Keep Up With Claude 3: It Reads and Analyzes So You Don’t Have To!

Did you ever dream of winning the lottery so you could hire a personal news assistant to read the news and then answer questions about it, kind of like what one imagines might happen in a presidential briefing? (I used to kind of have that in my co-worker Leah, but then she up and retired…) Sometimes I come across an interesting news story that’s been going on for a couple of days or even weeks, and it just seems so daunting to get up to speed on the subject, particularly in the face of so many other news stories I am sort of wondering about. Let’s face it, we’re living in an era of some pretty weird, depressing, and interesting news that’s just hard to keep up with.

Introducing Claude 3 – Your AI-Powered News Analyst

Well, dream no more! Actually, I know that no one is dreaming of this because I have asked people and they were like…what? Anyway, IF you were dreaming, dream no more because the Opus model of Claude 3 is here for you for a mere $20.00 a month. According to Anthropic, the maker of Claude, the Opus model from the Claude 3 model family represents a significant advancement in AI capabilities, setting new benchmarks across a range of cognitive tasks. As the most intelligent model in the series, Opus surpasses its predecessors and competitors in common AI system evaluation benchmarks, demonstrating near-human levels of understanding and fluency in complex tasks. This model excels in analysis, forecasting, nuanced content creation, code generation, and multilingual communication, including languages like Spanish and Japanese.

Giving Premium Claude Another Chance

Now, I must admit that I had some reservations about signing up for another Claude product. Although I was sufficiently impressed with Claude 2 when it first came out in 2023 to subscribe for $20.00 a month, by January of this year, I had grown exasperated and cancelled my subscription due to its increasingly unhelpful responses and irritating lectures. However, upon hearing about the impressive capabilities of Claude 3, I decided to give old Claude another chance!

Putting Claude 3 to the Test: The Fani Willis/Trump Prosecution

So, back to the news… Now, I had been seeing headlines about Fani Willis and her Trump prosecution in the news for a couple of weeks before I finally decided to click on stuff to figure out what was going on. I spent hours reading articles and listening to podcasts trying to understand who the players were, what the controversy was, who was lying, and what would happen if Willis got removed from the Trump prosecution.

So, I decided to put Claude 3 to the test. I copied 13 news articles about the Fani Willis situation, uploaded them to Claude 3, and asked it to explain the controversy surrounding Willis and her prosecution of Trump, provide a timeline of events about her relationship with her boyfriend, and give evidence supporting both Willis’ and Trump’s lawyers’ versions of events.

Right now there is no way to link to a Claude 3 conversation, so abbreviated parts of the conversation are pasted below. Click here for the full conversation saved to a Google Drive document.

Asking Claude 3 to Analyze Uploaded News Articles

I began my exploration of Claude 3’s capabilities by uploading a file containing several news articles related to the controversy surrounding Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney, and her alleged affair with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor she hired. After successfully uploading the file, I instructed Claude 3 to analyze the contents of the articles but refrain from sharing any insights until I gave the go-ahead.

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Claude 3 Explains the Controversy and Creates a Timeline

Once I gave Claude 3 the green light, I asked it to use only the information from the provided file to explain the controversy and its potential impact on Fani Willis’ ability to fairly prosecute Donald Trump. Claude 3 diligently processed my request and delivered a concise yet comprehensive summary of the situation, highlighting the key points of contention, such as the alleged conflict of interest, financial benefits, and accusations of perjury. The explanation closely aligned with what I had gleaned from my own reading of the articles.


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Moving to the timeline, Claude 3 quickly generated a chronological account of the events, starting from Willis and Wade’s supposed first meeting in 2019 and culminating in the ongoing legal proceedings and the anticipated ruling on the motion to disqualify Willis. The timeline was well organized and lined up with what I had come across during my research.

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Claude 3 Describes Evidence for Both Sides of Controversy

In a final test of Claude 3’s ability to be my personal news assistant, I asked it to categorize the evidence supporting and refuting the claims that the affair began before Willis hired Wade. This turned out to be no problem for my new favorite chatty chatbot!


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Color Me Impressed!

And let me tell you, I was very happy with the results. Claude 3 did an excellent job of analyzing the information in those news stories and answering my questions. I mean, I had spent hours trying to wrap my head around this whole situation, but Claude 3 broke it down for me in a matter of minutes and got the information right! Tho, to be honest, I didn’t go through each piece of information with a fine-toothed comb, but based on eyeballing it and matching it with my recollections from my own reading, Claude 3’s responses were pretty darn accurate.

Stay on Top of the News with Claude 3

The AI’s ability to quickly process, understand, and summarize complex information has me excited about further exploring its potential further. If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of the news or really anything without spending hours sifting through articles and podcasts, Claude 3 is definitely worth checking out.

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