December 1996

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In this column, we list selected articles from computer-oriented publications, such as Database, Online, PC World, PC Computing, Internet World, PC Magazine & Searcher as well as business magazines such as Forbes, Fortune & BusinessWeek. If you come across an article of interest that is not on our list, please choose “Add Comments” at the bottom of this page, and tell us about it. All citations will be archived in the Library one month after posting.

(Archived January 16, 1997)

Internet World, December 1996

Off the Charts: How big is the Internet? p. 46. If you’re looking for Internet statistics such as number of people using Internet, number of web sites, etc., this is the place to look.

E-Mail Face-off, p. 87. A comprehensive review of 12 Internet e-mail programs including a valuable chart comparing the features of each product.

This issue also includes articles on the Internet in Asia & Europe.

Computers in Libraries, November/December 1996

Web Page UNIX for Beginners, p. 34. The fine points of how to load and maintain your Web page on a UNIX server, including step by step instructions in plain English.

Database, December 1996

Radio-Activity on the Web, p. 38. An informative article on streamed audio with hypertext links to sites for business and financial information, late breaking news, sports, talk radio and music.

PC World, December 1996

Searching is My Business: A Gumshoe’s Guide to the Web, p. 182. “It takes more than a browser to search the Web. It takes smarts, the right tools, and tips for tracking down leads…” Highly Recommended.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Search Engines, p. 17. This interesting editorial discusses the possibility of search engine companies selling relevancy. “A business pays the search engine company, and the search engine is rigged to find the business’s Internet address more often and put it nearer the top of the list of recommended sites.” There’s something to think about!

The Fastest CD-ROM Drive in the World. “A flood of high speed 12x CD-ROM drives is inundating the market.”

Answer Line – There’s Aluminum in Them Thar CD-ROMS, (Recycle CD ROMS) p. 300. Lists several companies that will accept and re-cycle CD-ROMS.

Library Software Review, v.15 No. 4 Winter 1996

The Inmagic DB/TextWorks Library Guide: A Model for Automating your Library, p. 265.

Using Best-Seller’s BestWeb to Provide an On-Line Database on the Web, p. 235. This article discusses the BestWeb software as an appropriate way for small, special libraries to provide online acess.

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