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Margaret's Bio American Legal Ethics Library

This site provides codes and rules for the professional conduct of lawyers. There are narratives that provide commentary on the law that governs lawyers. The narratives are written by law firms and individuals in eleven state jurisdictions. There is full-text searching on the site and links to legal ethics materials elsewhere on the Internet. The site is hosted by the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute.

The CGI Resource Index

This site provides access to Programs and Scripts (pre-made and free), Documentation (includes CGI programming tutorials), Books, Magazine Articles, Programmers, and Jobs in CGI. Register users can rate the resources. These ratings can be useful in choosing which resource to use. This site is a product of Matt’s Script Archive, Inc.


cyber$ettle claims to offer “an independent, efficient, internet dispute resolution service. It is a 24 hour accessible, secure settlement method where “sponsors and claimants can make good faith demands and offers that are not revealed to the other side.” The Introduction page explains how cyber$ettle works including examples. There is a maximum fee of $300.00 for each party to use cyber$settle.


This site was developed by Essex County Libraries along with input from members of the EARL European Task Group (Electronic Access to Resources in Libraries–a consortium of 146 public library authorities working together to develop and deliver networked information services in public libraries.) There is a 60 subject category listing and an A-Z listing. Euroguide points to specific pages within sites as well as homepages.


Political is targeted search engine covering over 2,000 political and policy sites. No listing of the sources is provided. For more specific results, check the Improved Search tips. The areas covered are News & Commentary, Issue-Advocacy Sites, Political Interest Groups, Policy Papers, Trade Associations, and Political Parties.

Tax Assessor Database

This site is maintained by Northwestern University. The Tax Assessor Database is geographically based. It provides ratios of assessed value to market value by state and county. A description of a state’s methodology for property valuation, the name of each county, the multiplier factor, a phone number for contacting the relevant assessor’s office, and a link to the web site of the assessor’s office is provided if it is available. Data is collected for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The date each state’s page was updated is provided.

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