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(Archived 11/1/98)

The Almanac of Politics and Government On-line Edition

This site is the web version of the Almanac of Politics & Government. It provides free access to information about legislatures, agencies, and parties in the us and worldwide.

Federal Information Center

FIC is primarily a telephone service available 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time M- F to answer questions about the Federal government. This site aims to provide the same information 24 hours a day year-round. The user can choose from subject groupings such as the most popular questions, international, state & local, yellow pages, and federal employees. I searched the popular subject, “travel abroad”, and was quickly able to locate valuable health information for travel around the world.

The Inter-Association Working Group on Government Information Policy

This site provides information on S. 2288, the Wendell H. Ford Government Publications Reform Act of 1998 which seeks to improve public access to government publications and strengthen the Federal Depository Library Program. It has links to full texts of bills, hearings, hearing testimony, issue briefs, and fact sheets.

IQC Stock Screening

IQC was founded in 1996 by a group of PhD candidates in applied physics at the California Institute for Technology. It is a stock analysis site with an archive of daily stock quotes dating back to 1968. The stock quotes are free. You must register and log in to use the stock screener. Quotes can be retrieved for only one day at a time.

Libweb: Library Servers via WWW

This information is part of the Berkeley Digital Library Sunsite. Libweb lists 2500+ pages from libraries in 70+ countries. The contents are arranged by region. The user can search by keyword for name, location, library type plus other information. There are also links to related library sites.

Opinions, Ideas, and Commentary

This site allows the user to search op/ed, editorial and letters to the editor pages for numerous local and national United States, Canadian, an international online newspapers. The user can search the entire publication list by keyword or limit the search to a particular geographic location. The search results link to the fulltext on the publication’s website.

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