Guide to Privacy Resources 2019

This guide is a comprehensive listing of free privacy applications, tools and services that users may implement across multiple devices. These applications are from a range of sources that include small and large tech companies as well as subject matter specific websites, consumer industry groups and organizations. The focus of this article is on leveraging the latest technology and information that allows users to: (1) identify privacy issues and (2) implement privacy protections specific to their requirements, that span email, phone calls, chats, text messages, web browsing, computer drives and files, networks, collaboration spaces, and your photos.

It is critical that users remain vigilant regarding privacy issues and to understand that it is increasingly the responsibility of the user/customer to actively identify and exercise controls (and to follow those controls applied in the workplace) to limit, block or otherwise curtail access to your organization’s network, as well as to your personal data, email, social media, personal identifying information (PII), search histories, IM/chats, e-commerce transactions, and identity management actions.

Each of us must take the time to determine the risks that are present in our use of the web, and proactively implement services to add requisite layers of defense against malicious actors as well as organizations that are aggregating our data outside the scope of our knowledge. The uses of aggregated data include: marketing and sales, spam, phishing, and to undermine legitimate communications between individuals, teams, groups, organizations. The resources in this guide are in a sense a pick-list from which you may choose based on whether online privacy is a matter that is important enough to spend time exploring your options from among the many tools available. In addition, you must determine whether you will accept a certain level of inconvenience to implement security protections that may in some measure slow down the speed of your internet connection.

Guide To Privacy Resources 2019

10 Best Security and Privacy Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

10 Minute Mail

10 Privacy Gadgets To Help You Keep a Secret

10 Reasons to Use a VPN for Private Web Browsing

10 Secure Apps To Try

12VPN – Unblock Websites and Improve Privacy

20+ Free VPN’s Rated Side By Side 2018 List by Paul Bischoff

Accountable – Secure, Cloud-Based HIPAA Compliance Management Platform

Account Killer – Delete Online Accounts or Profiles

AES Crypt – Advanced Open Source File Encryption

A Guide for Guarding Personal Information in the Workplace

A Guide To Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

Aloha Browser – Private and Secure Mobile Browser

A Model Regime of Privacy Protection by Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Aniscartujo VPN

Anonabox – Original Plug and Play TOR Router

Anonymity and Privacy On the Internet

Anonymizer – Anonymous Web Surfing, Anti Spyware, Anonymous Proxy, & Identity Protection

Anonymous Email

Anonymous eMail

Anonymous Remailer FAQ – Email Privacy FAQ

Anonymous Voting System

An Overview of Steganography for the Computer Forensics Examiner by Gary C. Kessler

AntiOnline – Maximum Security for a Connected World

Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) Privacy Policy – Oath Privacy International

APAS Anonymous Remailer Use [FAQ 1/8]: Overview

Apple’s commitment to privacy

Aqua Project

AT&T Privacy Bird

A Taxonomy of Privacy by Daniel J. Solove

Awesome Machine Learning for Cyber Security

AxCrypt File Encryption Software – Free Personal Privacy and Security for Windows

Basic Cryptanalysis

Berklett Cybersecurity

Best Secure Mobile Messaging Apps

Binfer – File Transfer – eMail – Instant Messaging

Bishop Fox Cybersecurity Style Guide

Bitmessage – P2P Communication Protocol To Send Encrypted Messages

Blackberry Workspaces – The Most Secure Enterprise-grade File Sync & Share

BlackPhone – A Foundation Built for Privacy Including PrivatOS and Silent Space

BleachBit – Clean Your System and Free Disk Space

Blockchain – Security and Privacy Infrastructure

Blur – Protects Your Passwords, Payments, and Privacy

Boxcryptor – Highest Security for Your Files In the Cloud

Brandeis Privacy Technologies

Brave Web Browser

Building a New Tor That Can Resist Next-Generation State Surveillance

CalECPA and the Legacy of Digital Privacy

Call-Safely – Protect Your Privacy and Call Safely

Can Commercial VPNs Really Protect Your Privacy?

Cato Networks – Network Security As a Service


ccrypt – Secure Encryption and Decryption of Files and Streams

ChatGrape – Communicate Efficiently with Secure Enterprise Messenger

Chat Secure

CLIQZ Browser – Surf and Find Ultra Safe and Ultra Fast

Cloakmy – Secure Messages

CloudFogger – Secure File Encryption for Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Others

CloudSafe – Safe Harbor for Sensitive Data

Cluster – Private Spaces For You and Your Friends – Complete Online Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity and Security

Confide – Your Off-The Record Messenger

Consumer Industry Group Creates Connected Home Security Checklist by Chase Martin

COTSE-Privacy Resources – Privacy Watch

COWL: A Confinement System for the Web

Cryptocat – Open Source Encrypted Private Alternative To Other Chat Services

Cryptography and Security

CryptoHeaven – Secure and Anonymous eMail, Online Storage and File Sharing

CryptoHippie – Protect Individuality and Privacy On the Internet With Encryption and Anonymity

Cryptomator – Free Client-Side Encryption for Your Cloud Files

Crystal Security

Cyber Dust – Freely Available Fully Encrypted and Self Destructing Messages

CyberGhost – One of the World’s Most Trusted and Secure Virtual Private Networks

Cybersecurity Curriculum Resources

Darik’s Boot and Nuke (Hard Drive Disk Wipe)

Data & Society

Data Selfie

DarkWeb News – The Ultimate Dark Web Resource

Decing – Decisions Through Secret and Private Votes

Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2018 – Clean Up Your Existence

Detectify – SaaS Based Website Security Scanner

Digital Shadows – Cyber Threat Intelligence

Disconnect Search – Take Back Your Privacy

Dissent – Accountable Anonymous Group Communication

DNS Stuff


Documentation of Internet Filtering Worldwide by Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman

Do Not Track Me

Dooble Web Browser – Fast, Simple and Secure

DuckDuckGo – Privacy Search Engine

Easy, Expert Setup Tips for Maximum Privacy On Your New Device by Allen St. John

Economic Crime Investigation Institute

EEXCESS – Enhancing Europe’s eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific reSources

EFF – Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF Releases – Protect Yourself From Electronic Spying with “Surveillance Self-Defense

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Encrypted Messaging – What Is It, Why Should You Use It and What Are the Best Apps?

Encryption Technology Could Protect the Privacy of Your DNA

Encryptr – Free Open Source Password Manager and eWallet – Zero-Knowledge, Cloud-Based and Private – Send Encrypted Messages By One Click

End-To-End – Encrypy, Decrypt, Dogital Sign and Verify Signed Messages

Enigma Project – A Decentralized Computation Network With Guaranteed Privacy

Epic Browser – What You Browse and Search Should Always Be Private

EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools

EPIC Online Guide to Privacy Resources

Eraser – Advanced Security Tool Remove Sensitive Data From Your Hard Drive

etherpad – Collaborating In Really Real-Time

EULAlyzer – Analyze License Agreements for Interesting Words and Phrases

EveryCloud – Spam Filtering and Email Archiving

Everykey – The Master Key To Your Phone, Laptop, Website, Accounts and More

ExpressVPN VPN – Surf the Web Anonymously and Protect Your Data

Fake Mail Generator – Generates Random Fake Names, Addresses, Usernames, Passwords and eMail Address

Federal Privacy Council

Figure 1 – Free, Safe Photo Sharing for Healthcare Professionals

Firefox Focus – Privacy Browser

Focus on the Data – Unique Insights and Practical Guidance on Privacy and Data Security Issues Worldwide

For Your Eyes Only: Online Privacy

FoxyProxy – Set of Proxy and VPN Management Tools

Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room

FreedomPop – Communicate Securely and Anonymously

Free File Shredder 4.1.2

FreeNode – Free and Open Source Communities

Free Public Proxy Servers List: WWW, FTP, IRC, SOCKS, TELNET, WINGATE

FRONTLINE: United States of Secrets

Frost – Freenet Client Providing Newsgroup-Like Private Encrypted Messages

GDPR in Action – Step by Step Guide by Tanmay Deshpande

Genetic Privacy

Ghostery – Faster, Safer and Smarter Browsing

GlassWire – Network Security Monitor and Firewall Tool

Glitchi – Share Privately Messaging App That Protects You From Getting Hacked

Global Internet Freedom Consortium – Inform, Connect and Empower the People

Global Privacy Resources

Global Voices Online

GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard)

Go Anonymous: How To Delete Your Entire Social Media Presence by Megan Ellis

GoldBug – Private Communication

Guardster – Your Privacy Headquarters

Guerrilla Mail – Disposable Temporary eMail Address

Guide To Privacy Resources 2018

Hashgraph – The Future of Decentralized Technology – Superior Distributed Ledger Technology

Haven: Keep Watch

Health Privacy Project

Herd: A Scalable, Traffic Analysis Resistant Anonymity Network for VoIP Systems

Hide My Ass – Free Web Proxy

Hiding Your IP Address, Anonymous Internet Surfing HOWTO

HotspotShield – Internet Privacy and WiFi Security Wherever You Are

How Planting False Digital Footprints Can Help You Regain Some Privacy Online

How Pretty Good Privacy Works, and How You Can Use It for Secure Communications by Radu Raicea

How To Add a Layer of Privacy To Your Conversations Using Tor Messenger by Jack Wallen

How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)

How To Browse the Web As Anonymously As Possible

HOWTO ByPass Internet Censorship

How To Create an Anonymous Email by Dana Jackson

How To Deep Clean Your Online Activity

How To Delete Yourself From the Internet by Kim Komando

How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever

How To Encrypt All Your Data by Ben Dickson

How To Encrypt and Protect Your eMail by Paul Bischoff

How To Encrypt (almost) Anything Article

How To Go Invisible Online by Kevin Mitnick

How to Hide from Machines

How To Keep Your Web Browsing Private by Jennifer Golbeck, Ph.D.

How To Make A Website GDPR Compliant by Daniel Tannenbaum

How To Navigate the Internet Around PRISM

How To Opt Out of Everything From Credit Card Offers to Group Texts

How To Opt Out of Unwanted Communications

How To Pick a VPN To Keep Your Internet Browsing Secure and Private

How To Stay Anonymous Online

How To Stay (Mostly) Anonymous Online by Christopher Elliott

HTTPS-Only Standard

Hulbee – Intelligent Answer Engine

Hushed – Your Private Phone App

Hushmail Free Encrypted Web-mail, IM and Documents

I2P Anonymous Network

IBM Privacy Practices on the Internet

Incapsula – CDN, DDoS protection, Load Balancing

Information Disorders 2018

Information Privacy Law Textbook

Information Valet Project

International Association of Privacy Professionals

International Privacy Law Library

Internet Hoaxes 2018

Internet Privacy and eMail Security

Internet Privacy and Security Resources

Internet Privacy: New Browser PlugIns Hide User Activity From ISPs By Creating Digital Noise


IPsec – Internet Protocol Security


IRL Podcast

Iubenda – Privacy Policy Generator

IVPN – Protect Your Online Privacy From Anywhere

IXmaps – Map Your Internet

Ixquick Search Engine – Protects Your Privacy

iZSearch – More Privacy and Less Ads

JASYPT – JAva Simplified EncrYPTion

Jigsaw – Finding the Missing Pieces

JotOnce – Password Protected, Shareable Notes

JUMPTO – Trusted Name In Online Security and Identity Protection Solutions

Kaboom Share Messages and Photos That Disappear On Any Social Network

KeePassX – Cross Platform Password Manager

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online by Meg Cannistra

Kleopatra – Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI

LastPass …

Laverna – Note Taking Application With Privacy

Let’s Encrypt – Free, Automated and Open New Certificate Authority

Lockify – Securely Send Private Information To Anyone

LogDog – Don’t Get Hacked

Lunar Messaging – Keeping You and Your Messages Safe

MailDrop – Save Your Inbox From Spam

Mailinator – Instant and Temporary Spam Free eMail Address

Mailvelope – OpenPGP Encryption for Webmail

Mario’s Brief Report About Your Internet Access Connection

Markle Foundation – Addressing Crticial Public Needs in the Information Age

Martus – The Global Social Justice Monitoring System

Me and My Shadow

Mega – The Privacy Company

MIT Researchers Devise a Secure Anonymity Network That’s 10x Faster Than Tor


nCrypted Cloud – Enterprise Grade Security

New Quantum-Entanglement Record Could Spur Hack-Proof Communications

Neil’s Security and Privacy Resources


NoteShred – Send Encrypted, Password Protected Notes That Automatically Shred After Reading

Novo Ordo – eMail Privacy

Obin – Client Side Encrypted PasteBin

Off-the-Record (OTR)Messaging

One Startup’s Vision To Reinvent the Web for Better Privacy

Omlet – Open Messaging Platform

Onion Browser – An Open-Source Privacy Enhancing Web Browser for iOS

OnionShare – Securely and Anonymously Share Files of Any Size

Online Information Sellers: How to Opt Out

Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 2018

Online Security 101: Tips for Protecting Your Privacy from Hackers and Spies by Zack Whittaker

Open Data Privacy

OpenNet Initiative

Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)

OpenPrivacy Initiative

OpenPuff – Professional Steganography Tool

OpenScape – Secure Web Collaboration

Open Society Institute

Open Whisper Systems – Signal Private Messenger

Orbot – Proxy with Tor

Oscobo Search Engine for Privacy

Panopticlick – How Unique and Trackable Is Your Browser Test

PaperKarma™ – Kill Unwanted Mail, Not Trees

ParanoidPaul – Track Changes to Privacy Policies, Terms, Conditions and User Agreements

PassPack – Free Anonymous Online Password Manager

Password Safe

Patient Privacy Rights

PauBox – Encrypted eMail and File Sharing

Peekier – Privacy Oriented Search Engine

Peerio – Secure Messaging and File Sharing Made Easy

Pew Research Center: Americans and Cybersecurity

PhoneDynamo – Accept Calls Anonymously Without Revealing Your Phone Number

PirateBox – DIY Anonymous Offline File-Sharing and Communications System

Pixel Privacy – Protect Your Online Privacy

Places – Privacy for the Masses

Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) Project

PlusPrivacy – Unified Dashborad for Privacy Protection

Ponemon Institute

Populr – Create and Share Secure, Trackable WebPages

PORTIA – Privacy, Obligations, and Rights in Technologies of Information Assessment

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

PriBot – Chat with PriBot About Any Privacy Policy – AI Powered Privacy Policies

Privacy and Security Portal Magazine

Privacy APIs for the Internet of Things – Privacy Tool Website for Anonymity

Privacy Badger – Blocks Spying Ads and Invisible Trackers

Privacy Eraser – Clean Your Tracks and Protect Your Privacy

Privacy Forum

Privacy Icons

Privacy Matters! 5 Apps That Keep Your Data Safe and Private by Mihir Patkar

Privacy Online: VPN Beginner’s Guide

Privacy Policy Generator for Websites and Apps

Privacy Resources

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data

Privately – Swiss Privacy and Data Protection Solutions – Empowers Internet Users To Keep Their Personal Data Private


Privnote – Send Notes That Will Self Destruct After Being Read

Privoxy – Free Software Privacy Enhancement

Protect Your Online Business from Legal Liability – Privacy Policy

ProtonMail – Securing Privacy Rights for Everyone

Proxify® – Anonymous Proxy Protects Your Online Privacy Without Installing Software

Proxy 4 Free


Quad9 – Internet Security and Privacy In a Few Easy Steps

Qubes OS – A Reasonably Secure Operating System

Reconstructing Electronic Surveillance Law by Daniel J. Solove

Reputation Defender

Retroshare – Comunicate Secure with Friends


Ricochet – Anonymous Instant Messaging for Real Privacy

Riffle – An Efficient Communication System With Strong Anonymity

Riposte: An Anonymous Messaging System Handling Millions of Users


Saydoc – Share, Track, and eSign Your Sales Documents

ScramPhoto – Safer Photo Sharing

Secure Messaging Scorecard by the EFF Campaign for Secure and Usable Crypto

Secure Virtual Data Room

Security In-A Box – Tools and Tactics for Digital Security

Seecrypt – Privacy Smartphone App for Secure Voice Calls and Text Messages

Send Files Securely

ShareFileVDR – Secure Virtual Data Room

SharpMail – Anonymous eMail and SMS – Private, Sharable P2P Cloud Designed For Sharing Sensitive Data

Signal Private Messenger

Silent Circle – Enterprise Solutions for Mobile Communications

SimplySecure – Usably Secure Technologies

SiteLock – The Global Leader in Website Security

SlyDial – Connects You Directly to Someone’s Mobile Voicemail

Sneakemail – the Anonymizer Anti Spam Service and Spam Filter

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

Somebody Proxy Servers and Anonymizer

Sookasa – Protect Files Across Cloud Services and Mobile Devices

Spectre and Meltdown: Cheat Sheet by Nick Heath

SpiderOak – 100% Private Online Backup, Sync and Sharing

Standard Notes – A Simple and Private Notes App

StartMail – Take Back Your eMail Privacy

SurfEasy – Online Privacy

Swirlds – The Platform for Distributed Applications

Switzerland Network Testing Tool

Tails – Amnesic Incognito Live System – Privacy for Anyone Anywhere – Do Phone Numbers Say Enough About You

Teen Internet Safety: A Parents Guide by Elody Furni

Teen Internet Safety Guide

The Privacy Panic Cycle: A Guide to Public Fears About New Technologies

Telegram – SMS on Steroids

Tenebril GhostSurf

Terbium Labs – Matchlight Proactive Security In an Insecure World

Terms of Service – Didn’t Read

TextPort – Free Online Texting

The 4 Best Phones for Privacy and Security by Dallas Thomas

The Anonymous Email Website

The Apps To Use If You Want To Keep Your Messages Private

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Privacy by Iulian Gulea

The Best VPN Services

The Coming EU Privacy Regulation Will End Up Remaking the World’s Web

The Daily Swig – Web Security Digest

The Definitive Guide to Internet Privacy and Online Security

The Digital Journalist’s Legal Guide

The Freenet Project

The Good To Know Campaign from Google

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

The National Security Archive

The Origins and Growth of Information Privacy Law by Daniel J. Solove

The Privacy Enthusiast’s Guide to Using an iPhone

The Privacy Page

The Privacy Place – An Academic Privacy Research Center

These Are the Best VPNs We Found for iOS by Mark Kaufman

The State of Online Privacy 2018

The Surveillance Self-Defense Project

The Surveillance-Industrial Complex – ACLU Report

The Ultimate Guide To Online Privacy

The Ultimate Privacy Guide

The World Wide Web & Internet Privacy

ThreatPost – Independent News Site for IT and Business Security

Threema – Seriously Secure Mobile Messaging

TigerText – Securely Text Your Cp-Workers

TinyCert – Simple, Free, PKI-as-a-Service

TOR2Web – Tor Hidden Services Gateway

TOR: An Anonymous Internet Communication System

Tor Browser Bundle

TorChat – Peer to Peer Anonymous Instant Messenger

TOR For Newbies – When Should You Use It?

Tor Project

Tor Stack Exchange

TrackDuck – Visual Feedback for Web Design and Development


Transactions on Data Privacy (TDP)

Tresorit – End-to-End Encrypted File Sync and Sharing

TrueCrypt – Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption

TrueVault – HIPAA Compliant File Storage

TunnelBear – Simple, Private, Free Access to the Global Internet

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

uMark – Photo Watermark Software for Windows and Mac

Unseen – Secure Your Privacy

uProxy – Share Your Pathway To the Internet

Vanish – Enhancing the Privacy of the Web with Self-Destructing Digital

VeraCrypt – Free Disk Encryption Software

Viber Secure Messaging

Virtru – Secure Your Emails and Attachments, Choose Who Can View Them, And Revoke Access At Any Time

VPN Beginner’s Guide – Private Chat System That Protects Metadata

VyprVPN – The World’s Fastest VPN

Walnote – Secure Notes Online

Wanna Protecy Your Online Privacy? Open A Tab and Make Some Noise by Emily Dreyfuss

Web Privacy Check

We Should All Have Something To Hide

What Is a VPN and Do You Need One

What Is a VPN – Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Private Networks

What Is Encryption by Aditi Chaudhry – Email Encryption For the Rest Of Us

Wickr – Protecting Your Privacy Always

WikiPedia – Privacy

WikiPedia – SMS

WikiPedia – Text Messaging

Will a VPN Protect Me? Defining Your Threat Model by Mirimir

Windscribe – Internet Privacy and Security As It Should Be

WinMagic Data Security SecureDoc – Making It Easy To Secure Data


World Privacy Forum

Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products by Bruce Schneier, Kathleen Seidel and Saranya Vijayakumar – Easily Share Text Online

YaCy – Distributed P2P Based Web Indexing and Anonmymous Search Engine

Yandex Browser – Secure and Anonymous Browser

You Are Being Watched Online

You Need To Encrypt All Your Data …. This Is How It’s Done by Ben Dickson

Your Cybersecurity Self-Defense Cheat Sheet

Your First Privacy Tools by Kirsten Morel

Zimperium – Mobile Security


Zfone – Secure Voice Over IP

Zoho eMail Service

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