Newstand – August/September 1997

On the Newstand (Archived October 1, 1997)

PC World, September 1997

Invasion of the Webcasters, p. 205. A review of the major players in “push” broadcasting on the Web.

Presentations, August 1997

Use Storyboards as Visual Guide for Powerful Presentations, p. 33. How to adapt the storyboarding concept to the organization of an effective presentation.

The Art of Persuasion, p. 38. Any presentation is an effort to persuade. This article discusses how to effectively plan your presentation to get your point across.

PC Computing, September 1997

2nd Annual Search Engine Shoot-out, p. 196. Which search engine was judged to offer the best results and ease of use? The competitors were AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, and Infoseek. And the winner was HotBot!

Online, September/October 1997

Mining the Internet for Competitive Intelligence, p. 34. This is a comprehensive, well documented article with useful charts identifying Web sites and newsgroups which will facilitate your corporate research.

DIALOG WEB: Finally It’s Arrived, p. 19 & Testing, Stretching, Pushing and Pulling the DIALOG WEB, p. 26 A detailed analysis of the features, advantages and disadvantages of using DIALOG’s new web interface, from two points of view.

MicroPatent’s PatentWEB: Free Access to New Patents and More, p. 47. A discussion of MicroPatent’s free access to The Online Gazette.

Time, August 25, 1997

Invasion of Privacy, p. 28. The news director for Pathfinder, Time Inc.’s mega info mall addresses the myriad ways that personal information is readily available through numerous digital enterprises, such as ATMs, the Web, and your cellular telephones.

Internet World, September 1997

Racing with Legal Giant, p. 41. Two lawyers have created NetLaw Libraries, a Web-based subscription service providing California Court Rules & Opinions from the 9th Circuit Court Appeal in a hypertext format. Is this the beginning of a successful challenge to the two legal database giants?

A Push in the Right Direction, p. 75. A review of seven push clients providing the capability to disseminate information generated within an organization, such as data from corporate databases. These products offer a new level of control over customizing information delivery within your organization.

For Appearance’s Sake, p. 84. This column reviews the concept of image replacement, a method by which a visitor’s actions trigger changes in a Web page’s graphics. Buttons that suddenly glow when a mouse cursor passes over them is an example of this function. This is an excellent way of adding good looks to your Web page.

Searcher, July 1997

Here They Come!: Database Producers on the Web. Traditional database publishers are finally “getting it,” and they’re migrating their systems to the Web in force. This article includes a list of over 50 well known databases and where they are on the Web, or when you can expect to see them there.

Road-Testing LEXIS-NEXIS’ New Search Aid Software, p. 48. Reviews the newest version of the LEXIS-NEXIS Research Manager 7.0.

The Sidebar Taming the Wicked, Wicked Net: Acceptable Use and the Internet by Carol Ebbinghouse. This is an excellent article on creating an Internet acceptable use policy for your institution, complete with a sample policy.

Database, August/September 1997

Push Technology: Driving Traditional Online into a Corner, p. 36. If you can stand to read anymore about “push” technology, this article is for you. It discusses applications for both Internet, and intranets.

An Analysis of World Wide Web Lawyer Directories, p. 66. This is a useful review of the reliability of Web-based lawyer directories. Included in the comparison are Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, West’s Legal Directory, and Legal dot Net.

Revisiting M&A Research: Introducing a New Player, p. 76. Reviews a new mergers and acquisitions database, Mergerstat M&A Research, now available on LEXIS/NEXIS.

PC World, August 1997

There is so much good stuff in this issue, you may want to break down and buy it. Here are just a few selections:

Browser Secrets – 50-plus Tips for Mastering Netscape and Explorer, p. 120. Includes a section on “Navigating the Web,” “Making the Best Browser,” “Protect Yourself from Snoops,” sorting out e-mail file attachments, and sending and receiving e-mail.

Web of Deceit, p. 145. “How to separate information from infomercials on the Net.”

Bandwidth on Demand, p. 158. Discusses the fastest ways to connect, from 56-kbps modems to satellite hookups.

First Class E-Mail, p. 169. Six tools that get your Internet message across.

Best of the Net, p. 190. The 101 best Web sites, chat rooms, and newsgroups on the Internet.

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