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Healthinfoquest is a pathfinder compiled by public and medical librarians for public librarians and health information specialists. There is a Pathfinder Index that provides a listing of all the categories used and sample questions. The Site Map is the table of contents for the site. It contains sample reference interviews. The Site Help gives tips to increase understanding and navigation of the site. Site Help also provides information on specifically how to use MEDLINEplus, healthfinder, PubMed, MeSH, IBIDS Database HealthWorld Online, and the Natural Pharmacist. This site is a very good training resource for librarians and library patrons.

IDcide Privacy Companion

IDcide Privacy Companion is a free software application. It is an extension to the browser that allows you to see when you are being watched on the Internet and to choose your level of privacy protection: High privacy which blocks the site you are surfing, as well as all tracking networks; Medium privacy which blocks tracking networks only; or No privacy which allows anyone to follow your movements on the Internet. IDcide can discern between local cookies and network cookies. This application is easy to download and install. It is very user friendly.


jake (Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment) is a reference source that allows the user to search the 23,000 listed journals. It allows you to determine which online databases index specific magazines and journals. The user can find which online databases contain full text of particular journals. The dates covered for a specific title in a individual database are also provided. You can obtain more information about a specific title by selecting “Complete Details”. The “jake-updates-list” is a free e-mail listing that allows you to see what databases are being added and updated into jake.

Tables Summarizing [Family] Law in the Fifty States

These tables are presented on the ABA website by the Family Law Section. There are six tables covering: Alimony/Spousal Support Factors; Custody Criteria; Child Support Guidelines; Grounds for Divorce and Residency Requirements; Property Division; and Third-Party Visitation. All were updated in June 1999.

Various File Formats and How to Deal With Them

This site provides a lengthy list of computer file name extensions. Each extension is accompanied by a brief description of the extension’s meaning and how to deal with it.

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