LLRXBuzz – January 28, 2002

Tara Calishain is the co-author of Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research, 2nd Edition, and author or co-author of four other books. She is the owner of CopperSky Writing & Research.

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Commonwealth Case Law

Resident Agent Information

Divorce Research Center


Cornell Gets Grant From Mellon Foundation to Digitize Its Catalog

Internet Scout Projects Gets Funded by the National
Science Foundation

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Commonwealth Case Law

Interights has a database of UK Human Rights Case Law online at http://www.interights.org/ccl/. Commonwealth Case Law features national court decisions within Commonwealth jurisdictions.

This site offers two search options. Use the Quick Search to query by keywords, phrase, boolean or free text. The second search option is a Combined Search using more than one search term. Combined searching
also provides a list of keywords to choose from and several ways in which to search can be narrowed.

Search results include the case, jurisdiction, date, keywords and a summary of the decision. Results are listed ten to the page. Click on the case name and you’ll get more details about the case and a listing of which lawyers were involved in the case.

You can also browse this site by country with a drop- down list ranging from Antigua to Zimbabwe. Cases are listed alphabetically with the Court, date, keywords and a link to the decision. Another way to browse is to select from the drop-down list of recent additions to the site, ranging from today to this year.

If you found the Commonwealth Case Law database interesting, you may wish to set up the International Case Law database at http://www.interights.org/icl/.
Here you can search by case number, subject, state, treaty, or organ. You can also search by date of decision.

Resident Agent Information

(Heads-Up: Our Editor warns us that this page may cause errors in IE versions 5 and higher. We tried it in Opera and Mozilla, and it worked fine.)

Attorney Terry Berger has updated his page of Resident Agent Information page at http://www.residentagentinfo.com/. His list includes Washington, D.C., all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It also include several international government sites.

US locations are listed alphabetically, with Web sites provided for those that offer searching online. Searching and results vary with individual sites. For
the locations that do not provide online searching, Berger furnishes contact and cost information. (Only four of the 50 U.S. states charge to provide a
corporation’s resident agent online, and two of those will provide the information free over the phone.)

Information provided on this page varies. For those jurisdictions that provide complete information online, only the URL is offered. For those that don’t, a
variety of information is offered including phone numbers, fax, e-mail, retrieval instructions for getting the information by mail and in person, and when the information will be online (if ever.)

Canadian, New Zealand and United Kingdom sites follow the US entries. The site concludes with US statistics and Berger’s own contact information. Handy list.

Divorce Research Center

This portal, at http://www.divorcesource.com/search/search.html, reports having thousands of sources for information pertaining to divorce. That number sounds about right to me. Information sites include case analysis and case law as well as Web pages and related articles.

The left column starts with resources such as finding professional help and how to stop and start a divorce. There are additional sources such as links to divorce laws, an index of divorce articles and available books (“Divorce for Dummies”?) and a divorce dictionary. Still in the left column are Products & Services and a long list of message centers, including a drop-down list of state message centers. (Message centers are discussion boards; they’re not official state outlets or anything like that.)

The right column features a keyword search engine and a drop-down box of all categories on DivorceSource. I selected a category and clicked on go. Items are listed first by relevancy and then by date — annotation is for the most part very good. Just above the items is a state drop-down box which I thought would narrow my category by selected state. It didn’t work and took me off on a different trek, so be aware of what that search does. I returned to the front page and viewed the most popular categories with sub-heading, following by state-specific downloads.


There is a site for monitoring trademarks at http://www.trademarkbots.com/. This site features bots that mine various data sources on a regular basis for selected trademark phrases.

Trademarkbots requires registration but does offer a 3-week free trial. During the trial, you can monitor a maximum of 3 trademarks and receive reports back in the form of e-mail alerts. The information in the alerts is printable or can be e-mailed to someone else for further action. You can get cost information at

Cornell Gets Grant From Mellon Foundation to Digitize Its Catalog

Cornell University Library has received an $830,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to digitize the remaining items in its card catalog and add them to its online catalog. This project will add more than 275,000 bibliographic records to Cornell’s online catalog. The records will encompass a large number of humanities and social science titles. This conversion project is expected to be completed in early 2005.

Internet Scout Projects Gets Funded by the National Science Foundation

Last week, the Internet Scout Project announced that it would be creating a new series of reports, courtesy the funding of the National Science Foundation. These new reports will cover the best new and newly-discovered resources in science, technology, engineering, and math. You can get current and back issues of the existing Scout Report (which provides more general resources) at

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