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LLRX May 2022 Issue

Articles and Columns for May 2022

  • If the Democratic Party is serious about preserving America as a constitutional republic, they better act fastThom Hartmann is a podcast personality, author, former psychotherapist, businessman, and progressive political commentator. He untangles the history of the Electoral College and unequal representation in the U.S. Senate to starkly illuminate why our democracy is now in peril.
  • 13 Ways Overturning Roe v. Wade Affects You (even if you think it doesn’t)Kathy Biehl is a lawyer licensed in two states, as well as a prolific multidisciplinary author and writer. Roe v. Wade has been settled law during her entire career. In this article Biehl succinctly and expertly identifies how the upcoming Supreme Court decision in Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a draft of which was “leaked” on May 2, 2022, will impact many facets of our society as well as our democracy.
  • Language matters when Googling controversial peopleAhmed Al-Rawi, Assistant Professor, News, Social Media, and Public Communication, Simon Fraser University – identifies and explains how features of search engine autocomplete functions enables users to find fast answers to their questions or queries. However, autocomplete search functions are based on ambiguous algorithms that have been widely criticized because they often provide biased and racist results.
  • Disability vs The Working Place: Which One Is The Disability? – This is a profound insight from this super-powerful TEDx talk by Lesa Bradley on discrimination in the workplace: Your workers don’t actually have a disability until you place them in a context that disables them. This talk speaks about inclusivity of people with a disability in the workplace. Lesa talks about why we are struggling …
  • The Practice of People LawJim Calloway is the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program. He informs us about the range of legal services delivered by what have been designated as “primary-care lawyers.” From Calloway’s perspective, there is people law, and there is business/corporate law. Over the years, there has been a greater divergence in these two types of law practice focuses. He makes the case that increasingly, these are completely different types of law practices, with different types of challenges and processes. Calloway believes this is not only true but profound. He views it as profound because consideration of the differences should inform and impact the method of legal service delivery depending on the type of client.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, May 30, 2022 – Five highlights from this week: Cyber security 101: Protect your privacy from hackers, spies, and the government; Inside the Government Fiasco That Nearly Closed the U.S. Air System; My Instagram account was hacked and two-factor authentication didn’t help; Serious Warning Issued For Millions Of Google Gmail Users; and Report: Russian Botnet Can Spam Social Media on ‘Massive Scale’.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, May 21, 2022 – Four highlights from this week: How Often Do Ads Share Your Data Every Day? Hundreds of Times; Threat actors compromising US business online checkout pages to steal credit card information; Your Bosses Could Have a File on You, and They May Misinterpret It; and Hackers are Hijacking Phone Numbers to Empty Crypto Accounts.
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, May 14, 2022 – Four highlights from this week: Survey: 93% of Americans Fear Cyberwarfare Against U.S.; ICE Has Assembled a ‘Surveillance Dragnet’ with Facial Recognition and Data, Report Says; Thousands of Popular Websites See What You Type—Before You Hit Submit; EV Infrastructure Vulnerabilities Put Cars, the Grid at Risk; and What exactly is Web3?
  • Pete Recommends – Weekly highlights on cyber security issues, May 8, 2022Four highlights from this week: Supreme Court privacy vs. your right to privacy; NIST updates guidance for defending against supply-chain attacks; SafeGraph Will Stop Selling Planned Parenthood Location Data; and Be Smart. Shop Safe. We created this guide to help you shop for safe, secure connected products.® – the free web journal on law, technology, knowledge discovery and research for Librarians, Lawyers, Researchers, Academics, and Journalists. Founded in 1996.
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LLRX April 2022 Issue

Articles and Columns for April 2022 Web Guide for the New Economy 2022 – Accurate and actionable data on the economy is critical to many aspects of our research and scholarship. This guide by research expert Marcus P. Zillman provides researchers with links to information on a range of sources focused on new economy data and …

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LLRX March 2022 Issue

Articles and Columns for March 2022 Libraries and the Contested Terrain of “Neutrality” – Rick Anderson is University Librarian at Brigham Young University. His commentary addresses timely, thoughtful and critical conversations and knowledge sharing around the issues of censorship, book banning, library ethics and professional responsibility across communities. Truth to Power – Robert McKay discusses his …

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LLRX February 2022 Issue

Articles and Columns for February 2022 Offense v. Defense – The goal of this paper by Andrew Pittman, MSU Law-3L, is a call for a new strategy on cybersecurity. Pittman’s paper begins with real life incidents of cybercrime attacks on critical infrastructures abroad and in the U.S. Second, it defines what is offensive cybersecurity vs defensive …

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LLRX January 2022 Issue

Articles and Columns for January 2022 A bit about PURLs – Ed Summers, librarian, metadata expert, teacher, and computational expert, delivers an insightful lesson on the Persistent Uniform Resource Locator. PURLs were developed to make URLs more resilient and persistent over time. You could put a PURL into a catalog record and if the URL …

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LLRX November 2021 Issue

Articles and Columns for November 2021 Listening to the Client – In over 30 years of working with law firms on improving productivity and profitability Heather Gray-Grant has seen countless marketplace surveys on the incredible value of client feedback mechanisms. In many instances it’s been labelled as one of the fastest and most effective ways …

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LLRX October 2021 Issue

Articles and Columns for October 2021 Employing My Law Librarian Skills on an Uncertain Road – As we all navigate through the era of Covid, it is critical to learn from the myriad other medical challenges that many Americans, as well as our professional colleagues, are facing separate from the pandemic. Taryn L. Rucinski, Supervisory …

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LLRX September 2021 Issue

Articles and Columns for September 2021 2021 Guide to Internet Privacy Resources and Tools – Technology has significantly changed our concept of online privacy as well as our ability to secure it. The are a wide spectrum of tools, services and strategies available to assist you in the effort to maintain a sliding scale of …

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LLRX July – August 2021 Issue

Articles and Columns for July / August 2021 2021 Update to Choosing Law Librarianship: Thoughts for People Contemplating a Career Move – AALL Gallagher Award recipient Mary Whisner, Public Services Librarian, University of Washington, Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library, has updated her 2008 guide about choosing a career in law librarianship. With more than 30 …

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LLRX June 2021 Issue

Articles and Columns for June 2021 Artificial Intelligence Resources on the Internet 2021 – Articles, studies, reports and investigations abound on how AI is impacting all aspects of our lives inclusive of privacy, social media, healthcare, the economy, the financial system, education, communications, law, the courts and technology. This timely, broad overview of resources, sites …

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