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By Margaret Berkland

Margaret Berkland is the president of Data Vision Design, Inc., which has provided applications development, business process design, and other IT services to the legal industry since 1989. Prior to becoming the president of DataVision Design, Inc., Margaret was the Info. Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo, where she still performs those duties on a contract basis. Margaret designed and maintains the firm’s internal homepage of Internet links, and manages the links, link annotations, and article content for McKenna & Cuneo’s Web site.

You can search this Web site or browse the subject categories some of which are business, computing & internet government & law, health & medicine plus several more. Listings under a category include a link to the association website, its location (city and state), and a brief description of the association. There is a Hot News section, Upcoming Events section and a sign up area for free e-mail notification of updates.

EPA Publications Search

This page on the EPA Web site uses a variety of methods for searching the multiple publications sites within the overall EPA site. It allows you to search by document number, exact title, and words in the title. If these methods fail, you are given options of searching across the entire EPA website, the EPA Online Library Catalog, the NTIS website, or contacting the EPA Clearinghouse, EPA Hotline, or Public Information Center.

International Y2K Cooperation Center

This Web site will provide a real-time Y2K Global Status Watch operating full time (24 x 7) starting December 28, 1999 and into January 2000 as long as is needed. The site will provide accurate information about the infrastructure status for countries. The homepage provides a full explanation of the site and how the information is displayed and provided.


This is a metasite with 2,300+ annotated links to search engines, indexes, directories, etc. There are 16 subject categories to browse in addition to the ability to directly search for an engine. There is a section on Featured Research Tools, Search Engine Software & Services and Search Engine Information.

California Business Search Program

This Web site provides search capability for two million plus records filed in the California corporation, limited partnership and limited liability database. Some of the information include is status, Secretary of State file number, date of filing, and agent for service of process. The information is updated weekly. There are search tips. Order forms are included for requesting documents and information on how to check and reserve corporate, limited partnership, and limited liability company names.

This Web site is maintained by a family therapist with a social work degree who is a child of a librarian! It includes a wealth of links. There is Reference Site of the Day, Facts at a Glance section, Help & Advice section, Current News & Facts links, and subject categories alphabetically arranged with links to list a few.

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