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One of the most useful sections of this site is Company Profiles which can be viewed alphabetically, by location, by phone code, or by region. You can also perform a keyword search for a company (called “exhibitors” by the site)or search the directory of public bioscience companies. Company profile information can include ticker symbol, type ownership (public or private), SEC filings, number of employees, text profile, contact person, e-mail address, company address, phone, fax, link to job postings, link to news stories, link to press releases, and collaborations. There is also an investor section.


This site allows the user to request an Internet search for an out-of-print title. Law titles are included.


This site from the producers of the CNET website claims to have one million prices for one hundred thousand products from almost one hundred stores. There are fourteen categories of products from accessories to video display & adapter. If you choose to consider purchase of a product online, a chart displays direct buy merchants and product cost plus much more. The currency date is also posted on the chart.

European Union Treaties

This section of the EU website has treaties upon which the EU is based presented in fulltext, Other Treaties and Instruments, Resolutions & Declarations, Other Instruments.

Federal Grand Jury

This site was created and is maintained by the authors of Federal Grand Jury Practice, Susan Brenner and Greg Lockhart. The site provides information about federal and state grand juries and links to information about actual grand juries.

Organization of American States Treaties

This site continues the OAS Treaty Series and its Status of Inter-American Treaties. The sections on the site are Resolutions, Treaties, and Conventions.

The Privacy Page

This site provides current news stories on privacy issues. The stories appear to be archived for one month. Under the Tools link, you can find products to be used to help assure electronic privacy. There are also links to related sites.

United Nations Treaty Collection

This site is divided into two sections: United Nations Treaty Series and Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General. The UNTS section includes 1458 of the volumes of the UNTS. This section can be searched by dates, country, subject terms, registration number or a combination of these items. It also includes agreements deposited with the Secretary-General but not yet published. The Multilateral Treaties section can be searched by subject category. Such a search can verify the existence of such an agreement or convention, provide its UNTS registration number, provide the date of entry into force, and its acceptance status among the parties to it. Registration is required for this site, but at this point registration is free.

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