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Barbara Fullerton, Manager of Library Services Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP
Brian Neale, IT Manager, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw
Brian C. Roberts, Technology Consultant, LexisNexis
Roger V. Skalbeck, Technology Services Librarian, George Mason School of Law

I n a follow-up to the 2001 Presentation 60 Gadgets in 60 Minutes , we have compiled another list of sixty gadgets which appear below and on the subsequent few pages. This new series of gadgets were presented and discussed at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries in Orlando, Florida. The presentation has been condensed below for quick browsing and review. Preceeding the list of gadgets is a quick summary of some sources for finding and purchasing gadgets. Note that three of the items mentioned at the presentation were actually software programs and one is for an electric car. We unintentionally presented sixty-four items. If you subtract the four non-gadget items, there are still 60 Gadgets. In a sense, you get almost 7% more gadgets this time around!!

Selected Gadget Websites

Palm Software
Internet Daily
Gadget Alert
The Gadgeteer
Sharper Image
Today’s Technologies
Gadget Universe
Mobile Computing Online
CNET Shopper (price comparison and alerts)

Brian Neale’s Favorite Vendors

PC Connection

Barbara Fullerton’s Bonus Vendor

The Nerds

Gadgets 1 – 15


Brief Information

Vindigo – Personal Navigator
Concierge in your PDA
Directions, Schedules, Reviews & Ratings
Sorts by distance, name & category
23 US Cities & London
Updated every time you sync
For Palm, Pocket PC & Mobile Phones

Aladdin Stepcharger™
Never have a dead battery on your laptop, cell phone, or video camera again!
Repetitious stepping motion with heel of your foot provides recharge
Four times the power of the “handheld” generator
Safe to use on airplanes, trains and automobiles
AlphaSmart 3000
portable text-only keyboard
runs on three AA batteries for about 700 hours.
Handspring Treo
Palm OS
Tiny keyboard or Graffiti writing
Text messaging
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
16MB of RAM
OQO’s Ultra-Personal PC

Full Windows XP PC the size of a PDA
Run any Windows XP application
4” LCD Touchscreen
10gb HDD 256mb RAM
800mhz Crusoe Processor
Wireless Networking
9 ½ hr. Battery
Dock as Laptop or Desktop
$1,000 (est)
Portable Lie Detector
Find out who’s lying to you and who’s not with the first ever Portable Lie Detector
Uses scientific principles to profile stress, and analyze any voice on the phone or in person
Trek ThumbDrive
Really small harddrive storage
snaps into USB slot on PC
8MB up to 512MB
Secure model also available
Wireless Stylistic 3500
500MHz Intel® Celeron™ processor, 256MB SDRAM, and a 15GB hard drive
Brightness-enhanced TFT color LCD and a liquid-filled digitzer to work well outdoors as well as indoors
56K1 V.90 modem and a 10/100Mbs Ethernet module
98, Windows 2000 Professional
RFID – Radio Frequency ID Tags
Next Generation Barcodes
“Smart Labels” Various shapes, sizes, read ranges.
Update tags on-the-fly
Instant automatic Check-in / Check-out
Fixed or Mobile scanning
Multiple Items scanned simultaneously
Reduction of Lost items
Eval. Kit:
Olympus EYE TREK
The first portable wide-screen cinema – plug into DVD, Camcorder, PC or Gaming Device
It’s a 62″ big-screen the size of a pair of sunglasses
Crystal clear stereo sound
Ultracompact, easy to wear and weighs 85 g
$249 to $1200
M-Systems DiskOnKey
Keychain USB storage device
8MB-128 MB
No separate power supply or battery required
Security support options
iSun Portable Solar Charger
Size of a paperback
7 adaptor plugs
Charge your cellphone, walkman, PDA, Game Boy
2 or more: charge your laptop
Additional time is based upon your cellphone
Lock Dock
Anti Theft PDA Cradles
Automatically locks when PDA is cradled
Unlocks via password – no key
Secures data and device
Supports Palm m500, m505, m515, i705
avail: 2nd Quarter 2002
Sharper Image –
Personal Warm + Cool System™
Collar is trim, discreet and ultra-lightweight: 8 oz.
Within minutes, your entire body will be treated to long-lasting heating or cooling
And when it’s hot and muggy, switch to “cool” and your entire body can feel up to 20°F cooler and more comfortable
Hop-On Wireless Phone
Disposable & recyclable digital cell phone
Outgoing calls only
$30 for
60 Min.

* Web Links: These links point to either the manufacturer’s web site or a site where the noted gadget can be purchased. Links may disappear over time, but hopefully you’ll have enough information to be able to locate the gadget in question.
** Note: Prices included here are for reference only, and they reflect an approximate price, based on information available at the time this materials were compiled.

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* Barbara Fullerton is currently the Manager of Library Services of Locke Liddell & Sapp, LLP in Dallas, TX. Barbara has also worked as a electronic resources librarian for corporations and law firms. Barbara
has an M.L.I.S. from Emporia State University, Emporia, KS, a paralegal certificate and a B.A. in mass communications. This fall she will be starting on her PHD at the University of North Texas.

Roger V. Skalbeck is the Webmaster and Technology Services Librarian for George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia. Roger has worked in law libraries for over eight years. Roger is currently pursuing his J.D. from George Mason in their evening program.

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