Newstand – July 1997

On the Newstand (Archived August 11, 1997)

Online, July/August 1997

Footprints and Fingerprints in Cyberspace: The Trail You Leave Behind, p. 45. The digital history of our cyberlives is readily available on the Web. This useful article shows us how much of the information we communicate through the net can easily be traced and made public.

Downloading Data from the Web–You’re Not in ASCII Any More, p. 51. Why is downloading data from the Web so much more difficult than from commercial online databases? This article not only tells you why, but provides practical, step-by-step examples of how to simplify this task.

Focus On–Thomson & Thomson: Trademarks Made Easy on the Web, p. 62. A review of the new SAEGIS online service for trademark information on the Web.

Internet World, August 1997

The 4.0 Generation: Do It Your Way, p. 49. If you are looking for tips on how to make the new Navigator 4.0 and Explorer 4.0 work the way you want them to, this article features some easy and quick shortcuts which will make your Web browser more user friendly.

The Extranet Team Play, p. 56. The explosion of interest in intranets has spawned a significant focus on the newest Web buzzword, extranet. This new generation wide area network technology allows corporations to extend their intranet content to selected business partners or clients.

Information Today, July/August 1997

Gates Keynotes Upbeat SLA Conference in Seattle , p. 1. A good overview of the Bill Gates presentation at SLA, as well as high points from several of the programs.

A Net’s Eye View of the SLA Conference, p. 17. A summary of Internet related programs at SLA.

D&B Offers Internet Access to Public Records Database.

MicroPatent Adds Images to Trademark Checker Web Database, p. 6.

West Group Announces New Business Structure, Names Chief Operating Officer, p. 7.

The Little Search Engine That Could, p. 10. “HotBot is a powerful alternative to ‘dumbed-down’ online utilities.”


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