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(Archived January 15, 1998)

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory

This site includes links to federal tax law, state taxes, international tax, AICPA sites, Auditing and Fraud, Accounting News and much more.

Military City Online Web Outpost

For $36.00 per year, a member has access to databases of more than 20 million active duty service members, reserve, and National and Air National Guard members, and retirees and veterans who have left active duty as back as 1980. Access is also provided to online versions and archives of Army Times, Air Force Times and the Early Bird Brief.

Virus Information Database–Symantec

This site has a basic tutorial on viruses. The virus information database includes over 10,000 computer viruses. The database which can be searched or browsed includes information about aliases for a specific virus, infection length, area of infection, likelihood of infection, region reported, characteristics, target platform and target date.

Direct Translation Page

AltaVista has joined with SYSTRAN Software, Inc. to offer a beta release web page translation service in English-Spanish, English-French, English-German, English-Portuguese, and English-Italian.

Help for World Travelers

At this site you can find links to international dialing codes (country codes and international direct dial prefixes), the World Television Guide (television broadcast standards, Electric Power Around the World Table (electric power frequency, voltage, and plug type), and the World Wide Phone Guide. The World Wide Phone Guide tells you “what you need to hook up your modem just about anywhere.” There is detailed information provided in an easy to follow manner. There is a list of equipment you may need and a table of telephone plugs used worldwide.

Walkabout Travel Gear

Check this site’s Come In and Browse section for the subsection: Solving the Riddle of Foreign Telephones. Here there is basic advice and a worldwide telephone and modem adapter index. General tips on traveling with a computer are found in the Solving the Riddle of Foreign Electricity subsection which includes and electricity and adapter index.

Washington Sidewalk

Sidewalk sites provide information on movies, restaurants, events, arts & music, places to go, and sports & recreation. You customize the site to create a page of selections reflecting your interests.


CDMEX is a directory of 5,000 Mexican companies. There is information on company products and services. The site is in English and Spanish. Here you can find leads to Mexican companies offering both Mexican and international enterprises the opportunity to do business beyond their own borders. You can do a Basic or Advanced search. There is access to listed companies web sites.

Wehrli’s Graduate School Rankings: Internet Legal Resource Guide

John Wehrli is a fourth year JD/MBA student and graduate molecular and cellular biology student at the University of California. His professional background is in the pharmaceutical industry. His love of statistical analysis has led him to develop this site. This site has law school rankings of every type you can imagine. There are composite rankings, popular rankings, academic quality rankings, judge & lawyer reputation rankings, top law schools at the top law firms (additionally broken down by city) to name a few.

NFOWEB International Trade Law Library

This searchable and downloadable Folios based international trade law library is free to the general public as a service of WWW.NFOWEB.COM and TradeWinds Publishing Co. International Trade laws, treaties, policies and laws from around the world are contained in the Folio Infobases. There are also Guides and trade policies on major U.S. trade partners derived from the NTDB. All documents are keyword searchable. All Supreme Court cases back to the 1700s are available free and are provided by the Infosynthesis USSC+.

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