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by Margaret K. Berkland

Margaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website (http://www. Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

(Archived January 16, 1997)


This site allows you to perform a search in 15 search engines simultaneously. Links are produced very quickly.

Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory

This site provides information on many environmental topics. You can find links to a few country environmental sites under the topic, Government.

Associations on the Net

This is a collection of over 300 Internet sites with information about professional and trade associations, advocacy groups, labor unions, research institutions, etc.

AICPA Online

This is the site of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. There are a sections on Hot Topics, online publications, CPA Links and member matters. The AICPA catalog will be on the site soon.

PARC Place

This site is maintained by the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command. It is a good source for contracting information links.

ITD Russian Contacts & Trade Offices

This site provides an alphabetical hyperlinked list of cities with Russian Trade offices and other contacts. Each entry under a city provides the name of the office or organization, addresses, phone number, fax number and a key contact person.

The Company Helper

This site is a source of information for almost all Canadian companies whose securities are publicly traded. Electronic editions of annual reports are available for several companies. For those for which an annual report is not provided complete contact information and other data is given. You can search an annual report by ticker number, SIC code Industry Code and company name.

California Financial & Statistical Data

The information contained at this site derives from the California Department of Finance. Included are California Economic Indicators, California Statistical Abstract, Capital Outlay and Infrastructure Report, Dynamic Revenue Analysis for California, Economic Report of the Governor and Tax Expenditure Report.

The Library of Congress Catalog

This is the Library of Congress experimental web-based online catalog which is under development. You can search books, maps, prints and photographs, music, online books and photographs, manuscripts and movies. You may search by keyword(s) in titles, subjects, ISBN or author. You can limit by date of publication (range), publisher name/location, and language. Search results can be sorted by LC call number, date, or titles in ascending or descending order.

Time Magazine

This is the online version of Time magazine.

U.S. News Online

This is the online version of U.S. News and World Report.


This site is maintained by Capitol Advantage. It contains the information on the 105th Congress. Included are committee assignments, district office adresses, photographs of members, and room, phone and fax numbers.

Buildings, books, and bytes

This is a report revealing “what library leaders and the public have to say about the future of libraries in the digital age.”

Defense Automated Printing Service Web site

At this site, you can search and order federal and military specifications and standards.


This site provides shareware listings for Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Macintosh.


This site claims to provide access to over 89,000 shareware and freeware programs. There are sixteen subject categories and a search engine.

Browse Electronic Titles

This section of the GPO Access site lists full-text government documents and gives the hypertext links to their Internet addresses.

Trade Show News Network (TSNN)

The Trade Show News Network site allows you to search for a specific trade show or top news of the industry. If you locate the trade show you seek, you can find further information on its location, hotels, auto rental, etc. The listings are worldwide.

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