Latest Links – Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 to Present, etc….

(Archived December 15, 1998)

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 to Present

This site provides biographies of members of the U.S. Congress and the Continental Congress since 1774. Delegates who served in Congress from the territories are also listed. There are also links to a wealth of information about the U.S. Congress in general.

Canadian Government Information

This provides an abstract and links to major Canadian government sites, federal information alphabetically arranged by subject, provincial information by province, municipal information, distribution/discussion lists, library catalogues, and electronic journals. The user can also search this information via the catalogue on the site.

Employment Discrimination

This site gives an overview of employment discrimination law. It also provides links to Federal statutes, Federal agency regulations, Federal judicial decisions, state statutes, state judicial decisions and key internet sources.

The Speech and Transcript Center

This site is compiled by Gary Price at George Washington University. It provides links to transcripts of speeches of a variety of persons. The site is arranged by subject: Business, Television/Radio Programs Transcripts, U.S. Government, U.S. State Officials, International Government, Professional Organizations, and Historical Speeches. It is updated regularly and a list of the most recently added items is provided under the topic “New to the Page” at the beginning of the list of subjects. Some interesting transcripts come from “Women’s Speeches from Around the World”, “Meet the Press”, and the NAACP.

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