Newstand – April/May 1997

Legal Management, March/April, 1997

Library of Progress: Technology Mandates that Firms and Attorneys Turn to More than Books, p.36. This article presents a comprehensive overview of the expanding role of technology in the provision of specialized research services. The author also points out that less than 20% of information is available online, thereby necessitating the use of numerous parallel mediums, inclusive of books, to accomplish the increasingly challenging task of corporate and legal research.

PC Computing, April, 1997

DVD Revolution, p.138. Are you ready for the next generation CD-ROM which provides 7 times the capacity of the current model, as well as Dolby Digital sound, TV-quality video, and much more? Take out your checkbook and be prepared to join in on the DVD buying frenzy which manufacturers are gleefully anticipating.

Stop! Never Type Again, p.167. OCR (optical character recognition) software is experiencing a resurgence in many corporations and law firms. The technology promises to turn vast amounts of paper into digital data quickly and cost effectively. This review of the major OCR packages is a must read for those who are buried under their work product and are looking for an effective way to manage their information.

Information Today, April, 1997

Extra! Read All About It on the Net, p.52. From the mundane to the sublime, online news is proliferating on the Web. From traditional newspapers to the newer digital format news resources, the Internet is a great place to go for current information.

Database, April/May 1997

The Personality Characteristics of Newswires, p. 14. The Internet is increasing public awareness of newswires as a source of up-to-the minute news. This article discusses the differences between the various wire services.

American Business Information: Here, There and Everywhere, p. 45. ABI databases appear in a variety of different permutations on a variety of different online services.

How to use the Internet for Legal Research, p. 39. by Josh Blackman. By the author of a book by the same name. A good introduction to basic legal resources.

PC Computing, May, 1997

Desktop Supersystems: 200MHz MMX!, p. 181. Are you overdue for a major system upgrade? Ready to take the plunge and invest in the hot new pentium PC that is on everyone’s wish list? Even if you can’t buy one right now, this article is worth reading.

Internet World, May, 1997

Planning for Push: How to seize control of the technology that’s sweeping the web, p.44. Articles on push technology (which continually delivers user-defined streams of information to individuals, groups and corporations) abound, but this one provides in-depth comparisons of the major products and extends the range of its’ application from the computer to the car, phone and pager.

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