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Margaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website (http://www. Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

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OneLook Dictionaries: The Faster Finder

This site provides access to 75 dictionaries with one half million words. You can search all dictionaries at once, or limit your search to any of ten dictionary categories.

FOIA Tutorial

This is a good site to learn the facts about FOIA. Sections include “What is FOIA?;” “What documents can be requested;” “Tips on Preparing Letters;” “Agency Response Obligations;” “Why Records are denied;” “Fees and Fee waivers;” “FOIA exclusions;” ” Administrative and Judicial appeals;” and Recent developments in FOIA.” Environmental Professional’s Homepage

This is a “no graphics” site with links primarily to original source documents or agencies. The categories included are Government Agencies, Federal; Government Agencies, State; Regulations References, Federal; Health and Safety Issues; Professional Associations; Conferences Bulletins, Announcements; The EP Virtual Desktop; Legislation, Federal; Search Engines; and EPA-ERTP Training Courses.

Final Report of the International Ad Hoc Committee: Recommendations for Administration and Management of gTLDs

This site discusses the new recommended Top Level Domain names and domain name registrars.

Special Libraries Association

This is the site for the Special Libraries Association with newsletter and publication articles; membership information; links to libraries, other associations and other SLA sites; partial survey results and much more.

The Bureau of the Public Debt

This site is overflowing with information on the public debt, U.S. Savings Bonds, T-Bills, Notes & Bonds, and SLGS & Other Special Investments.

This site allows the user to find, browse, search and participate in more than 150,000 newsgroups, mailing lists and web forums. There are “how to” sections to assist the user and separate links to the three sections: newsgroups, mailing lists and web forums. Free registration is necessary if you would like to post messages or if you wish the option of storing queries at the site.

Librarians’ Site du Jour

The layout of the text on this site makes for difficult reading, but if you are patient you can find some useful links. You can review previous offerings of the site and you can search the site.

The Internet: A California Policy Perspective

The information at this site can be very useful in answering questions concerning the Internet.


This site is a meta search engine. It can search subject directories, usenets, mailing lists, ftp collections, and web pages simultaneously. Dogpile supports 23 search engines. You can select the order in which Dogpile will send your query to the search engines. Advanced search proximity and Boolean operators will be used if the database searched has them.

European Union

This site provides links to information concerning the EU member states listed by country name. There are also links to several EU, EC and European websites.


You can obtain the lastest news via the Associated Press at this site. The news categories include: National, International, Washington, Sports, NJ Region, and Weather.

TOP NEWS from Asia

This site provides headline news from Asia and the Pacific. There are links to the regional newspapers and magazines. At the News Stand, you can obtain currency rates, the weather outlook, and local times in the various countries and link by country to national news sources. The site has an archive which appears to be for the current month.


This site describes its contents as an “online terminology database which contains translations of scientific and technical terms, contextual phrases, and abbreviations in all of the official languages of the European Community.” Legal terms are included. The site has definitions of 4,500,000 terms and 180,000 abbreviations. There are also links to lnternet resources for translators and other dictionaries.

Computer Virus Myths

This site lists and explains computer virus myths.

travlang’s Translating Dictionaries

This site offers free online translating dictionaries. The languages covered are German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, Afrikaans, and Esperanto.

Electronic Legal Source

This site provides the American Standard Law Dictionary online. It is a user friendly dictionary. If an incorrectly spelled word is entered for the search, the nearest possible word is supplied in the results. In addition to the legal dictionary, there are legal forms provided under two topics; Litigation and Transactional. There are links to some law firms, many law schools and lists of legal experts and suppliers.

The Russian Story

This site provides access to the full text of several Russian language newspapers and periodicals. There are free summary previews and English language digests. The site has a search engine. Registration is required and payment for full articles is by credit card or check.

NTIS OrderNow

At this site, you can identify and purchase information products from NTIS. You can search by term, product ID, title, abstract, keywords, subject, language, country of publication, source, personal authors, performing organization and document type. There is a link to FAQs and Help. Payment is by credit card with support for other forms of online payment including NTIS deposit accounts in the future. You can print an order summary.

Power Industry News

This site is sponsored by the Power Association of Northern California. It covers the electric power industry and provides headlines and news briefs free. In order to read full text articles, you must register and pay a free between $3.95 to $6.95 per month depending upon the level of coverage you wish to receive.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

This provides an example poicy on the use of electronic and voice communications systems in a business environment. This guide can be used as a pattern for your own policies.


This is a consumer oriented site. There are sections on Tax Forms, Where to File, Filing Extensions, Refunds, Federal and State Legislation, State Tax Links, Enforcement, Tax Research links, Tax Publishers, Professional Organizations, and Discussion Groups.

Association of Legal Administrators

This has a portion restricted to ALA members. Open to the public are the job bank listings of positions available and wanted, links of interest to law office managers (under the ALA Management Gateway), and a calendar of ALA events. Members only can access the full text of articles.


This site is sponsored by the Limited Liability Company Reporter. You can subscribe to an open Internet forum for discussing limited liability issues and concepts. You can also subscribe to the Limited Liability Company Reporter. There is a link to LLC resources.

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