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Margaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website (http://www. Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

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This is an Internet magazine for the Web professional. The NC NetNew link lists network computing related news from other online publications. There is an archive for previously published articles. The Net news central link provides links to articles elsewhere in the Internet for Webmasters, Web developers & designers.

Private International Law Database

This is a U.S. Dept. of State site. It includes documents viewable via your web browser or you may download the originals in WordPerfect 5.1/5.2 format. The files are in compressed format. Included at this site are L/PIL Reports and Information; Documents on International Projects in Progress; PIL Conventions-U.S. Ratification/Access is a Possibility; Completed Rules, Model Laws, Legal Guides; PIL Conventions to Which U.S. is a Party; and Other Conventions.

Government Institutes

This is the website of the publisher Government Institutes. Included here is information on new titles, courses and seminars and publications. The customer service link leads you to information about contacting the publisher, mail orders, phone orders, fax orders, e-mail and Internet orders.

The World Wide Legal Information Association

This site provides links to English speaking country information covering the US, Canada, Pacific(Australia and New Zealand) and the UK. There are also some humorous links such as “Dumbest Things Ever Said in Court” and “The World’s Funniest Lawyer Jokes.”

The Time Zone Page

If you need to know the time anywhere in the world, try this site. Enter the name of the city or country you seek, click on “Get the time!” and the exact time in your city or country will appear.

NYU Filing Retrieval Toolkit

This site provides search capability for the EDGAR data. You can search by keywords on 10-K filings; by ticker; by company name; company name and filing; by form; form date range lookup; Zacks Industry Code; Zacks Sector Code; prospectus; and Schedule 13D Ownership Report. Two additional features are the Company-Ticker Resolve (if the company entered matches more than one entry, a pick list is compiled of all completions and their tickers and CUSIPS) and Current Events (identifies most recent filings by day or week). The site uses three search servers to improve document availability.

The Law Practice Management Page

This page is sponsored by John P. Weil & Company. It presents articles about the day-to-day operation, long range planning and management of a law firm. Articles are arranged under three topics: Practice Management, Firm Governance and Compensation Techniques.

On-line Dictionaries

This is a treasure trove of links to dictionaries of various types. There is a list of languages allowing you to go to the specific language with one click. There are multiple dictionary search engine links, thesauri and other vocabulary aids links, multilingual dictionary links and specialized dictionary links.

Geographic Nameserver

If you have a city name, but do not know the state or do not know where it is located in the state, here is a site for you. Enter the city name and the search will return with all the locations of cities with this name in the U.S. with their state, county, zip code, area code and latitude/longitude coordinates.

Federal Depository Library Program Administration

The home page of this site is divided into for links: Contacts (the who’s who of the Federal Depository Library Program), Publications (It provides access to the full text of publications from the FDLP. These are text only with no graphics. The link is subdivided in to types of documents.), Calendar (FDLP events), and Tools (one link is to the locations of the regional depository libraries by state.)

Acquisition Web Directory of Legal Publishers

This site provides links to over 120 publishers of legal materials.

The LAWTEK Group Software for the Law Office

This site provides links to various software publisher sites. The site is organized by topics: Case & Practice Management; Document Assembly, Management & Imaging; Time, Billing & Accounting; Litigation Support & Trial Presentation Software; Practice Specific; Communications; Contact Managers & Calendars; Internet Tools; Estate Planning; CD-ROM Research Libraries; and Legal Education and Skill Building Software. White Pages United States

This site allows you to look up a person by name, address or telephone number. The address look-up is via a link to the Four11 site and the telephone number look-up is through a link to the Database America site.

Creative Element Windows95 Annoyances

This site is a resource of solutions to Win95 bugs.

My virtual Reference Desk–Windows 95 Links

Most related Microsoft sites are indexed here plus a vast number of related Microsoft sites and a collection of NT sites and user groups.

Internet Access Providers

This page on the Library of Congress website provides links to directories of commercial providers and community access providers (Freenets, etc.).

Boardwatch’s Internet Service Providers Directory

One can locate an Internet Service Provider in the U.S. by clicking on a U.S. map. Once the appropriate state and city are selected, a list of service providers for the location are listed with the providers name, location, telephone number, and a link to the provider’s website.

800 Batteries

This is the website of the company that claims to be the nation’s largest supplier of batteries for mobile professionals. There is search capability at this site. Entire battery information is not required.

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