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(Archived June 15, 1999)

Margaret's Bio Caere Guide to Scanners

This section of the Caere Website provides Tips for First-Time Scanner Buyers, Books, Articles and Other Resources, Scanner Features and Specifications, Scanner and Software Companies, Glossary of Scanning Terms, and Cool Things You Can Do with a Scanner. provides the user with insurance information on how safe a vehicle may be. Information on the site draws from NHTSA crash-test data dating back to the 1970s. All new and used car, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles available for sale are rated. There is a “compare” feature allowing the user to view ratings on vehicle models from two different manufacturers simultaneously.

As of May 1999, this is a revamped Website (formerly DejaNews), with major enhancements and new information services. There is now a Deja Ratings system, and a Deja Shopper service for help in finding the best deals on products sold on the web. There are design changes to Deja Discussions and Deja Communities and a feature called Deja Tracker, which provides users with email notifications when a tagged discussion posts new messages.

This site is a product of NTIS and Northern Light. There are three search forms for accessing information: Homepage, Power Search and Agency Search. The Homepage search allows the user to search in the Special Collection, NTIS Archive, WWW, or All Sources. One option of Power Search is to search by government agency and select from a list of subjects specific to government information. The Web Agency Search form allows users to conduct a search across multiple government agency websites at once. Access to the site will be free until June 1, 1999. An individual user day-pass can be purchased for as little as $15, a monthly pass for $30, or an annual pass for $250. A service fee structure is used for company access based on the number of users. There will be regular fees for Special Collection documents. Be aware that the government may pull this site for a time due to complaints about charging for searching a government website.

Lijphart Elections Archive

This site provides access to “a research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries.” In addition to election results for a particular country there are sometimes links to other useful government information sites for a country. There is also a separate section with Links to Related Sites.

Lives, the Biography Resource

This site has links to biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letter, narratives, oral histories plus much more. There are currently 2,007 unique listings. You can browse alphabetically, by special collections (African Americans, Women, U.S. Civil War, Holocaust Survivors and Rescuers, and Canadians), by collections (General Collections, Professions, Eras, Regions, and Criticism) or search the site.

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