line Between E-Discovery Expert and Fact Witness Testimony

Conrad J. Jacoby discusses specifics of why counsel should carefully consider the type of electronic evidence they believe will be important to develop their case and whether expert testimony will be required to admit these materials into evidence. — Published June 25, 2007

The Tao of Law Librarianship - Keeping Up With Social Networking Tools

Connie Crosby gives us an insider's view on a collection of Web 2.0 tools that librarians are using to connect, communicate, and stay on top of new developments. — Published June 25, 2007

Commentary: Is a J.D. Necessary for Law Librarians?

George Butterfield examines this question within the context of policies that impact law librarians working in academic, government and law firm law libraries, as well as within the context of the respective responsibilities of these professionals. — Published June 25, 2007

Burney's Legal Tech Reviews - Gadgets for Legal Pros: Tom Bihn Brain Cell Laptop Accessories and Compact Power Strips for Travel

Brett Burney reviews a laptop sleeve that is stylishly smart and practical from top to bottom, and suggests a solution for gadget laden travelers who are constantly confronted with insufficient outlets in hotel rooms. — Published June 25, 2007

After Hours: Summer Snacks and Reading

Kathy Biehl touts the newest offerings from Newman's Own Organics, recommends a eclectic collection of essays on enjoying wine, and reminds us about the second annual New York City Canine Cruise. One of last year's participants, Kathy's nephdog, won the Milkbone "Make You and Your Dog Famous" Contest. — Published June 25, 2007

FOIA Facts: Two Steps Forward, (At Least) One Step Back

Scott A. Hodes highlights the status of FOIA legislation in Congress as well as recent White House imposed hurdles to public access to government documents. — Published June 25, 2007

Commentary on the Clean Water Protection Act

Beth Wellington explains why this legislation is supported by a range of public interest groups and individuals. — Published June 25, 2007

May, 2007

Finding Hidden Intelligence in SEC Filings

Barbara Fullerton and Catherine Whitney's guide includes a range of online sources and best practices that assist with the procees of researching SEC filings including: finding hidden intelligence in specific types of filings, searching SEC filings using free and fee services, evaluating SEC databases and applying effective advanced search techniques to maximize your work. — Published May 29, 2007

Criminal Justice Resources - Clemency Law

Ken Strutin's article surveys select online resources for seeking clemency as well as guides and research materials on the administration of this important form of relief. — Published May 29, 2007

Faulkner's Practical Web Strategies for Attorneys, Are You Ready for the Web-Based Office?

Frederick L. Faulkner IV recommends reliable, cost effective web tools and services to help solos and small firms manage a range of essential office, communication, information and IT challenges. — Published May 29, 2007

The Government Domain: State Government Fundamentals

This month Peggy Garvin turns the spotlight to the states with a guide to some of the most useful, free web reference sources covering the governments of the fifty states. These resources are not specific to a single state, but rather provide nationwide coverage of state information. They can help you find state personnel, news, legislation, laws, regulations, policy updates, and statistics. — Published May 29, 2007

European Union Law: An Integrated Guide to Electronic and Print Research

Marylin J. Raisch's updated, comprehensive resource provides a pathfinder to reliable, expert resources, both official and unofficial, as well as guide to research strategies. She also provides a context for categories of sources within this body of law and a template for research across all formats. Even with electronic access to the materials, researchers face large amounts of documentation and terminology that is unique and perhaps unfamiliar. — Published May 29, 2007

Discovering the Latest in Web 2.0 Developments

Connie Crosby's presentation illustrates and recommends a range of innovative applications that can be applied in any library setting to enhance, expand and diversify the dissemination of services and support for users. — Published May 29, 2007

CongressLine by Gallerywatch.com - Checks on Power

Paul Jenks' commentary addresses the role and power of the President as an independent executive within the context of the inherent check and balances exercised by the Congress. — Published May 29, 2007

KM Best Practices

At a February 2007 large law firm knowledge management meeting, a panel of four KM professionals and the audience discussed best practices and the connection to KM. This article by Ron Friedmann reports the highlights of the discussion at that meeting. — Published May 29, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Choosing an E-Discovery CLE Conference

One popular way to stay current with developments in e-discovery law is to attend a conference or "boot camp" for an intense immersion into the subject matter. To help you choose the right conference to ensure an educational and enlightening experience, Conrad J. Jacoby spotlights program offerings that allow attendees to stay focused on specific areas and issues of interest. — Published May 29, 2007

After Hours: Poetry and Jazz on the New Hampshire Seacoast

Kathy Biehl recounts her experiences at an uncommonly literate travel destination to Portsmouth, NH, where she attended Jazzmouth, a long weekend of poetry events, most cross-pollinated with jazz improvisations. Kathy includes photos of the events as well as a culinary alerts for Seacoast visitors. — Published May 29, 2007

Commentary on Gun Laws in the Wake of the Virginia Tech Shootings

Beth Wellington examines gun control initiatives as well as positions and programs related to gun politics in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy. — Published May 29, 2007

April, 2007

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets!

Computers in Libraries 2007 once again hosted Barbara Fullerton, Sabrina Pacifici and Aaron Schmidt's popular round-robin of the latest and greatest gadgets, from simple and practical to sophisticated and cutting edge, with recommendations in everyone's price range. — Published April 24, 2007

The Government Domain: Tracking Federal Dollars

Peggy Garvin reviews the strengths, weaknesses and range of source material offered by several free online federal contracts and awards information databases. — Published April 24, 2007

Features - Legal Protection of Cultural Property: A Selective Resource Guide

Louise Tsang's updated guide focuses on important information print and electronic sources specific to the protection of cultural property in wartime, international trade in cultural property, and the laws applicable to the illicit traffic of art and antiquities. — Published April 24, 2007

Reference from Coast to Coast: Stalking and Finding the Full-Text Article

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen discuss a successful strategy for locating hard to find articles using a range of sources, including directories, online catalogs, specialized databases, commercial websites, and academic document delivery services. — Published April 24, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com - Reporting on Congress

Legislative research expert Paul Jenks describes why the electronic version of the Congressional Record remains a vital source of information on Congressional proceedings. Paul also references a number of daily commercial publications that should be included in your tracking and monitoring process. — Published April 24, 2007