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Margaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website (http://www. Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

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(Archived February 14, 1997)

The IRS-Tax Forms

Download your US Tax forms from this site.


This site includes a wealth of tax information: state and federal forms, Usenet Newsgroups, FAQs articles, law, tax treaty information, foreign income tax, mailing lists, and newsletters.

ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary

The files at this site contain about 75,000 terms. You may enter a word or words into the French to English or English to French form, and your translation will be produced. This dictionary is presented by The Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language, at the University of Chicago.

The New York Public Library

At this site you can share in the wealth of information available from the New York Public Library. You can search the NYPL catalogs and indexes, check out the resource guides, and see what publications are available, just to name a few items for review at this site.


EXTOXNET is the Extension Toxicology Network which is a cooperative effort by four universities. The network has a search engine for searching the following topics: Pesticide Information Profiles, Toxicology Information Briefs, Toxicology Issues of Concern, Toxicology Factsheets, News about Toxicology Issues, Newsletters, Resources for Toxicology Information, and Technical Information.

Links to Foreign Governments

This site provides links to a wealth of foreign government entities.


Here is yet another search engine to try! Profusion is a meta-search engine. It allows searching of Alta Vista, Open Text, Excite, Lycos, InfoSeek, and WebCrawler simultaneously, individually, or the best 3 automatically. It is supposed to check the search results to remove any broken links or duplicates.


Licensing Digital Information is targeted toward university and research libraries, but may be useful to other libraries as well. The site provides an Analysis of Licensing Agreements for Digital Information. The Analysis includes License Vocabulary, Licensing Terms & Descriptions, Publishers’ Licenses, and Licensing Resources. It is meant to assist librarians in understanding and interpreting digital information licensing agreements. There is a subscription form for joining an internet discussion list–LIBLICENSE-L.

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