Features and Columns — March, 2015

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com: The Capitol of Newspapers

Paul Jenks provides background, perspective and insight into the audience, content and role of a trio of newspapers of record for what he calls the "most inherently partisan institution in the country." These papers, available in print and online versions, are significant resources for anyone tracking the Hill and Congress. — Published March 18, 2007

The Goverment Domain: GovTrack and OpenCongress Go Beyond THOMAS

Peggy Garvin explores the evolution in the features and services provided by GovTrack, the free, public, independent web service with information on federal legislation, congressional documents, legislators, and votes. She also profiles a site with complementary content on lobbying activity and campaign contributions. — Published March 18, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Separating E-Discovery Myths from Realities

Conrad J. Jacoby highlights five "rules of thumb" about e-discovery that are commonly held in the community, and draws clear and exact distinctions between the myths and the reality behind the advice. — Published March 18, 2007

Burney's Gadgets for Legal Pros: Reviews: Bluetooth Internet Phone and Taskbar Shuffle

Brett Burney reviews a innovative product for those using Bluetooth-enabled laptops as well as the VoIP service, Skype. He also lauds the capabilites of a free tiny download allowing users to customisze the programs and buttons on the Windows taskbar. — Published March 18, 2007

Commentary: Labor Protections and the Role of Card-Check Agreements

Beth Wellington reviews the background and legislation associated with card check-off campaigns to establish union representation, as well as the current political and corporate positions. — Published March 18, 2007

FOIA Facts: Suggestions for FOIA Amendments

Scott A. Hodes recommends four substantive ways in which agency accountability will lead to more effective and efficient processing of FOIA requests. — Published March 18, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: National Library Week

Terri Wilson heralds the upcoming National Library Week with a range of celebratory, inexpensive and fun suggestions about activities and events that highlight the profession. — Published March 18, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: Resources

Terri Wilson focuses on workshops, websites, and other sources to assist in your exploration into the creative world, both professionally and personally. This is Terri's last column, and I thank her for a year of wonderful contributions. — Published March 18, 2007

February, 2007

After Hours: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Kathy Biehl's covers a variety of culinary points of interest. After a beverage-laden start, this month’s foray heads into food-related search tools galore. — Published February 12, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: Inspire Me!

Terri Wilson describes how creative inspiration for projects may be found in sources such as music, topical magazines, and websites that highlight open source design content. — Published February 12, 2007

FOIA Facts: Making Effective FOIA Requests - Part II

Scott A. Hodes recommends three direct techniques to increase the efficient processing of your requests. — Published February 12, 2007

Reference from Coast to Coast: Researching Native American Legal Issues

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen's pathfinder is a guide to specific commercial, government, academic and association sources that will assist you in focusing your results as you research this area of the law. — Published February 12, 2007

The Tao of Law Librarianship: Using RSS Feeds for New Book Titles - Calling All Publishers

Connie Crosby suggests that publishers implement RSS feeds for new product announcements to help stem the tide of current awareness updates that often end up in the circular file. — Published February 12, 2007

E-Discovery Update: Perspectives on 2007 New York LegalTech

Conrad J. Jacoby reviews the latest products from new and familiar companies that are offering legal and litigation support technology applications solutions. — Published February 12, 2007

The Government Domain: New House Website and Open House Project

The 110th Congress included not only new names and faces on the Hill, but a plethora of redesigned e-government sites, many of which are still very much under development. In her column this month, Peggy Garvin focuses on the changes in the House of Representatives website. — Published February 12, 2007

CongressLine by GalleryWatch.com: Tempering European Enthusiasm

According to Paul Jenks' commentary, the role Congress plays in foreign affairs requires some tempering of any enthusiasm as well. The President still holds the primary responsibility for foreign relations and trade policy. — Published February 12, 2007

LawPro Links - An A to Z Directory of Web Resources

Sabrina I. Pacifici has revised and updated her guide to a core group of reliable, content rich resources for researchers. Highlighted topics include: a new search engine for legal blogs, one for free federal district court filings, and one for Wikipedia; an updated legal research guide from M.G. Gallagher Law Library, government sponsored e-waste and recycling services, a filmology of librarians in the movies, the 10 best corporate intranets of 2007, the launch of the Anglo-American Legal Tradition Project Website, and much more. — Published February 12, 2007

Knowledge Discovery Resources 2007 - An Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation

Marcus P. Zillman's extensive guide to knowledge discovery technologies, programs, resources and sites includes links to groups, organizations and applications specific to know-how discovery, harvesting and management, data and text mining, as well as vendors/suppliers of related services. — Published February 12, 2007

GAO Releases Database of Comptroller General Decisions

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has for the first time released a massive two-part compilation of Comptroller General decisions and opinions that are included in two Excel spreadsheets. The first spreadsheet contains decisions from 1990 through present The second spreadsheet contains decisions prior to 1990. Michael Ravnitzky reports the details. — Published February 12, 2007

Seven Legal Technology Trends for 2007: Widening the Digital Divide in Law Practice

Dennis Kennedy contends that by the end of 2007, there will be a clearly distinguishable digital divide between technology-forward and technology-backward firms. He suggests seven trends that should be on the agendas of law firm technology committees. — Published February 12, 2007

Technology and Policy Issues With Acquiring Digital Collections

Roger V. Skalbeck and Iva M. Futrell address issues raised with acquiring digital collections, including a discussion of two legal-specific digitization projects available to any sector that wants to acquire them, including firms, courts and universities. — Published February 12, 2007

Creating Intranet Applications for Knowledge Sharing Within Law Firms

Jason Eiseman provides context to and perspective on the many possibilities for service and resource specific customized knowledge solutions for the enterpise hosted by an intranet. — Published February 12, 2007

Commentary: The Real Costs of America's Nuclear Power Program and the Impact on Global Climate Change

Beth Wellington reviews the administration's position on FY 2008 funding for nuclear power programs, as well as the impact of these programs on climate change. — Published February 12, 2007

Legislative Research Guide

Sabrina I. Pacifici's completely updated and revised guide provides links to Federal and State sponsored resources on legislation, legislative issues and government reports, and also includes a range of current, topical content on politics and campaigns published by the media, advocacy groups, NGOs and political parties. — Published February 12, 2007

January, 2007

A Cup of Creativi-tea: Start a Resolution

Terri Wilson offers quick suggestions, easily implemented, for making time to fulfill a resolution or two during the course of our increasingly demanding work week. — Published January 15, 2007

Burney's Gadgets for Legal Pros: Reviews: Doing Double Time With Dual Monitors and Video Chatting Via Your Laptop

Brett Burney reviews the Village Tronic VTBook PCMIA card that facilitates dual-monitor functionality with your laptop, as well as the ability to add an external projector for presentations. He also takes tests the Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks, for video chatting on your laptop. — Published January 15, 2007

Commentary: The Iraq Troop Surge

Beth Wellington puts the recently announced troop surge surge into context by reviewing the response of members of Congress, the public, columnists and think tanks. — Published January 15, 2007

CongressLine, by GalleryWatch.com: Authorization and Appropriation

Paul Jenks explains the process of key Congressional activitiy: before money can be spent, Congress must authorize the expenditure first, and then must appropriate the money to do so. — Published January 15, 2007

Deal or No Deal – Licensing & Acquiring Digital Resources: License Negotiations Reprise

Kara Phillips' chart documents practical references and resources for licensing negotiations that appear in the library literature covers: researching vendors, seeking input from patrons and usesrs, negotiating pricing, setting contract goals, and establishing effective communications strategies. — Published January 15, 2007

E-Discovery Update: E-Discovery New Year's Resolutions for 2007

In this month's column, Conrad J. Jacoby covers e-discovery and the way that it will impact the practice of law in 2007. He suggests three stratgegies for attorneys that will help them be more effective advocates and practitioners in the coming year. — Published January 15, 2007