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(Archived September 15, 1998)

International Court Network

This site provides links to judicial institutions with the function of constitutional review. Twenty-six countries throughout the world are included, from Australia to Zambia.

International Supreme Court Decisions

This site links to the supreme court decisions of 19 countries worldwide.

Ius Commune: Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe

This site is part of a casebook project begun in 1994 by Professor Walter van Gerven, University of Leuven (Belgium) ad of Maastricht (The Netherlands) and Ms. Adriana Alvarez, University of Maastricht. The site has links to what appear to be full texts of decisions from countries in Europe. There are also some code sections in the language of the individual countries on the Tort Law page.

Jane’s Internet Defence Glossary

The database at this website contains 20,000+ defence-related acronyms and abbreviations. The search engine can be used to search for terms or the glossary can be viewed alphabetically.

Library Science Jeopardy

Here the popular television program, Jeopardy, is transformed with categories from the world of library science! There are six categories from which to select. Each category contains five answers in ascending order of difficulty. Click on any of these answers and you will receive four questions from which to select the correct question. The FAQ section provides a full explanation of how the game is played. The site is created and maintained by the University of Maryland. There is a bibliography on the site of the resources used to created the topics.

NetLingo: the Internet Language Dictionary

At this site, you can look up a word by entering the first letter of the word or you can browse all the words in the dictionary alphabetically. You can launch a floating window of the dictionary to keep open as you surf the Internet. The initial page lists the new additions with links to the definitions. There is also a link to examples of emoticons (smileys) and their definitions.

This site is a directory of information covering 150,000+ publications and 8000+ newspapers worldwide. The information on this site comes from sources such as Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory and Editor & Publisher International Yearbook. The user can search by keyword, browse by title, subject, or publisher, or perform a custom search limited to title, description, publisher, and ISSN. A typical publication or newspaper description will include title, ISSN, status, frequency, publisher and address, country, editor, whether it is registered with the CCC, circulation, fax, and phone.

The World Bank Group Year 2000 Home Page

This site provides links to Year 2000 information pages. Links include and article that explains the Y2K problem, websites of Year 2000 initiatives worldwide, Year 2000 link collections, Year 2000 methodologies, Year 2000 vendors and consultants, Year 2000 user groups and much more.

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