Newstand – October 1997

Searcher, September 1997

The Internet Express: Web Resources for Finding People, p. 8. A review of the major sources for finding phone numbers, addresses, and other people information on the Web.

The Better Mousetrap: But What’s in It for IBM?: “Free” Patents on the Net, p. 33. An in-depth look at the IBM Patent Server.

Presentations, September 1997

A Tale of Two Lawyers and Their Presentation Skills, p. 6. An editorial illustrating the importance of presentations skills, using a real-life example of two lawyers in a criminal trial.

Make Your Slideshows Interactive with Branches and Buttons, p. 33. A discussion of how to use presentation software features to make your presentation interactive and customizable to your audience, rather than strictly linear.

Ten Tips for Designing Effective Presentation Visuals, p. 26.

Information Today, September 1997

NewsNet Succumbs to the Net, p. 1. Newsnet announces that it will close all operations.

Legal Line: Creating Full-Text Databases with ISYS, p. 23 Cary Griffith reviews the newest release of ISYS.

New York Times, September 15, 1997

OnLine, High-Tech Sleuths Find Private Facts. The digital trail of private information on individuals is often available, for a fee, from numerous companies represented on the Web. This article offers startling revelations on how readily someone can shop for indentifying personal facts.

Washington Post, September 22, 1997

Firms Find Web Sites Attract Clients, Recruits, Prestige, p. F07. High profile law firms in Washington, D.C. such as Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, as well as large and small firms throughout the country, are reaping the benefits of their ventures on the Web. From recruiting potential lawyers to attracting clients, a growing number of law firms are investing in home pages.

Database, October/November, 1997

Information Resources in Canada: A checklist for Non-Canadian Searchers, p. 18. The authors of this article state that it is

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