Extras – Short Takes: The 18th edition of The Bluebook is hot off the press

Lee Peoples, ALL-SIS Program Committee Chair and Associate Director for Faculty, Research and Instructional Services at Oklahoma City University Law Library.

Critics have described The Bluebook as “a maze, a thicket, a mutant mass of legalisms run rampant.” The 18th edition of The Bluebook is hot off the press.

Does this new edition clear up any citation confusion? What are the latest changes? How does it compare with the ALWD Citation Manual? For answers to these questions plan to attend:

Is the New Bluebook New?, 18th Ed. by Tracy McGaugh, Assistant Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law. Tuesday, July 19th from Noon – 1 pm, Location: Marriott Riverwalk Travis.

Presented by the Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section.

Participants are encouraged to bring their 17th editions for cathartic Bluebook fun.

Major changes unveiled in the new edition include: “Bluepages” providing instruction with everyday citation questions, new look and format designed to make The Bluebook easier to read, complete revision of Rule 18 (electronic media) and Rule 21 (international materials), new Bluepages Table 2 listing jurisdiction specific citation rules and style guides and nearly double the amount of the foreign jurisdictions are now covered at Table 2. A complete listing of changes and revisions is available here.

Professor McGaugh’s areas of expertise include legal writing, trial and appellate advocacy and legal education. Since 1999, she and co-authors Professor Christine Hurt, Marquette University School of Law, and Professor Kay Holloway, Texas Tech School of Law, have published the Interactive Citation Workbook for both The Bluebook and the ALWD Citation Manual. She frequently lectures on educating the new generation of law students. She is also the featured speaker at this year’s Middle Manager’s Breakfast.

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