Finding Experts Using the Internet 2018

This guide is focused on providing multi-disciplinary researchers a wide range of actionable internet sources to identify and vet subject matter experts in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, this guide links to numerous sites that provide answers to a range of questions on technical issues and topical matters.

Finding Experts By Using the Internet 2018 – Resources and Sites:

2016-2017 Scholarly Communications Experts Directory 

2018 Directory of Directories 

2018 New Economy – Search For Alternatives

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Marketplace for Work

AnswerSpot – The Starting Spot for Answers Available From the Internet

Ask a Librarian – An Online Reference Service from the Library of Congress

Ask an Expert 

Ask An Expert – Experts Will Answer In Minutes

Ask an Expert, Find Experts, Find Answers – LibrarySpot

Ask an Expert Sources

Ask Any Question – Receive a Short, To-The-Point Answer Snippet

Ask a Question – eXtension

AskDeb – Ask Questions and Get Answers Online

Ask Dr. Universe

Ask MetaFilter – Querying the Hive Mind

Ask Me Help Desk – Live Answers from Real Experts

Ask the Experts – RefDesk

Authoratory – Database of Leading PubMed Scientists

Authors and Experts

BitWine – Psychic Advice Readings

Bizversity – The World’s Best Business Training

Blazetrak – Direct Video Responses from Music Industry Professionals

BlurtIt – The Definitive Question and Answer Website

Boundless – Blueprint Your App Idea to Ensure Success

Clarity – On Demand Business Advice

Capacitor – Find the Perfect Team for Your Startup

Clarity – On Demand Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

Coinvet – Full Time Job and High End Gig Marketplace Powered By Bitcoin and Wisdom of the Crowd

Consumer Reports – 101 Secrets From our Experts: The Insider’s Guide to Practically Everything – Native Speakers Will Check Your Text In a Foreign Language

Counsel – Real Time Answers From People

Digle – New World of Finding Power

DIRECT2Experts – Distributed Interoperable Biomedical Research Experts Collaboration Tool

Directorio EXIT

Elance – Instant Access to Great Talent

eNotes – Homework Help, Study Guides, Lesson Plans

Epinions Product Reviews and Consumer Reports

Ether Directory Advice – Telephony-and-Web Platform To Answer Questions

Evisors – Career Mentor Network

Evi – True Knowledge

Experfy – Assembling The World’s Most Prestigious Data and Analytics Talent, Available To Work On-Demand

ExpertBids – Professional Services MarketPlace 

ExpertClick – Connecting Experts With the News Media

Expertise Finder – Search Engine for Journalists to Find Experts

Expertise Finding – Wikipedia

Expert Lookup

ExpertNet – Helping You Locate Experts in Florida Universities


Expert Sources

Expert Sources for Journalists 

Experts Directory

Experts Exchange

Experts, Expert Witnesses and Consultants Directory

Expert Witness Directory

Experts Witness Directory

Expert Witness Research

Fact Checkers Directory

FAQ Alert – Share Your Knowledge and Sponsor FAQs 

Finding Experts Guide

Finding Experts In Online Forums for Enhancing Knowledge Sharing and Accessibility

Fixya – Technical Support, User Guides and Repair Service

Fluther – Tap the Collective

ForensisGroup, Inc. – Expert Witness and Consulting Services

Fountain – Instant Answers – Ask an Expert Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Freelancer – World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace

Free Personal and Family Finance Q&A Community

FYI Listings: Ask the Expert

GeniusRocket – Crowdsourced Creative Design

Global Experts

GradShare – Ask Questions, Get Answers, Get Expert Advice from Graduate School Community

Green Room – Live, Personal Conversations With Your Favorite Experts and Celebriites

Growing Stars – One-on-One Online Tutoring Center for Grades 3-12 – They Find the World’s Very Best Freelance Developers

Hackhands – The fastest way to get live programming help

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

How Stuff Works

How To Find An Experts and Tap Research Networks on Deadline

How to Find Great Subject-Matter Experts for Your Articles

How to Find Published Experts on your given topic those who have written a book

How to Find and Research Legal Experts (pdf) from LexisNexis

How To Vet an Expert

Hunter – Connect With Anyone

Hypios – Social Marketplace for Solutions

Innocentive – Open Innovation and Innovation Management – Where Problems are Solved

Innosquared – Collaborative Innovation, Expert Sourcing and Business and Technology Intelligence

Intelligence On Demand

Internet FAQ Archive

Internet Tutor – Highly Cited Researchers

Journalism: Finding Experts

JurisPro Expert Witness Directory

Just Answer

Kasamba –Psychic Expert Advice

Leading Authorities

Librarians at MIT

Learn German from experts using phrases appropriate for a situation

LivePerson – A World of Experts

LiveRef(sm): A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services

MailChimp Experts Directory


NakedKnowledge Simplify Your Life and Achieve Your Goals

oDesk – The On-Demand Global Workforce

Office Automata – Your Digital Assistant for Excel

Okela – Answers To Your Questions

One Billion Minds – Innovative Solutions to Challenging Problems in Business, Technology and Social Innovation

ORC Experts – Wisdom When You Want It – Outsourcing to Freelance Programmers and Professionals

Physics experts teach physics concepts using animations

Pingsta – The Collaborative Platform for Internet Experts

Pracly – Connect With Timely Experts Advice on Demand Free Process Information

ProfNet – Connects Journalists with Experts

Quora – Continually Improving Collection of Questions and Answers Created, Edited and Organized by Everyone Who Uses It

Reference Chat Libraries – Global Listing

Remotus – Marketplace for Remote Developers

Scholar Search Engines 2018

Scholar Universe Database of Searchable Academic Expert Profiles

Science Exchange – The Scientific Services Marketplace

Science Experts VisionLearning funded by the US Department of Education teach science online

Sensay – The Marketplace for Help


ShowMe – Learn and Teach Anything

SMS Reference

Sources and Experts

Sources Online

Speakezee – World’s Largest Searchable Database of Expert Speakers

Stack Exchange – Expert Knowledge Exchange

Starmind Innovation – Global Brainpower at Your Fingertips

Tek-Tips Forums

The AnswerBank – Post Questions, Answers and Discuss Topics of Interest

The Expert Marketplace

The Thinkers 50

Thumbtack – A Smarter Way To Hire Local Pros

Toptal – Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent

Trulia Voices – Real Estate Questions and Answers

Tutorial Resources – Center for Matching Experts and Learners

Upwork – Find Freelancers To Tackle Any Job, Any Size, Any Time

VideoJug – Comprehensive Library of Free Factual How To and Ask the Expert Videos

Weegy – Online Artificial Being, Powered By an Advanced Search Engine and Live Experts

WikiAnswers™ – Q & A The Wiki Way


wikiHow – The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit

wiseGeek – Clear Answers for Common Questions

xPlace – Find Your Ninja

Yahoo Answers

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