Privacy Resources and Sites on the Internet

Privacy Resources and Sites on the Internet is a comprehensive listing of privacy resources currently available on the Internet. These include associations, indexes, search engines as well as individual websites and sources that supply the latest technology and information about privacy and how it relates to you and the Internet. The below list of sources is taken from my Subject Tracer™ Information Blog titled Privacy Resources and is continuously updated with Subject Tracer™ bots from

These resources and sources will help you to discover the many pathways available to you through the Internet to find the latest privacy sources and sites.

Privacy Resources and Sites:

10 Minute Mail

12VPN – Unblock Websites and Improve Privacy

Adeona – Open Source System for Tracking Locaion of Lost or Stolen Laptops

alt.privacy – Google Groups

A Model Regime of Privacy Protection by Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Aniscartujo SSL Tunnel

Anonymity 4 Proxy

Anonymity and Privacy On the Internet

Anonymizer – Anonymous Web Surfing, Anti Spyware, Anonymous Proxy, & Identity Protection

Anonymous Communications on the Internet

Anonymous Email

Anonymous Email Providers from

Anonymous Remailer FAQ – Email Privacy FAQ

Anonymous Voting System

An Overview of Steganography for the Computer Forensics Examiner by Gary C. Kessler

AntiOnline – Maximum Security for a Connected World

Anti-Phishing Working Group

AntiProxy Privacy Policy

APAS Anonymous Remailer Use [FAQ 1/8]: Overview

AT&T Privacy Bird

A Taxonomy of Privacy by Daniel J. Solove

AxCrypt File Encryption Software – Free Personal Privacy and Security for Windows

Basic Cryptanalysis – Anonymous Web Surfing and eMail

Burn Note – One View Then Deleted

calcmaster.NET Anonymizer

Call-Safely – Protect Your Privacy and Call Safely


Click Confidential: A Privacy Primer for the Social Web

CloudFogger – Secure File Encryption for Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Others

CloudSafe – Safe Harbor for Sensitive Data – Complete Online Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity and Security

Collusion – Discover Who Is Tracking You Online

Conceptualizing Privacy by Daniel J. Solove

Contactify – Private Contact Form

COTSE-Privacy Resources – Privacy Watch

Creating an Online Privacy Policy

Cryptocat – Open Source Encrypted Private Alternative To Other Chat Services

Cryptography and Security

CryptoHeaven – Secure and Anonymous eMail, Online Storage and File Sharing

Darik’s Boot and Nuke (Hard Drive Disk Wipe)

DataLocker – The Convenience of Anywhere Data Access Without the Security Compromises

DBAN – Securely Wipe Clean Hard Disks

Decing – Decisions Through Secret and Private Votes

DemocraKey – Portable Privacy Suite

DNS Stuff

Documentation of Internet Filtering Worldwide by Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman – Simple Private Exchange

DudMail – Disposable eMail Addresses for the Masses

Economic Crime Investigation Institute

EFF – Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFGA: Electronic Frontiers Georgia

Electronic Privacy Information Center

emailerr – Protect Against Spambots

eMail Privacy

EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools

EPIC Online Guide to Privacy Resources

Eraser – Advanced Security Tool Remove Sensitive Data From Your Hard Drive

EULAlyzer _ Analyze License Agreements for Interesting Words and Phrases

FindNot – Anonymous Surfing, Anonymous Email & Anonymous Internet

FreeOTFE – Free Open Source On the Fly Transparent Disk Encryption Program

Free Public Proxy Servers List: WWW, FTP, IRC, SOCKS, TELNET, WINGATE

Frost – Freenet Client Providing Newsgroup-Like Private Encrypted Messages

G.E. Boyd’s Everything By eMail Web Page

Genetic Privacy

Global Internet Freedom Consortium – Inform, Connect and Empower the People

Global Voices Online

GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard)

HackNotifier – Protect Yourself From Hackers

Guerrilla Mail – Disposable Temporary eMail Address

Health Privacy Project

Hide The IP – Hide IP Anonymous Surfing Software

Hiding Your IP Address, Anonymous Internet Surfing HOWTO

How Public Opinion Polls Define and Circumscribe Online Privacy by Kim Bartel Sheehan

HOWTO ByPass Internet Censorship

How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)

Hushmail Free Encrypted Web-mail, IM and Documents

IBM Privacy Practices on the Internet

IDzap & IDseal — Secure Anonymous Web Browsing and Secure Email Service

Incapsula – Maximum Security and Performance For Any Website

Information Privacy Law Textbook

Information Valet Project

International Alliance – Anonymous Professionals Offering Privacy Services

Internet Hoaxes

Internet Privacy and eMail Security

Internet Privacy and Security Resources


Iubenda – Privacy Policy Generator

JAP — Anonymity & Privacy

JASYPT – JAva Simplified EncrYPTion

JotOnce – New Simple Way To Exchange Information

JUMPTO – Trusted Name In Online Security and Identity Protection Solutions – Accept Calls Anonymously Without Revealing Your Phone Number

Lockbin – Free Service for Sending Private Secure eMail Messages

Mailinator – Instant and Temporary Spam Free eMail Address – Browse the Internet in a Revolutionary Way

MailTo Encoder – Encode Your eMail Address To Prevent SPAM

Mario’s Brief Report About Your Internet Access Connection

Markle Foundation – Addressing Crticial Public Needs in the Information Age

Martus – The Global Social Justice Monitoring System

Melt Mail – Your Temporary eMail Forwarding

MetroPipe – Anonymous Internet Services and Privacy Weblog

MiniGroup – Instant Private Groups for Work or Fun


Muffin – WWW Filtering System

M u t e M a i l – Secure and Anonymous eMail System – Temporary and Anonymous eMail

Neil’s Security and Privacy Resources

Novo Ordo – eMail Privacy

Off-the-Record (OTR)Messaging

Online Information Sellers: How to Opt Out

Online Privacy Alliance

On the Identity Trail: Understanding the Importance and Impact of Anonymity and Authentication in a Networked Society

Open Directory – Computers: Internet: E-mail: Anonymous Mailers

OpenPrivacy Initiative

Open Security Foundation

Open Society Institute

Operation Encrypt Everything (OpE^2)

Panopticlick – How Unique and Trackable Is Your Browser Test

PassPack – Free Anonymous Online Password Manager

Password Safe

Patient’s Guide to HIPAA – How to Use the Law to Guard your Health Privacy

Patient Privacy Rights

Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Project

Ponemon Institute

PORTIA – Privacy, Obligations, and Rights in Technologies of Information Assessment – Privacy Tool Website for Anonymity

Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection

Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography)

Privacy Forum

Privacy Guide: Tools of the Trade

Privacy International (PI)

Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse – Privacy Links

Privnote – Send Notes That Will Self Destruct After Being Read


Proxify(R) – Anonymous Proxy Protects Your Online Privacy Without Installing Software

Proxy Sites Listing from Tech FAQ

Publius Censorship Resistant Publishing System

reCAPTCHA Mailhide

reCAPTCHA – Privacy While Digitizing Books One Word At a Time

Reconstructing Electronic Surveillance Law by Daniel J. Solove

Reppler – Keep Your Facebook Image Clean and Safe

Reputation Defender

Retroshare – Comunicate Secure with Friends



SecureNetics – Secure Anonymous Internet Server Provider

Secure NNTP – Anonymous Web Surfing and Secure Tunneling

Security Resources Internet MiniGuide by Marcus P. Zillman

ShareFileVDR – Secure Virtual Data Room

Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World

SharpMail – Anonymous eMail and SMS

SlyDial – Connects You Directly to Someone’s Mobile Voicemail

Sneakemail – the Anonymizer Anti Spam Service and Spam Filter

Sociosecure – Protecting Company Information and Employee Privacy

Somebody Proxy Servers and Anonymizer

SpamOn – Disposable eMail Addresses

SquiggleSR – Privacy for User’s of Search Engines

Stay Invisible – An Internet Anonymity Test

Switzerland Network Testing Tool

Tenebril GhostSurf

TextPort – Free Online Texting

The Anonymous Email Website

The Digital Journalist’s Legal Guide

The Freenet Project

The Good To Know Campaign from Google

The National Security Archive

The Origins and Growth of Information Privacy Law by Daniel J. Solove

The Privacy Page

The Privacy Place – An Academic Privacy Research Center

The Privax Network – A Web Anonymity Network

The SSD Project – EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Project

The Surveillance-Industrial Complex – ACLU Report

TigerText – Secure Mobile Messaging

TOR: An Anonymous Internet Communication System


Transactions on Data Privacy (TDP)

TrueCrypt – Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption – Be Verfied, Anywhere

TxtNinja – Hide eMail, Text or Domain From Search Engines

UnlistMy.Info – Your Web Privacy In Your Hands

Unwanted Links – Privacy and Spyware Information for Consumers and Webmasters

Vanish – Enhancing the Privacy of the Web with Self-Destructing Digital

VPNClub – Safe and Secure Virtual and Physical Servers

Walnote – Secure Notes Online

WatchDox – Control, Track and Protect Your Documents

Web Privacy Check


World Privacy Forum

XeroBank – Privacy You Can Bank On

YaCy – Distributed P2P Based Web Indexing and Anonmymous Search Engine

Yauba – The World’s First Privacy Safe Real-Time Search Engine

Yippy – Private and Protected Search Engine

YouSendIt – Email Large Files Quickly, Securely, and Easily


Zfone – Secure Voice Over IP

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