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Leanne B. Battle is a LexisNexis Librarian Relations Consultant serving customers in DC and Virginia. Leanne has worked as a librarian in both a law firm and academic environment. Most recently she was an Academic Technology Consultant at the University of Richmond, where she also taught Effective Use of Microcomputers and Software Tools for Communication and Research as an Adjunct Faculty Member. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Richmond and her M.L.I.S. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Books and Articles Online Business/Company Research Fun Genealogy Research Handheld Help
Health/Medical Internet Searching Keeping Current Legal Research Maps
Miscellaneous Personal/Personnel Development Professional interest Public Records Reference/Technology

Books and Articles Online

http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books/search.html – Online Books Page (free)

Search books by author or title. Browse an alphabetical list of serial titles. Browse a subject list arranged in call number order.

http://highwire.stanford.edu/lists/freeart.dtl – HighWire Press

Free full-text articles in science journals. Note that only journals published with the assistance of HighWire Press (Stanford University) are included here.

http://learningnetwork.ebrary.com/ – ebrary

Collection of online books. Not free, but you pay only for what you need. Pricing is based on the amount of material you print or copy. Not an extensive collection at this point, but a site to watch.

Business/Company Research

http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/ – Big Charts

Includes stock quotes, charts with links to news, SEC filings and market research. Historical quotes go back as far as 1970. Comparison charts also available. Charts have a printer-friendly format and email capability.

http://globaledge.msu.edu/ibrd/ibrd.asp – Global Edge (formerly International Business Resources Index)

Searchable and browseable, this site provides news, statistics, directories, government, trade and banking information available for countries and regions. Maintained by Michigan State University.

http://www.ceoexpress.com/ – CEO Express

Dozens of links divided into categories under three headings: Daily News & Info, Business Research and Office Tools. Business research includes statistics, quotes, financial and international business links. Office tools includes reference and travel resources as well as calculators, maps and currency converters.

http://www.internet-prospector.org/ – Internet Prospector

A resource for corporation, foundation and biographical research on the web. Provides a number of helpful links in these areas. A monthly newsletter is available by free email subscription. The newsletter provides a nice list of search resources.

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http://www.earthcam.com/ – EarthCam.

http://www.lib.byu.edu/dept/libsci/films/introduction.html – Librarians in the movies.

http://www.theonion.com/ – The Onion.

http://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/ – Bargain shopping.

Genealogy Research

http://www.ancestry.com/ – Ancestry.com

Free and subscription information available. Family tree software available free.

http://www.familysearch.org/ – FamilySearch

From the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

http://www.usgenweb.org/ – USGenWeb

Maintained by volunteers, this site includes national and state information. Tables of contents are provided for browsing.

Handheld Help

http://avantgo.com/frontdoor/index.html – AvantGo

Customizable information from the Internet designed for the handheld. Required wireless Internet access.

http://www.jungleport.com/ – JunglePort

Downloadable maps, restaurant guides and yellow page listings for 60 U.S. cities. No wireless web required. Information is updated by synching the handheld.

http://www.vindigo.com/ – Vindigo

Similar to JunglePort. The information provided is more robust and customizable than JunglePort, but only 20 cities are currently included.

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http://www.cdc.gov/ – Centers for Disease Control

Health information arranged by topic. A special section for travelers.

http://www.rxlist.com/ – RXList, The Internet Drug Index

Search by drug name (brand or generic) or by keyword. Results include descriptions, side effects, interactions, clinical pharmacology, etc.

Internet Searching and Tools

http://indorgs.virginia.edu/portico/ – Portico

Portico is a collection of web sites, containing publicly available information, compiled for the use of the advancement community.

http://www.backflip.com/ – BackFlip

Keeping your bookmarks so they’ll be accessible remotely. Bookmarks/Favorites can be imported from your hard drive in the folders you’ve already established.

http://www.ixquick.com/ – Ixquick metasearch engine

http://www.searchengineshowdown.com/ – Search Engine Showdown

Includes a nice chart of features for 10 search engines to allow a side-by-side comparison.

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Keeping Current

http://resourceshelf.blogspot.com/ – Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk

//www.llrx.com/ – LLRX news, articles and columns on research and legal-tech issues

http://www.virtualchase.com/ – The Virtual Chase

Legal Research


http://www.ilrg.com/ – Internet Legal Resource Guide

Includes links for law journals, forms, legal research. U.S. and International resources available. Searchable and has an annotated index.

http://www.instacase.com/ – Instacase

Case digests for US Supreme Court, Third Circuit and highest and intermediate appellate courts in the Mid-Atlantic states plus NY, TX and CA. No trial courts are included. Links to court sites for the full-text of opinions. 90 day archive. Email alert service available for $99.00/year.

http://www.legaldockets.com – Legal Dockets Online

Coverage varies by state. Some links require a PACER account. All links indicate is the link is free or requires an account. Circuit court information for 50 counties in Virginia.

http://www.lexisone.com/ – LexisONE

Over 6000 forms available in PDF format for free. Supreme court cases 1790-present. Selected federal and state case law for a rolling 5 years. Legal Internet guide.


http://www.fedstats.gov/ – Statistics for 100+ federal agencies

Maps that profile judicial and congressional districts at the federal, state and local levels. Includes the Statistical Abstract of the United States and the State and Metropolitan Area Data Book. Tables available in PDF format. Browseable by subject or by agency.

http://www.firstgov.gov/ – FirstGov

Government information organized by topic and by branch of government. Telephone and email directories available for the federal government. Site is administered through the GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy.

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https://www.nascio.org/stateSearch/index.cfm – State Search

Maintained by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers. Information is arranged by topic and links are provided to official state sites for those topics. State profiles including contact information, statistics and links to selected state sites are also available.

http://www.nccusl.org/nccusl/default.asp – Uniform State Laws

Drafts of and legislation related to uniform state laws as well as the full text of the acts as proposed by the NCCUSL. Browseable by state and by act title. Maintained by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

http://leg1.state.va.us/lis.htm – Legislative information system

Bills and resolutions available by member, committee, subject and bill number. Code of Virginia, Virginia Administrative Code and Supreme Court of Virginia Rules also available. Very current information, including statistics, on the legislative session.



Basic government information on and links to sites for the 100 largest (most populous) cities in the U.S. Available alphabetically and by rank.


http://www.gseis.ucla.edu/iclp/hp.html – CyberSpace Law and Policy

Includes a bibliography of resources on the topic as well as links to relevant case law and statutes.

http://www.cybercrime.gov/ – CyberCrime.gov

Maintained by the DOJ Criminal Division, this site provides DOJ guidance and policy documents for computer and intellectual property crime issues. Links to relevant laws and cases, including sentencing and fine information are also available.

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http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/index.html – Perry-Castaneda Library, U Texas

http://www.nationalgeographic.com/maps/ – National Geographic maps

Maps, statistics, geography information as well as educational tools

http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/world.htm – World Atlas.com

Maps, statistics, geography information


http://www.guidestar.com/ – GuideStar – Database of non-profits

The advanced search template offers searching by name, type of non-profit, category, income level, etc. Reports include contact information, board of directors, mission statements and limited financials. Note that the information is provided by the organization itself.

http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~gprice/listof.htm – List of Lists

Lists in a number of categories. Particularly strong in business related lists.

http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/amhome.html – American Memory

Searchable site for the historical collections of the National Digital Library. Sponsored by the Library of Congress. Collections include documents, images, sound and video.

http://www.learningware.com/ – Learningware

The Demos section of the site has free demos available for download. Demos include web-based quizzes and game shows that you create yourself.

Personal/Personnel development

http://www.keirsey.com/ – Temperament sorter

Take the test online and get immediate results. The results are a summary of a 10 page analysis that is available for purchase.

http://www.psychtests.com/ -Psych tests

A number of free tests in the areas of personality, career, intelligence, etc. are provided with online scoring functionality. Best to be used as an icebreaker for a meeting or retreat. Not intended to replace professional analysis.

http://www.teambuilding.org/ – Team building

A professional organization that will arrange team building programs and activities to your specifications.

http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk – Team building

The team building link at the bottom of this page provides some exercises that can be used to improve team performance.

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Professional interest

http://www.colorado.edu/Law/lawlib/ts/legpub.htm – Legal Publishers List

If the changes in the legal publishing world have your head spinning this is the place to find your answers.

http://www.lexisnexis.com/infopro/ – InfoPro

In addition to LexisNexis specific information this site provides free full-text news articles in areas of interest to librarians. Articles are updated weekly.

Public Records

http://www.pac-info.com/ – Search Systems

Provides a directory of national and state specific sites for obtaining public records. You can browse the directory or search for the type of information you need.

http://www.vitalchek.com/ – Vital Check

Provides the contact information for the vital records agencies in each state. Documents can be ordered through VitalCheck.


http://infomine.ucr.edu/ – Infomine

Collection of links to scholarly materials available on the web. Links are divided into topical areas that can be browsed or search. Each area also includes a “What’s New” section for materials added within the previous 20 days.

http://lii.org/ – Librarians’ Index to the Internet

Everything under the sun nicely organized into categories and subcategories. Sponsored by the Library of California.

http://www.libraryspot.com/ – Library Spot

Links to libraries, a list of lists and a great ready reference collection

http://www.xrefer.com/ – Xrefer

Provides the capability of searching multiple ready reference sources at once.


http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/ – WebMonkey

Provides how-to guides as well as quick reference resources for a variety of web authoring/programming/design tools. Resources are available for beginners, builders and masters.

http://www.cnet.com/ – CNET

Technology news and reviews. Provides the ability to put together customer product comparison charts.

http://www.thebrain.com/ – The Brain

The Personal Brain allows you to organize your desktop the way you think. It incorporates web sites, documents, email, address lists, etc. all in one place. Think of it as a personal portal.

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