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Jody Kelley has been Manager of Library Services with the Los Angeles office of McKenna & Cuneo, LLP for 8 years. Previously, she was Librarian at the L.A. office of Brobeck Phleger & Harrison, and Acquisitions Librarian for Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu.

(Archived February 15, 1999)

Powerpoint Presentation – Click here to download file

HTML version

This is the beginning Internet presentation I gave to groups of attorneys who had little or no experience searching on the Internet. It includes very basic instruction on using Internet Explorer to navigate the web and also introduces a few websites I have found to be useful. McKenna & Cuneo has a large Government Contracts practice, so there are a few slides focusing on that subject. There are a few firm-specific details the most obvious of which is the “Research Assistant”, a directory of helpful websites (written by Margaret Berkland) that is our default homepage.

The L.A. office does not have a large training room, so a Powerpoint presentation was my best option. I borrowed some of the material from presentations done by McKenna & Cuneo librarians Rita Kaiser and Jaye Lapachet and had perhaps a little too much fun preparing my presentation. (I started my classes a full week later than the others did, because I just wasn’t finished yet.)

My beautiful-on-the-computer-screen presentation looked dull and washed out when it was projected, so I had to redo the colors — all the time I spent on fabulous backgrounds was wasted. And I don’t go much for the pulled-together look (too easy!), changing the background and font colors often. The sound effects were fun to play with too but I found that using them sparingly was more effective than my initial every-slide-needs-a-noise phase.

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