November 1996

On the Newsstand

In this column, we list selected articles from computer-oriented publications, such as Database, Online, PC World, PC Computing, Internet World, PC Magazine & Searcher as well as business magazines such as Forbes, Fortune & BusinessWeek. If you come across an article of interest that is not on our list, please choose “Add Comments” at the bottom of this page, and tell us about it. All citations will be archived in the Library one month after posting.

(Archived December 7, 1996)

PC Magazine, Nov. 19, 1996 v.15 no. 20

PC Magazine’s InternetUser (Internet Service Providers): The Best Way to Connect. Reviews major Internet Service Providers such as Compuserve, America Online, Earthlink, Concentric and more.

PC World, November 1996.

Fast and Cheap: Tom Modems for Tight Budgets – Review, p. 190. Best buys went to the Motorola Lifestyle 28,800 and the Cardinal MVP2881S.

Web Publishing Made Easier, p. 111. “Still without your own home page? Or is your site so bad even friends won’t visit? We’ll show you how to build a boffo Web site from picking an ISP to keeping Web visitors coming.” This is an excellent introduction to setting up a web site.

Web Software for the Rest of Us, p. 126. Reviews of 4 web authoring packages, Macromedia Backstage Designer, Microsoft FrontPage, Netscape Navigator Gold, and SoftQuad HotMetal.

Internet Tips, p. 308.

Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals,
September 1996

The SIC are Dying. By Barbara Quint. (Full-text available)

Government Contract Resources, p. 30. (Full-text available.) Amelia Kassel tells how government contract information can be accessed quickly and affordably through online connections to Commerce Business Daily.

The “O” Word, p. 24.– Steve Coffman, director of L.A. Public Library’s FYI Service, shares his ideas on “Library-to-Library Outsourcing.”

ONLINE – November/December 1996

The Dow Jones News/Retrieval Makeover, p. 13. By Alice Klingener.

On the Nets: Internet “Onesearch” with the Mega Search Engines, p. 36. By Greg R. Notess.

Net Sitings: A Net Explorer’s Log, p. 40. By John S. Makulowich. Focus on several sites that help users keep up on the latest developments and statistics.

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