Day archives: October 19th, 2018

AI’s Third Wave: A Perspective From The World Of Law

Itai Gurari begins his article with a reference to DARPA’s recent announcement of interest in “researching and developing ‘third wave’ AI theory and applications that address the limitations of first and second wave technologies by making it possible for machines to contextually adapt to changing situations.” Gurari welcomes this acknowledgment of the limitations inherent in the machine learning techniques that dominate the field of Artificial Intelligence today – as he defines the subject of this article along with the objective of his company’s work: “While we won’t see significant advances in “third wave” AI for many years to come — or even a jelling around what precisely the “third wave” is — these next generation technologies will likely have a big impact on the field of law, which is a welcome prospect for a field severely in need. Understanding why requires an examination of the first two waves — AI’s past and present — and their critical shortcomings.”

Subjects: AI, Big Data, KM, Legal Profession, Legal Technology