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Features – A Defense of Publishing Legal Material on the Internet

A Defense of Publishing Legal Material on the Internet By John P. Joergensen, Rutgers University Law Library – Camden, NJ

John P. Joergensen is a reference librarian at Rutgers University School of Law Camden. He works on the Rutgers N.J. Courts Publishing Project, which publishes the decisions of the N.J. appellate courts, tax court, administrative law decisions, and the U.S. District Court for N.J. Prior to coming to Rutgers, he practiced law in Philadelphia, PA.

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Latest Links – California Code of Regulations, etc…

(Posted January 15, 1999; Archived February 1, 1999)

mb.gifCalifornia Code of Regulations

This site can be browsed or searched by agency and title. All 27 titles of the regulations are included except Title 24-California Building Standards. This is an unofficial version of the regulations put online by West Group who publishes the Barclays official version.

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