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This site contains over 9000 photographs of aircraft. The types of photographs included are classic airliners, military aircraft, special paint schemes, government aircraft, helicopters, accidents, airport overviews, flight decks, and air to air. You can search the photos by aircraft name, airline, category, and keywords. In addition, there are sections on aircraft statistics and history, an aviation forum, and aviation humor

Corporate Information Research

This site provides links to information about companies worldwide. The list is arranged alphabetically by country. In some cases, if there is no web source known for information, the site’s author provides a book source with an online link for ordering the title. If a linked site is fee based, that information is noted. A variety of information beyond strictly company information may be found at some of the linked sites.

FDA Almanac

This site provides a guide with links to locate FDA information at the FDA. There are links to the 1999 budget, various FDA offices and centers, FDA-Related Acronyms and Abbreviations, Getting Information from the FDA and more.

The Forbes International 800

This is the Forbes magazine top international companies list. It can be searched by company name, country, and industry. The results can be sorted by company name (the default), country, industry, or overall ranking. Basic information included in a company listing are address, phone number, basic stock and financial information and a link to the company web site. From this site, you can also link to the 100 largest foreign investments in the U.S., the 100 international bargains, the 100 U.S. traded foreign stocks, and the 100 largest U.S. multinationals.

The Kelsey Group

This site provides links to yellow pages directories, white pages directories, business directories, and navigational directories. Each list is arranged alphabetically. The navigational directory includes links to the top Internet search engines as well as many specialized ones.

Lists on the Web

This site is a feature of The Internet Job Source. Provided at this site are links to the following type lists: Corporate, Regional Companies, Advertising & Marketing, Magazines & Newspapers, Restaurants & Travel, Books & Music, Movies & TV, Sports, Crime, College, Medicine & Law, Money &Finance, Beauty, People, Internet, and Miscellaneous.

National Charities Information Bureau

For eighty years NCIB has worked to provide donors with information needed to make informed decisions about giving. Their free Wise Giving Guide newsletter can be ordered here . There is a Quick Reference Guide to 400 Charities that evaluates these charities using codes based upon the NCIB Standards in Philanthropy. The Charity of the Week Report details a different charity each week. There is a list of NCIB’s Standards in Philanthropy, Tips for Givers, and FAQs section. You can order reports on charities online or by telephone for a fee.

Tech Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is a feature of a commercial site. The source for the encyclopedia is The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia. The site claims that “More than 11,000 definitions of computer terms and concepts” are included.

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