LLRXBuzz – May 7, 2001

Tara Calishain is the co-author of Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research, 2nd Edition, and author or co-author of four other books. She is the owner of CopperSky Writing & Research.

In This Issue:

Trademark.com Adds Canadian Files

ADRWorld.com Launches ADR Website

DOE Launches Directives, Regulations, Policies and Standards Portal

Lots of Airport Information

iLOR Introduces New Search Toolset

Google Expands their Archives

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Trademark.com Adds Canadian Files

MicroPatent’s Trademark.com has announced adding Canadian files to its database of US records at http://www.trademark.com.

The Canadian files feature a status option to determine if the file has been “abandoned, advertised, advertised and opposed, canceled, expunged, records is a free service as part of a 4-hour or annual subscription. Two levels of four-hour subscription are available for $40 and $85. You’ll have to contact
Trademark.com for pricing on the annual subscription.

Future plans for Trademark.com include adding the World Intellectual Property Organization records.

ADRWorld.com Launches ADR Website

ADRWorld has launched its online resource for alternative dispute resolution professionals at http://www.adrworld.com/index.asp.

Up front and center, the site covers all of the latest in alternative dispute resolution news. (And it’s updated often too — the last story on the front page
is dated 5/3.) You will have to register for a free trial subscription to access the stories, though. Annual subscriptions for individuals are $245 a year; get pricing information at http://www.adrworld.com/subscriptions.asp.

Additional links lead to Court Decisions and Federal Register source documents. State Legislation updates and State Regulations updates are listed alphabetically by state. ADRWorld also offers a library search option for keyword or phrases in one to all ten of its document types, including recent court decisions, state legislation, and rules of the courts.

DOE Launches Directives, Regulations, Policies and Standards Portal

The Department of Energy has launched its Directives, Regulations, Policies and Standards Portal at http://www.directives.doe.gov/. As of May 24th, users
can register to receive Alert notices. Directives will include directives from the Department of Energy and the Secretary of Energy. Standards will include DOE technical standards, standards organizations, and
electronic tools.

The site also features an electronic library which offers searching in seven collections including 10 CFR, Federal Register, technical standards and the US Code.

Lots of Airport Information

There’s a great site for looking up airport information at http://codes.managementreporting.com/. The site’s not much to look at, but man there’s a lot of information here.

Here’s how it works. Enter an airport code, city code, or the name of a city. You’ll get a response box giving you the name and code of the airport, how many markets that region serves, the average passenger load a day, the average cost of a one-way ticket, the average number of miles traveled, and the current weather conditions at the airport.

There are also a couple of extra reports you can get from this site. Clicking on “Airport Status” will give you a popup window with airport information including
departure and landing delays (if there are any) and delays by destination. You can also get a small map in a popup window.

Click on the Market Report link to get another popup window. This one will give you a lot of information on the markets the airport services. Information includes the low-fare carrier for that market with what I presume to be the average fare, the market-leader carrier with ditto, and number of passengers per day for that market.

Good stuff here. The font’s a little too small, but it’s worth the squint.

iLOR Introduces New Search Toolset

iLOR, LLC has introduced “LORlinks,” a search enhancement for iLOR searchers using Google. LORlinks are four options revealed when hovering the cursor over any of the search result listings. The technology is intended to reduce volumes of information and eliminate the frustration of navigating with the back and forward browser options.

The LORlinks options are saving to a temporary list, anchoring to the results page, opening in the taskbar, and opening in a new window. Additional personalization options are available, like using different colors, backgrounds, or “skins.” Check out the press release at


Good news Usenet nuts! Google announced today that the Usenet archives are back. You can now search back to May 1995. You can even search by date at http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_search.

“This archive contains more than 650 million messages,” Google’s David Krane told me. And they want to keep filling it out. “Our Usenet engineering team is
developing technology that will enable users to post messages to specific newsgroups. We aim to release this feature by mid-May 2001, at the latest.”

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