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Margaret's Bio Digital Librarian: New York State Law Resources

This Web site is maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a Cortland, New York librarian. The site is divided into ten subject areas with links to Web sites listed under each subject. The subject areas are Associations, Courts, Databases, Directories, Journals, Law Schools, Library Catalogs, News, State Government, and Subject Guides.

Eldis Country Profiles

This Web site provides access to country profile information for countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Where available, sector profiles are supplied (i.e., agriculture, education environment, etc.) Links to news, maps, statistics, governmental bodies and advice to visitors are listed as well. There are also links to online materials from Eldis and in print materials from the British Library for Development Studies. Work is in progress for other continents. The user must click on the links for the older service to access information on Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and North America.

Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office

The Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office Web site “coordinates, monitors, and reports on the development of Electronic Commerce within the Federal Government.” This site provides information on doing business electronically with the government. There are links to information on various forms of electronic commerce, committees, contacts, pilots & projects to list a few. Under library and news , you can find full text of articles and documents. The Web site is searchable.

United Nations Documentation Research Guide

This site supplies an overview of the types of documents and publications issued by the United Nations. The site is designed for those new to UN documentation. There is information on document symbols, indexes, explanations of documents, resolutions/decisions, speeches, press releases and special topics. There is also a link to more detailed coverage in the United Nations documentation: a brief guide. This guide is published in six languages.

City Rail Transit /

This Web site provides information on transit systems in over twenty-five countries. Most information is in English. If a link is in another language, the language for the link is indicated. Prices, maps, guides, and if available some history is provided for each system.

United States Weather Pages

This Web site can be searched by zip code and location to name just a few of the search options. By using the QuickCast feature, you can find the National Weather Service forecast, current temperature, precipitation, wind speed, radar and satellite maps, and sun and moon rise and set times and phases. There is an event planner that provides predictions of possible weather conditions for dates that you select in the future. On the homepage, you can find links to severe weather statements and a glossary of meteorological terms.

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