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SF Gate

Microsoft, Government to Resume Talks in Chicago Tuesday, November 29, 1999. After three failed attempts to resolve their differences, will the fourth try be the charm?


Microsoft Besieged by Civil Suits, November 29, 1999. Judge Jackson’s findings have released a steady flow of new law suits against Microsoft.


Big Names Square Off Over Internet Access, November 29, 1999. AOL, AT&T and Bell Atlantic have hired high profile lobbyists, including ex-member of Congress and the Clinton administration, to insure that they are first to provide high speed Web access.

Measuring Internet Usage Still an Imprecise Art, November 26, 1999. As the “big three” Web sites, AOL, Yahoo and MSN, battle for the prize of top site in terms of traffic, there remains no recognized standard to measure the number of users.

WTO Information on the Internet

November 26, 1999. This page has some key sites related to the WTO Summit.

Searcher, November/December 1999

End Of the Century Grab Bags. A compilation of URLs recommended by Searcher’s readers, this collection has something for everybody.

PC World Online

Internet Tips: Printing Web Pages, December 1999. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can drive you nuts. Frustrated by your browser’s inability to print URLs? Wish your browser would refrain from printing a Web site’s background images? Here’s how to customize what–and how–your Web browser prints.

Computer in Libraries, November/December 1999

Does the Web Spell Doom for CD and DVD? Is the CD-ROM format on the way out? What formats will prevail, and how should you plan for the future are the focus of this article.


Feds May Opt-In on Privacy Rules, November 26, 1999. The government and Web sites are increasingly at odds concerning user profiling.


Bills Pile Up for Financial Privacy, November 24, 1999. New House and Senate bills reflect the growing concern of the public regarding the increasing availability of private financial data.

Mercury News

Schools, Libraries Promised More Money for Internet Hookups, November 24, 1999. Schools and libraries throughout the country will benefit from the distribution of $3.6 billion in funding for Internet access.

Information Today

Conference Report: Internet Librarian ’99, November 22, 1999. This article provides an overview of the significant presentations from this years conference in San Diego.

New York Times, CyberTimes (registration required)

Mediator is Named to Seek Microsoft Settlement, November 20, 1999. Judge Jackson names chief judge of 7th circuit court of appeals, Richard Posner, in settlements talks between Microsoft and DOJ.

Law News Network

Senate Mulls Patent, Net Name Reform, November 18, 1999. Legislation aimed at protecting individuals and corporations against cybersquatting, along with new trademark protections, and the creation of a second-level domain under the current “.us”, may await the President’s signature before the end of the year.


Congress Mutes Webcasting, November 15, 1999. A battle is raging between Web companies and the entertainment industry for the right to carry local television programming on a fee basis.

Strange Corporate Hacking Saga, November 12, 1999. This is one bizarre story. It pits a large D.C. law firm, Steptoe & Johnson, against a company called Dig Dirt, that sells personal data. Dig Dirt filed a suit in U.S. District Court in D.C. alleging that “the law firm had launched a cyber-war” against Dig Dirt and its parent company. Stay tuned!


Gates: Long Live the PC, November 14, 1999. For those who need a Bill Gates “fix,” this article links to his keynote address at the Fall ’99 Comdex conference.

Prosecutors Eye Offshore Gambling Sites, November 11, 1999. Annual worldwide Web gambling revenue is more than one billion dollars, through an estimated 400 sites, and growing rapidly.


Law School Online, November 14, 1999. The first digital law school is the Concord University School of Law, located in an unassuming office space amidst a drug store and food shops. Does this form of legal education have a future?

Fearing a Plague of ‘Web Bugs,’ November 13, 1999. Web privacy issues are increasingly finding a place among top digital news stories, and this one certainly warrants attention. A sophisticated, new type of Web data tracking mechanism, known as Web bugs, facilitate the collection and dissemination of private user data without the knowledge of the user.

W3C Advances Privacy, Graphics, Language Standards, November 12, 1999. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is working on new standards to anticipate and respond appropriately to a wide range of issues impacting the Web, including ADA, privacy, XML, and the development animation products.

New York Times, CyberTimes (registration required)

Is Cyberspace a ‘Public Accommodation’? November 12, 1999. The potentially precedent setting discrimination case against American Online (AOL) will determine whether their service is a “place of public accommodation” under ADA. The decision could have significant ramifications for many Web businesses.

High-Band Web Access Has its Speed Bumps, November 11, 1999. This article reviews the pros and cons of the three high speed Web access offerings: cable modem, digital subscriber line (DSL), and satellite data services.

Do You Know Who’s Watching You? Do You Care? November 11, 1999. Catalog companies, grocery stores, department stores and other businesses are compiling volumes of information on your buying habits and personal data, including your credit card accounts, address and telephone numbers. Can you stop them, and should you even try?

ABA, Law Practice Management Magazine

Tech Tools @ Work: How Lawyers are Using a Few of their Favorite Things, Nov/Dec ’99. From making use of a myriad of Web sites, to PDAs laptops, and case management software, attorneys on the move require fast and efficient tools and applications to support their practices.

Slashing Through the Jungle of Electronic Research, Nov/Dec ’99. Law Librarian Hazel Johnson reviews new books on CALR, Internet searching made easier for attorneys, a guide to online resources, and how to locate Web based legal resources.

USA Today

FTC Studies Web Site ‘Profiling,’ November 8, 1999. Companies are tracking every click of your Web browsing leisure and business time, creating comprehensive online marketing profiles without your knowledge or permission.


Internet service providers are starting to fix Windows’ gaps in high-speed protection, November 8, 1999. High-speed cable and DSL connections are wonderful for web surfers, but that direct connection to the Internet can expose your computer to hackers. Some ISP’s are taking action to try to make sure your computer isn’t the next casualty.


Judge Says COPA Law Too Broad, November 5, 1999. The Child Online Protection Act continues to run into broad opposition, on the courts and community.

Report Calls for National E-Archive, November 4, 1999. But will copyright holders allow it?

PC World Online

PC World Online Here’s How – Where Is That Message, November 5, 1999. Here’s how to get the most out of this Netscape’s message search faculties.

Stop Hackers Before They Attack, December, 1999. Protect your personal computer from hackers attaching through your high-speed Internet connection.

House Democrats Revise Digital Signature Bill, November 5, 1999. Congressional Democrats make another effort to pass legislation giving digital signatures the same standing as their paper counterpart.

Rights Groups Urge Government to Protect Privacy, November 5, 1999. The specter of corporate abuse of personal data online has grown with the recent mergers of advertising and market research organizations. FTC hearings on this issue are scheduled for November 8.

PC World Online

Spam! How It Happens and How to Beat It, November 1999. Spam is definitely getting out of control and threatening productivity. But luckily there are products out there to help beat it.

New York Times, CyberTimes (registration required)

Breakup on the Table, November 8, 1999. Discussing possible ‘remedies’ in the wake of the Judge Jackson’s finding, Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein mentions a breakup of Microsoft is possible.

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

Ask Jeeves to Help Answer Microsoft Customer Queries, October 11, 1999. The popular Ask Jeeves natural language query search engine will be deployed by MSN to provide technical support.

EContent, October/November 1999

Usgovsearch: Northern Light Connects with NTIS. This thorough review of the new fee-based system to access federal government documents is well worth reading, as the popularity of the service and depth of content have won over serious researchers.

CorporateInformation. A review of a combination meta site and search engine for corporate data from 127 countries.

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