Features and Columns — July, 2015

Discovering the Latest in Web 2.0 Developments

Connie Crosby's presentation illustrates and recommends a range of innovative applications that can be applied in any library setting to enhance, expand and diversify the dissemination of services and support for users. — Published May 29, 2007

CongressLine by Gallerywatch.com - Checks on Power

Paul Jenks' commentary addresses the role and power of the President as an independent executive within the context of the inherent check and balances exercised by the Congress. — Published May 29, 2007

KM Best Practices

At a February 2007 large law firm knowledge management meeting, a panel of four KM professionals and the audience discussed best practices and the connection to KM. This article by Ron Friedmann reports the highlights of the discussion at that meeting. — Published May 29, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Choosing an E-Discovery CLE Conference

One popular way to stay current with developments in e-discovery law is to attend a conference or "boot camp" for an intense immersion into the subject matter. To help you choose the right conference to ensure an educational and enlightening experience, Conrad J. Jacoby spotlights program offerings that allow attendees to stay focused on specific areas and issues of interest. — Published May 29, 2007

After Hours: Poetry and Jazz on the New Hampshire Seacoast

Kathy Biehl recounts her experiences at an uncommonly literate travel destination to Portsmouth, NH, where she attended Jazzmouth, a long weekend of poetry events, most cross-pollinated with jazz improvisations. Kathy includes photos of the events as well as a culinary alerts for Seacoast visitors. — Published May 29, 2007

Commentary on Gun Laws in the Wake of the Virginia Tech Shootings

Beth Wellington examines gun control initiatives as well as positions and programs related to gun politics in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy. — Published May 29, 2007

April, 2007

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets!

Computers in Libraries 2007 once again hosted Barbara Fullerton, Sabrina Pacifici and Aaron Schmidt's popular round-robin of the latest and greatest gadgets, from simple and practical to sophisticated and cutting edge, with recommendations in everyone's price range. — Published April 24, 2007

The Government Domain: Tracking Federal Dollars

Peggy Garvin reviews the strengths, weaknesses and range of source material offered by several free online federal contracts and awards information databases. — Published April 24, 2007

Features - Legal Protection of Cultural Property: A Selective Resource Guide

Louise Tsang's updated guide focuses on important information print and electronic sources specific to the protection of cultural property in wartime, international trade in cultural property, and the laws applicable to the illicit traffic of art and antiquities. — Published April 24, 2007

Reference from Coast to Coast: Stalking and Finding the Full-Text Article

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen discuss a successful strategy for locating hard to find articles using a range of sources, including directories, online catalogs, specialized databases, commercial websites, and academic document delivery services. — Published April 24, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com - Reporting on Congress

Legislative research expert Paul Jenks describes why the electronic version of the Congressional Record remains a vital source of information on Congressional proceedings. Paul also references a number of daily commercial publications that should be included in your tracking and monitoring process. — Published April 24, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Recognizing Hidden Logistical Bottlenecks in E-Discovery

Conrad J. Jacoby's column describes with precision and detail the technology, process and associated timeline involved in a data harvesting project. — Published April 24, 2007

FOIA Facts: Are Ombudsman The Answer?

Scott A. Hodes maintains that there are pros and cons to setting up an ombudsman’s office, and the overall scheme may not be the answer in resolving the number of disputes that arise in the disclosure of public records. — Published April 24, 2007

Burney's Legal Tech Reviews - A Terrific Digital Rolodex and Verizon Broadband Wireless Modem

Brett Burney extols the capabilities of a small, lightweight scanner that offers a convenient way to index, store and access all the business cards you routinely collect. He also recommends a 3G modem card for your laptop that will significantly improve your mobile connectivity. — Published April 24, 2007

FOIA - Social Security Administration presentations

This set of presentations is from the Social Security Administration, obtained by an LLRX.com reader, via a FOIA request. It was developed as a top-level summary type internal briefing for SSA managers on FOIA. — Published April 24, 2007

After Hours: Move Over, Spinach: Chocolate to the Rescue!

Kathy Biehl highlights niche, premium chocolates which boast not only unique flavors but additional medicinal herbal properties. — Published April 24, 2007

Commentary on Presidential Recess Appointments

Beth Wellington investigates recent Presidential appointments that have proved controversial on the Hill, and have subsequently been withdrawn. — Published April 24, 2007

March, 2007

Criminal Justice Resources: Criminal Justice Library Internships

As Ken Strutin states, a library internship is one of the first opportunities for students to experience professional life and learn practical lessons in librarianship. His collection of resources will be useful to library students and aid their host libraries in answering questions, assembling training materials, and offering guidance in professional development. — Published March 18, 2007

A Legal Analysis of the Impacts of Administrative Court Decisions on the Validity of Private Law Contracts In Turkish Law

This guide by Assoc. Prof. Vedat Buz and Cagdas Evrim Ergün examines and documents doctrine and case law on the authority of the administrative court in rendering decisions on the validity of private law contracts. — Published March 18, 2007

Deal or No Deal – Licensing and Acquiring Digital Resources - Deal Breaking License Clauses

Kara Phillips reviews the top ten deal breaking components in license agreements, including: authorized users, damages, indemnification, perpetual access, pricing, privacy, multi-site licensing, and remote access. — Published March 18, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com: The Capitol of Newspapers

Paul Jenks provides background, perspective and insight into the audience, content and role of a trio of newspapers of record for what he calls the "most inherently partisan institution in the country." These papers, available in print and online versions, are significant resources for anyone tracking the Hill and Congress. — Published March 18, 2007

The Goverment Domain: GovTrack and OpenCongress Go Beyond THOMAS

Peggy Garvin explores the evolution in the features and services provided by GovTrack, the free, public, independent web service with information on federal legislation, congressional documents, legislators, and votes. She also profiles a site with complementary content on lobbying activity and campaign contributions. — Published March 18, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Separating E-Discovery Myths from Realities

Conrad J. Jacoby highlights five "rules of thumb" about e-discovery that are commonly held in the community, and draws clear and exact distinctions between the myths and the reality behind the advice. — Published March 18, 2007

Burney's Gadgets for Legal Pros: Reviews: Bluetooth Internet Phone and Taskbar Shuffle

Brett Burney reviews a innovative product for those using Bluetooth-enabled laptops as well as the VoIP service, Skype. He also lauds the capabilites of a free tiny download allowing users to customisze the programs and buttons on the Windows taskbar. — Published March 18, 2007

Commentary: Labor Protections and the Role of Card-Check Agreements

Beth Wellington reviews the background and legislation associated with card check-off campaigns to establish union representation, as well as the current political and corporate positions. — Published March 18, 2007

FOIA Facts: Suggestions for FOIA Amendments

Scott A. Hodes recommends four substantive ways in which agency accountability will lead to more effective and efficient processing of FOIA requests. — Published March 18, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: National Library Week

Terri Wilson heralds the upcoming National Library Week with a range of celebratory, inexpensive and fun suggestions about activities and events that highlight the profession. — Published March 18, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: Resources

Terri Wilson focuses on workshops, websites, and other sources to assist in your exploration into the creative world, both professionally and personally. This is Terri's last column, and I thank her for a year of wonderful contributions. — Published March 18, 2007

February, 2007

After Hours: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Kathy Biehl's covers a variety of culinary points of interest. After a beverage-laden start, this month’s foray heads into food-related search tools galore. — Published February 12, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: Inspire Me!

Terri Wilson describes how creative inspiration for projects may be found in sources such as music, topical magazines, and websites that highlight open source design content. — Published February 12, 2007