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Statistical Abstract of the United States

This is the web page on the Census Website for the 1997 Statistical Abstract of the United States for download. There are nearly 1,500 tables. 1995-1997 edition sections are arranged side by side which allows easy downloading of comparison statistics from multiple years.


This is a private investigators, research and information retrieval site. There are three pages on this site of particular usefulness: Federal Agencies, News & Media, and Tools and Techniques. The first has the search engines from several federal agencies on one page in an effort at one stop shopping. Included are EPA, FERC, Library of Congress, US Patent Office, and SEC to name a few. The News Sources is similar and covers BBC, CNN MSNBC, NPR, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Tools and Techniques provides tips on conducting background investigations.

Administrative Codes and Registers: Internet Access to Administrative Rules

This site is a table arranged alphabetically by state. For states where the information is available, there are links to that state’s home page, register and code.

Harden Political InfoSystem

This site provides a wealth of statistical information. You can search broadly by state and then narrow to the county or municipal level. You can search for educational information K-12 and post secondary in each state, county, and city. Congressional and State Legislative searches are also available. Issue searches can be run on topics such as Education, Law Enforcement, and Welfare Reform.

IDEAS: The Internet Documents in Economics AccessService

IDEAS has archives of thousands of downloadable documents from universities, institutes, research centers, and government and multinational organizations. There are documents from the Federal Reserve Bank, Brookings Institution, IMF, World Bank, OECD, and Agriculture Canada to name a few. You can access the archives by browsing a list of series titles, alphabetically by organization, search by keyword, author name, or institution, or by subject.

The Virtual Community of Associations

This site has a directory of member associations with links to their Websites. A search may be conducted by association name or keyword. You can also view an alphabetical listing of all members.

The On-line Medical Dictionary

This site is sponsored by CancerWeb. You can select from the alphabetical grid to locate your term, select from a subject area, or search for your term via the search engine.

Appellate Counsellor Home Page

This site is useful to California attorneys in particular, but other attorneys nationwide as well. The 9th Cir Rules are here, bios of judges for California state and federal courts, WWW links to resources, civil appeals forms and noted decisions.

Pollution Online

This site is an online journal of articles for the Pollution/Equipment and Pollution Control Industries. EPA information, breaking news, utility updates, and technical articles are among some of the items covered. There is a resource library, association and events links, information on upcoming trade missions, and RFPs and RFQs.

International Organization Web Sites

This site has links to international organizations by subject and by name, multi-organization and international organization resource sites, international congresses/meetings/conferences and InterNet and WWW resources and meta-indexes.

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